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September 7, 2018

Dallas Police Officer Kills Man After Going In Wrong Apartment; Actor Burt Reynolds Passes Away at 82; Japan Earthquake Caps Summer Of Deadly Disasters; U.S. Economy Adds 201,000 Jobs in August; Former Arkansas State Senator Sentenced To 18 years In Prison; Update On Homeless Man’s missing $400,000 from GoFundMe; Gerald “Bummy” Burstein Passes Away at 91; Deaf Ninja Eliminated From Las Vegas Finals; Vows To Return Next Year​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, September 7. Ready for news?




Dallas Police Officer Kills Man After Going In Wrong Apartment


In Dallas, Texas — an off-duty police officer who went to her apartment building after finishing her shift entered the wrong apartment and shot and killed a man, Botham S. Jean, 26 years old, inside.


This happened last night. The police officer is a white female and has not been identified.


Dallas Police said the officer called 911 after the shooting. Botham died at a hospital.


Dallas police said the Texas Rangers will take over the investigation and have drawn the officer’s blood, and are in the process to get a warrant for manslaughter.


It is now known how or why the officer got in the wrong apartment.


Botham worked as an accountant for PwC and graduated from Harding University in Arkansas.


His sister said his 27th birthday would have been this month, she was thinking about what to give him, but now have to pick out his casket. She said her heart is broken beyond repair.




Actor Burt Reynolds Passes Away at 82


Yesterday morning, Burt Reynolds, an American actor, director and producer, passed away from cardiac arrest. He was 82.


Burt has appeared in more than 200 films in his lifetime, and has won more than 30 awards for his performances, including 2 Golden Globes and an Emmy award.


He was best known for the 1977 movie, Smokey and the Bandit. He also appeared in the popular movie, Boogie Nights, released in 1997.


Burt was born in Michigan, then moved to Florida.


He went to Florida State University, was a star football player and was planning to play in the NFL for the Baltimore Colts, but a knee injury and a car accident ended his athletic career.


He dropped out of FSU and went to NYC with dreams of becoming an actor.


He began his acting career in the 1950s, starting with TV appearances, becoming a star. He then got into the movies in the 70’s.


Between 1978 and 1982 Burt was Hollywood’s top-grossing star.


His career slowed down in the late 80s, but he continued to act and direct until his death.


Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted that Burt was one of his heroes.




Japan Earthquake Caps Summer Of Deadly Disasters


On Thursday, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan. 9 people were killed, and more than 150 people were injured.


The earthquake triggered a huge landslide. About 40,000 rescue workers worked through the night to look for people buried in the landslides. 26 people are still reported missing.


About 3 million homes in Hokkaido lost power, including a nuclear power plant, but the plant is able to operate without external electric supply for up to a week.


Yesterday’s earthquake happened just a few days after Typhoon Jebi hit Japan, it was the strongest storm to hit Japan in 25 years. High winds caused a tanker ship to crash into a bridge, killing at least 10 people.


Since July, Japan has struggled with several deadly natural disasters, including typhoons, floods, earthquakes, landslides and heatwaves. 200 people died in July from flash flooding caused by heavy rainfall.




U.S. Economy Adds 201,000 Jobs in August


The U.S. economy added 201,000 jobs in August and the unemployment rate is the same at 3.9%.


The yearly rate of pay (annual salary) increased 2.9%, the highest level since June 2009.


This report continues the U.S. economy’s longest streak of job growth, for 95 months now.


Analysts at CNBC said this was a tremendous achievement by President Trump — that the stock market has risen 27% since his election.


The White House said the higher wages and strong economy is because of President Trump’s tax cuts and pro-growth policies.


Former President Obama said in a speech that Trump shouldn’t take credit for the economy, because he was the leader when the U.S. economic recovery started, adding that the job numbers were the same in 2015 and 2016.




Former Arkansas State Senator Sentenced To 18 years In Prison


Yesterday, a former Arkansas State Senator, Jonathan Woods, was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison for 15 counts of corruption-related charges.


Evidence used at the trial showed that Woods, more than once, directed government funds to go to certain non-profit organizations in exchange for kickbacks (a payment).


Those kickbacks would be paid to a consultant business owned by a friend of Woods, who kept some of it and gave the rest back to Woods, making it look like clean money.


Three other men involved in this scheme were also convicted.


A team of prosecutors said they were satisfied with today’s sentence, and that it would send a message to people who would abuse the trust of Arkansas voters.


Woods’ lawyer has said that they will appeal the case.


In separate but related news, last week another Arkansas state senator, Jeremy Hutchinson, was indicted for fraud, plus embezzlement charges.


Jeremy is the nephew of Arkansas’s current governor, Asa Hutchinson.




Update On Homeless Man’s missing $400,000 from GoFundMe


Here is another update on the legal battle between a homeless man, John Bobbitt, and Kate McClure, the woman who raised $400,000 on GoFundMe for him.


Yesterday, police used a search warrant to raid the home of Kate and her boyfriend.


Video footage shows a black BMW car being towed away and bags of things being put in a police car.


Other videos show Kate’s boyfriend standing outside while the police were in the house, hitting golf balls and playing with their dog.


GoFundMe said in a statement that they would make sure that John Bobbitt gets the rest of that $400,000. However, they did not clarify exactly how they would make sure he got that money.


A judge ordered Kate and her boyfriend to appear in court next week, where they will be expected to explain exactly what happened to the $400,000.




Gerald “Bummy” Burstein Passes Away at 91


Many in the deaf community have mourned and posted tributes of Gerald “Bummy” Burstein, who passed away last week on August 31 at his home in Moreno Valley, California — near Riverside. He was 91.


Gallaudet University posted a tribute for him. It said Bummy, after graduating from Gallaudet in 1950, was an educator in Minnesota and California for 52 years.


California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR) also posted a tribute. They said Bummy worked at CSDR for 37 years as a teacher and administrator.


Bummy was on the board of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA) for almost 30 years. During the DPN protests in 1988, Bummy led GUAA to make a donation of $1,000 to student protesters. It was the first significant donation to support the cause.


Bummy was a Certified Professional Parliamentarian and gave training to over 200 organizations in the U.S. and Canada on how to have effective meetings. He wrote two books on parliamentary procedure.


Bummy’s wife passed away in 1973.


Bummy is known for his generous donations to various deaf-related organizations, including over $1 million in gifts to Gallaudet.


CSDR said Bummy also donated significantly to the school and established a foundation to support students.


Bummy was buried on Wednesday. There will be celebrations of his life at CSDR and Gallaudet this fall. Both places have centers in his name.


Gallaudet President Cordano Tribute:




Deaf Ninja Eliminated From Las Vegas Finals; Vows To Return Next Year


Last Monday, Deaf Ninja Kyle Schulze was eliminated from the Las Vegas finals when he fell on the first obstacle.


[Video clip]


Kyle said in a message to Daily Moth that he was proud to be there, but felt so much pressure because he didn’t want to let anybody down. He said he had an injured ankle that held him back.


Kyle said he will definitely, 100% return next year and have already started training. He said he is humbled by the support.




That is all for today. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light!





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