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September 11, 2018

Category 4 Hurricane Florence Likely To Strike East Coast; Serena Williams Slapped With $17,000 Fine For Violations in US Open; CBS CEO Les Moonves Resigns Amid Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct; Deaf/Disabled Man Faces Deportation by ICE in Detroit; A&E TV Special: Deaf Out Loud Will Air Sept. 12 @ 8pm CDT; Update On RID CEO Departure​

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Category 4 Hurricane Florence Likely To Strike East Coast


Hurricane Florence is now a Category 4 major hurricane and is predicted to hit land by Thursday.


Florence was upgraded from a tropical storm to a Category 2 hurricane yesterday, and rapidly intensified in a Category 4 today with winds at 130 mph.


Computer forecasts say that it is likely that Hurricane Florence will hit land around North and South Carolina.


About 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate the South Carolina coast starting tomorrow (Tuesday).


S.C. Governor McMaster said in an announcement with an interpreter that they don’t want to risk one life.


Residents along the southeast coast between Georgia and North Carolina should prepare for a major hurricane and have an evacuation plan.


Weather forecasters are warning that the hurricane may bring a storm surge, powerful winds, and heavy rain.


The hurricane is moving at about 13 mph and is over 1,000 miles away from North Carolina.


Warm ocean water will provide energy for the hurricane, and if it continues to move slowly this week, the hurricane could end up staying in one area for days, similar to what Hurricane Harvey did over eastern Texas last year.


A CBS meteorologist said this storm is not a quick-hitting major storm but a long duration one.




Serena Williams Slapped With $17,000 Fine For Violations in US Open


On Saturday during the US Open Women’s tennis championship game, Naomi Osaka (Japan) beat Serena Williams (U.S.) in two straight sets, 6-2 and 6-4.


But the focus is on an argument between Serena and the chair umpire, Carlos Ramos.


Serena received three code violations during the final, and was later fined $17,000.


Serena’s side says this is an act of discrimination.


What happened — in the beginning of the second set, umpire Ramos called a code violation for coaching.


He said he saw Serena’s coach, in the stands, making gestures with his hand, as if he were secretly giving signals. This is not allowed during Grand Slam matches.


Serena challenged the call, saying she didn’t see her coach. Serena said she did not cheat, and the umpire responded, “I know that.”


Serena replied, “Ok, thank you so much,” then went back to her chair.


It seems like Serena thought the umpire would remove the code violation.


Here’s a note — Serena’s coach later said in an interview that he had been signaling, but that all coaches did it.


Back to the game — Serena, after making a mistake, became angry and threw her racket on the ground, breaking it. The umpire issued an automatic code violation.


The umpire then gave Osaka a penalty point because it was the second violation.


Serena thought it was her first warning, but the umpire said it was her second.


Serena accused him of attacking her character. She called the umpire a liar and a thief for stealing a point from her.


The umpire issued a third code violation for verbal abuse and in a serious consequence, awarded Osaka a game. This was a big punishment against Serena.


Osaka went back to her chair while Serena called for the tournament referee.


Serena was shocked that she had gotten a code violation for calling the umpire a thief.


Serena said she experienced bias for being a woman.


She said that there were a lot of men who said a lot of worse things but did not get penalized. She said this was not fair.


A few male tennis players have stepped up to say that they said worse to the same umpire, Ramos, and walked away without penalty.


Eventually Osaka won the match and when she was to receive her trophy, the crowd booed loudly. Serena called for everyone to calm down, and said that Osaka earned her win.


There is debate online about whether Serena was being discriminated against, or whether she was being unsportsmanlike and couldn’t accept losing.




CBS CEO Les Moonves Resigns Amid Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct


Last night, CBS announced that their CEO, Les Moonves, would resign immediately.


Back in July, the New Yorker published an article where six women accused Moonves of sexual misconduct. Yesterday, the New Yorker published another article, where another 6 women came forward with their stories.


Both articles include lengthy descriptions on what happened between Moonves and the women. Most of the women had been working with him in a professional setting, where he harassed them or threatened to hurt their careers if they did not comply with him. Many still fear retaliation from Moonves.


