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September 20, 2018

Updates on Brett Kavanaugh Accusation; Updates on Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut; Wisconsin Workplace Shooting Injures 3; Gunman Killed; North and South Korea Commit to Peace Deal; New World Record Set For Fastest Human Riding A Bike; D.C. Councilmember Introduces Bill To Require Open Captioning in Movie Theaters​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, September 19. Ready for news?




Updates on Brett Kavanaugh Accusation


Here are updates on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the sexual assault accusation from 36 years ago that has delayed the Senate vote to confirm him.


The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, was asked to testify before a Senate committee on Monday, either in public or private, but her lawyer said there must be first be a FBI investigation on Kavanaugh.


Ford’s lawyer said she has received a lot of support, but also a lot of harassment and some death threats, and was forced out of her home.


Kavanaugh has denied the allegations that he, when was 17, tried to force himself on Ford, who was 15. He said this is not true.


Now the Senate must make a decision on what to do if Ford doesn’t testify on Monday.


Republican senators said if they don’t hear from both sides on Monday, they should go ahead and vote.


A Republican senator said Democrats don’t want to find the truth, but delay the process until after the midterm elections.


Democrat Senator Kamala Harris said she supports Ford’s request for a FBI investigation, that they shouldn’t rush without getting facts. Other Democrat senators agreed, saying the rushed process is unfair, that they need to find facts.  


All of this started last week when there was a media leak that Democrat Senator Feinstein (Calif), the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, had received a private letter from Ford that was sent in July. The letter described the allegations.


Republicans have criticized Sen. Feinstein, saying she should have discussed the accusations earlier in the process of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, during the questioning or meeting phases. They are asking why not before, why now?




Updates on Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut


Storm Florence has lost energy and is now just rain and wind, but 37 people have died over the weekend. About 343,000 people are still without power in North Carolina.


Between 30 to 36 inches of rain fell over North Carolina. North Carolina officials say that even though the sun is shining in some parts of the state, major flooding is still expected to happen today and tomorrow.


Last night in South Carolina, a sheriff’s van carrying two deputies and 2 female mental health patients got swept away by a flood, and the two patients died. The deputies survived. They said they tried to save the patients, but couldn’t open the doors. The deputies were rescued from the top of the van.  


Sanderson Farms reported that they had 1.7 million dead chickens, with 6 million more at risk.


60 of their facilities in North Carolina have been flooded and at least 66 won’t be able to house chickens until repairs are made.


Michael Jordan, who is from Wilmington, NC, is donating $2 million to help residents of North and South Carolina.


President Trump visited the Carolinas today. He praised emergency workers and said the cost for the clean-up will be high, but it’ll come. He said America grieves with the families who have lost their loved ones.


Here’s a quick update on Typhoon Mangkhut.


The typhoon dissipated after hitting China, there have been no major news of injuries or damage in China and Hong Kong. The Philippines endured the worst of the storm.


As of this morning, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said that more than a million people in the Philippines have been affected.


As of yesterday evening, 81 people were dead and 70 missing. Many people are still in shelters and unable to go back to their villages yet.




Wisconsin Workplace Shooting Injures 3; Gunman Killed


In Middleton, Wisconsin there was a shooting at an office building this morning. Three people were shot and injured, and the gunman is dead after being shot by police.


People inside the building said people were running out when they heard gunshots, that there were about 12 gunshots from what looks like a handgun.


Reports say the gunman worked at a company that had offices in the building — WTS Paradigm.


There was a massive police presence and schools in the area were on lockdown, but reopened around noon.


The gunman has not yet been identified.



North and South Korea Commit to Peace Deal


The leaders of North and South Korea met again to discuss peace between the two nations. It was the first time a South Korean president visited North Korea’s capital of Pyongyang since 2007.


In a news conference, South Korean President Moon declared that the era of no war has started.


North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un added, “we have agreed to make the Korean Peninsula a land of peace that is free from nuclear weapons and nuclear threat.”


Up until now, the US has required North Korea to provide documentation of all its nuclear weapons, stockpiles and production sites, but North Korea refused.


But now North Korea has agreed to allow inspections of their nuclear facilities. They have pledged to permanently shut down the main nuclear complex at Nyongbyon, and will stop all missile testing.  


Defense chiefs for both countries have signed a 17 page accord, which will stop all hostile acts against each other.


The countries also pledged to stop military drills and remove 11 guard posts in the DMZ. They will create road and rail links between North and South Korea within the next year.


They will also submit a joint bid to host the 2032 Summer Olympics.


Both Moon and Kim plan to meet with President Trump next week at the UN General Assembly in New York.




New World Record Set For Fastest Human Riding A Bike


There’s a new world record for the fastest human riding a bike on open ground.


At the World of Speed event in Utah, 45-year-old Denise Mueller-Korenek rode her bike at an average of 183.9 miles per hour.


In speed biking, bikers will attach their custom bikes to a vehicle, which will tow them to high speeds before the bikers disengage from the vehicle and start pedaling by themselves.


Denise’s car was a drag race car, driven by a professional female race car driver.


The bike Denise rode was a chopper-style bicycle, more than 7 feet long and fitted with motorbike wheels for stability at high speeds.


Denise was towed for about 1.5 miles, until they reached around 100mph. She disengaged from the car, then pedaled about 3 miles to reach an average speed of 183.9 mph, which happened between mile 4 and 5.


At that speed, she travels about 130 feet every crank of the pedal.


When Denise got off the bike and was told her speed, she was shocked she went 183 mph. She said she did not expect to go higher than 175.


This achievement may cause Guinness World Records to change its categories, because it currently separates bicycle speed records by gender. She as a woman has broken both records.






D.C. Councilmember Introduces Bill To Require Open Captioning in Movie Theaters


In Washington, D.C., a Councilmember of the Council of the DC, Charles Allen, introduced a bill that would require movie theaters in D.C. to provide a certain number of open captioned movies.


Allen posted a video of him sitting on the council talking about the bill. That video on Facebook is captioned.


He said at movie theaters, there are captioning devices available, but said it is not always reliable and is a burden on deaf and hard of hearing people, forcing them to look up and down or deal with battery issues.


Allen said a better alternative is to simply require movie theaters provide options of movies that have open captioning.


He pointed to Hawaii as an inspiration, saying they recently passed a similar requirement.


Allen’s bill would require movie theaters with more than three screens, the “big ones,” to provide open captioning four times a week per movie, and for two of them to be on Friday night or weekend afternoon/nights. They can’t all be assigned on unpopular times like daytime Monday or Tuesday.


The bill has proportional requirements for smaller movie theaters.


Allen said the senior community also supports this, as well as military veterans with hearing loss.  


He thanked advocates from the deaf and hard of hearing community for coming to him to explain this. He mentioned Eric Nordlof, Sara Thompson, and Reema Radwan.


Eric is a leader for FB page “DC Deaf Moviegoers.” That page advocates and shares information for captioned movies in the area.


Eric posted on his Facebook page that he and other advocates worked with Councilmember Allen to develop the bill. He said the next step is a hearing date where people can testify. The bill is not yet available online, but will be.


Nice to see this progress in Washington, D.C.


I read the Hawaii bill, SB 2797. It requires movie theaters that have more than two locations in the state to provide open captioning for each movie at least twice a week.


Charles Allen Video:


Eric Nordlof Post:


DCist Article:


Hawaii Legislation:


Hawaii News:




That is all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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