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September 11, 2018

Cat. 4 Hurricane Florence To Hit Carolinas Overnight Thursday-Friday; Trump, Pence Mark 17th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks; Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Reopens After 20 Years; Florida Man Playing Disc Golf Attacked By Alligator; Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Methane and Carbon Regulations; Georgia School Brings Back Paddling; U.K. Cochlear Implant Surgeon Criticized For Dim View of Sign Language; Sign for “Black Lighting”

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, September 11. Ready for news?




Cat. 4 Hurricane Florence To Hit Carolinas Overnight Thursday-Friday


Category 4 Hurricane Florence is moving closer and closer to North and South Carolina, with 130 mph winds.


It is projected to hit the East Coast overnight between Thursday and Friday.


The hurricane could increase in strength to a Category 5, but is projected to be a Category 3 when it reaches land.


Cities along the South and North Carolina coasts have a hurricane watch, and about 1 million people were ordered to evacuate.


Leaders for South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. have declared a state of emergency.


What people are most concerned about is flooding, as the hurricane is projected to slow when it reaches land, and it is possible it’ll dump almost 3 feet of rain.


Another threat is storm surge, with a potential 12 feet of water in some areas.


It is rare for a Category 4 hurricane to hit the East Coast, with the last one in 1989 —Hurricane Hugo.


FEMA is expecting massive damage, power outages, infrastructure damage, and possibly deaths.


President Trump encouraged people to follow the directions of their state and local officials and to be safe.


In separate news, Hawaii is now making preparations for a strong tropical storm, Olivia, which could bring 70 mph winds and flooding starting tonight and overnight into Wednesday.




Trump, Pence Mark 17th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks


Today is the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, when a group of terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed them into buildings and into the ground. Almost 3,000 people died.


Many Americans went to the three different sites where the terrorist attacks happened — in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


There was a new memorial set up in Shanksville to honor people who died on Flight 93. The memorial is 93 feet tall.


That flight was hijacked by four terrorists and was apparently headed towards D.C., aiming for the U.S. Capitol. The 40 passengers and crew fought back, causing the plane to crash into a field.


President Trump and First Lady Melania went to the area. Trump said it was the moment when America fought back, that those who died are American heroes.


Vice President Pence went to the Pentagon, where an American flag was draped over the area where a plane hit it. Pence praised the brave people who rushed into the burning building to save those trapped inside.


Tonight in New York City, there will be two powerful light beams from Manhattan to honor the twin towers that fell.




Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Reopens After 20 Years


This morning, the African countries Ethiopia and Eritrea officially opened the border between the two countries. It has been closed for the last 20 years because of border disagreements and war.


First, Eritrea fought for independence from Ethiopia, and became an independent state in 1993. Then around 1998, there was a border disagreement between the two.


Eritrea started a war by invading Ethiopia. At the end of the war, Ethiopia had regained control of all of their territory, and had advanced into Eritrea.


In 2000, both countries signed the Algiers agreement, but Ethiopia continued to occupy territory that legally belonged to Eritrea. Ethiopia refused to give up control of that territory, so the border stayed closed for 20 years.


In the beginning of July, Ethiopia announced that they will comply with the Algiers agreement, and back off from the disputed territories.


On July 9th, Eritrea’s new prime minister and the Ethiopian President signed a peace deal that formally ended the border conflict.


Ethiopia is landlocked, so this reopening will give Ethiopia access to the sea, and help with foreign trade.


Flights between the two countries have started again. Many families who were divided by the war will now be able to visit each other.


Today is also the Ethiopian New Year, so there are two reasons for celebration.,-Eritrean-leaders-officially-open-their-border




Florida Man Playing Disc Golf Attacked By Alligator


Yesterday afternoon in Clearwater, Florida, a 35-year old man who tried to take a disc golf frisbee from a pond at a disc golf park was bitten by an alligator.


Three men formed a chain to help the man, Richard Peel get out of the water.


He was brought to the hospital, but had no life-threatening injuries. He has bites on his left arm and torso.


The alligator is about 11 feet long and has a name “Fat Daddy”. The gator is well known to people in the area, who see it often in the pond.


Fat Daddy and another, smaller, gator were removed from the pond yesterday evening.


A state wildlife official said that because both alligators don’t seem to be afraid of humans anymore, they will probably be euthanized.




Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Methane and Carbon Regulations


The Environmental Protection Agency announced they will roll back rules for oil and gas producers. The rules were to check on how much methane they are releasing in the air.


Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that is sometimes purposefully or “normally” leaked while drilling for oil or when companies produce and transport natural gas.


Methane is considered one of the contributing factors to global warming.


There were Obama-era rules that required oil and gas companies to test the air for methane in specific time increments. If there were issues or leaks, they were to quickly make repairs. The companies said they were expensive and was a big burden.


The new rules from the Trump administration would give the companies more time in between inspections and if there were issues, they will be given more time for repairs.


The Interior Department also plans to repeal a restriction on the burning of methane from drilling operations. This was previously not allowed, but now the rule is removed.


The oil and gas industry support the rule changes, saying the Obama rules was full of red tape, expensive, and very difficult on workers.


But environmentalists are concerned that there will be far more global warming emissions flowing in the air with less regulations.




Georgia School Brings Back Paddling


In Hephzibah, Georgia, one school has decided to start paddling their students for punishment.


The school is The Georgia School for Innovation and Classics. It is a charter school for kids in kindergarten to 9th grade.


The superintendent of the school said that in the past when corporal punishment was considered okay, there were no behavior issues like today’s students have.


The school said they sent letters home to parents asking for permission to paddle their children, and about 100 parents responded with yes.


The policy is clearly outlined for parents. The student will be taken to an office, behind closed doors, they will be made to bend over, then will be struck on the buttocks with a paddle. The paddle will be wooden, 24 inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 3/4 of an inch thick. The spanking is limited to 3 licks.


The paddling is not obligatory; if parents do not agree to paddling, students will instead be punished with a five day suspension.


Paddling is legal in Georgia and 19 other states, but has not been practiced in schools for a long time.


Since that announcement, there has been a lot of debate about corporal punishment. Some feel it is necessary to discipline kids, many others think it should be illegal.  


What do you think this? Is it okay in schools?  




U.K. Cochlear Implant Surgeon Criticized For Dim View of Sign Language


In the U.K., there was a TV reality show that followed a family at a hospital as doctors put in bilateral cochlear implants in a young boy.


The surgery itself seemed to be normal, but there are some deaf U.K. people who are criticizing the medical staff’s negative comments on sign language and deaf education.


One person on Twitter, Martine Anne, posted several video recordings of the show. See this.


[Video of doctor saying, “Here is a child with no hearing whatever. Previously that child would have been condemned to a life of signing, special schools, and now… we can restore that sense. And the vast majority of the children will be given a really a virtually normal life.”]


Wow, the doctor said without cochlear implants, he would have been condemned to a life of signing. See this other video.


[Video of staffer saying, “And whilst signing is great and his family would be able to learn Sign, there are a limited number of people in the world that can use sign communication, and so Charlie would be restricted to who it was he was able to communicate with.]


Tweet by Martine Anne: “And as an ENT, saying that to Joe Public, on mainstream TV, continues to sprout the lie that sign language is inferior and damaging to a Deaf child”


Tweet by Matthew Keer: “ENT surgeon on TV just now, explaining how the bilateral cochlear implant operation he's about to do will prevent the kid from "being condemned to a life of signing"

It's 2018. Cochlear implant teams can do better than this. Most of them do. What's this dinosaur's excuse?”


I’ll give you a little background. The parents are hearing and they have an older daughter who has a CI and speaks orally, and they are giving the CI to the boy as well.


The deaf UK woman Martine said a CI is great if it works and the kids can learn how to speak with their voices, but they should have BSL exposure now, so there is no risk of language deprivation if the CI fails.


Matthew Keer Tweet:


Martine Anne Twitter Thread:




Sign for “Black Lighting”


Warren “Wawa” Snipe, a deaf actor who will have a brief role on the CW show, “Black Lighting,” taught us how to sign the show’s name in a video he posted on Facebook with the show’s star, Cress Williams.


[Video: Wawa and Cress: 1.. 2...3… Black Lighting! Black Lighting!]


Black Lighting! Nice. Wawa picked the sign after engaging with his fans and asking them to vote for several signs.


Wawa said he will appear in two episodes on Season 2. The season starts on October 9 and his part is about six weeks later, in mid-November.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!



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