Moonves, 68, denied most of the accusations, but acknowledged that he had consensual relationships with 3 of the women before he started working at CBS. He also admitted in a statement last month that there were times decades ago where he might have made women uncomfortable by making advances.


CBS said last month that they take each report of misconduct very seriously, and reported that there had been no misconduct claims or settlements against Moonves during his 24 years with CBS.


In last night’s announcement of his resignation, CBS said that they would donate $20 million to organizations that support the #MeToo movement and equality for women in the workplace. The $20 million would come out of any compensation that Moonves is supposed to get from CBS, once the ongoing investigation against him is concluded.




Deaf/Disabled Man Faces Deportation by ICE in Detroit


A 48-year old deaf man who lives in Detroit, Michigan, Francis Anwana, is facing potential deportation by the ICE to his home country of Nigeria, Africa.  


Francis has cognitive disabilities and lives in a group home, where he helps at a church in the area to mow lawns and mop floors.


Francis moved to the U.S. with his father when he was 13 on a student visa. He went to the Michigan School for the Deaf and has lived in the U.S. for 34 years.


His father passed away several years ago.


Francis' visa was not renewed because he was moved around to different group homes and his caretakers lost track of his case.


About 10 years ago, someone tried to help him with applying for citizenship, but he was denied because he was ineligible and placed in deportation proceedings. He was also denied asylum.


A judge gave him deferred action, which meant his deportation could be delayed as long as he reported to immigration authorities. He has been compliant with the ICE all this time and has no criminal record.


I was in touch with an advocate for Francis — Sarah Shaw.


Shaw said Francis’ annual check-in with ICE was usually in November, but she got an unexpected letter from ICE saying he was to show up for a meeting tomorrow. This was last week, the letter said they had to meet tomorrow.


When they showed up, ICE gave them a letter with a deportation order. Francis was to show up on September 11, he would be taken straight to the airport.


Shaw then worked with lawyers from the Michigan Immigration Rights Center to fight for Francis. They reached out to state senators.


Last Friday ICE told Shaw they were stopping the deportation, but would have to meet on September 21 to review his case.


An ICE spokesperson told news that Francis’ removal is not imminent at this time, so it means he has some time, it’s on hold for now.


Shaw said Francis is not able to understand what deportation is and his immigration proceedings, but that he was stressed out at the idea of being detained and sent on a plane to Africa.


Shaw said if he is deported to Nigeria, it would be like a death sentence for him.


An article said immigration advocates were surprised at the ICE deportation order, because of his disability and length of staying in the U.S.


Shaw said her ultimate goal is for Francis to stay here and become a U.S. citizen.


In the transcript there is a link to a blog post with more detailed information and a GoFundMe to raise money for legal representation and other costs.


Detailed Info:






A&E TV Special: Deaf Out Loud Will Air Sept. 12 @ 8pm CDT


Here is a reminder that three deaf families will be featured on A&E channel this Wednesday night at 8 pm EST. That’s September 12.


The special show is called “Deaf Out Loud.” You’ve probably seen various advertisements for it. It features the Mansfield family, Posner family, and the Garcia family.


The show has the families discussing their deaf identities and what life is like for them.


The executive producers are Marlee Matlin and Jack Jason. The production company is Bunim/Murray Productions, with the same team that created the show “Born This Way,” a show about adults with Down syndrome.





Update On RID CEO Departure


Here is an update on the RID announcement of their CEO, Joey Trapani, leaving his position at the end of the month.


I was in touch with RID Board President Melvin Walker via email. I will summarize his answers, you can read the full email exchange at the bottom of the transcript below.


I asked if Trapani resigned or was asked to leave.


Walker said Trapani resigned from his position and will make a public statement this week.


I asked if the RID would do another CEO search.


Walker said they are now getting advice from various groups within RID before moving forward.


I asked how this would affect the stability of RID in the near future.


Walker said this is loss for their organization, but they are moving forward with their ongoing projects.


I asked him if he had anything to add.


Walker asked us to celebrate the staff in headquarters who remain committed to the mission and vision of RID.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!



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