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September 7, 2018


Plane From Dubai Quarantined For Hours At JFK Airport; Gunman Kills 3 In Downtown Cincinnati Shooting; Ayanna Pressley to Become First Black Woman to Represent Massachusetts at Capitol Hill; Gay Sex In India Is Now Decriminalized; Senior Official in Trump Administration Writes Anonymous Op-Ed; Ten Year Old Hard-of-Hearing Girl Hung From Tree By Schoolyard Bullies; RID CEO Joey Trapani To Leave On September 30

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, September 6. Ready for news?




Plane From Dubai Quarantined For Hours At JFK Airport


Yesterday, a jumbo jet from Dubai was kept on the ground for more than 2 hours at JFK airport in NYC.


Thirty minutes before the plane landed, the captain made an announcement that because some people were sick, they were not going to let people off the plane right away.


About 100 people out of 500 people on the plane reported symptoms like coughing, fever or vomiting.


Musician Vanilla Ice was on the plane. He tweeted a video from the plane, commenting on how many ambulances, fire trucks and police were by the plane. He said that the plane had two decks and the illnesses were in the lower deck while he was on the upper deck.


Another passenger told news that people were showing obvious signs of illness while they were at the airport in Dubai, and that they should have never been allowed to board. She had asked a flight attendant for a mask, but there were none available. Some people were coughing the entire flight.


Each passenger had to fill out a form and then were evaluated by workers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) before they were allowed off the plane. Most people were cleared to continue travel, but CDC said that they would follow up in a few weeks to make sure no illnesses appeared later.


3 passengers and 7 crew members are being treated at a hospital for respiratory illness.


NYC’s health commissioner says the outbreak is ‘probably influenza’ or something flu-related.




Gunman Kills 3 In Downtown Cincinnati Shooting


In Cincinnati, a gunman opened fire at a bank/office building in the downtown area, killing three people and injuring two others.


Police said the gunman started shooting at the loading dock of the Fifth Third Center building, went inside the building and continued to shoot.


He then went in the bank’s lobby, where police shot at him.


The gunman is dead, and it is not known if he killed himself or was killed by police.


Of the three victims, one died at the scene, the other two at a hospital.


People ran out in the streets in panic.


Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said there is something sick about the number of American cities that went through mass shootings this year. He said we as a country need to work on it.


There is no information yet on the shooter’s identity, it has not yet been released.


Police said he is not a current or former employee at the bank. Police have searched his home in the nearby area.




Ayanna Pressley to Become First Black Woman to Represent Massachusetts at Capitol Hill


On Tuesday, at the end of the Massachusetts Democratic Primary, Boston City Council member Ayanna Pressley, 44, beat 10-term Michael Capuano for the seat of the US Representative for Massachusetts’ 7th Congressional District. The district includes parts of Boston and Cambridge.


In the weeks before the primary, none of the polls put Ayanna in the lead, so it was a huge surprise when Ayanna won 58% to 41%.


Because there will be no challengers from the Republican or Independent parties on the ballot in November, Ayanna will be the first black woman to represent Massachusetts on Capitol Hill, in the House of Representatives.


Ayanna’s unexpected win is being compared to that of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who beat out incumbent Joe Crowley in the Democratic Primary for New York’s 14th congressional district just a few weeks ago.


Alexandria had endorsed Ayanna for US Representative.


It’s not the first time Ayanna made history: she was also the first woman of color elected to the Boston City Council in 2009.




Gay Sex Decriminalized in India


Today, India’s Supreme Court has struck down Section 377, a law that said gay sex is a crime and carried a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.


Although the law wasn’t often enforced, lawyers and activists said it contributed to a culture of fear and oppression within the LGBT community. India has long viewed homosexuality as taboo.


The verdict from Supreme Court is seen as a beginning of a more equal and inclusive society in India. An Indian law professor and LGBT activist said that changes in legislation create a protected space where LGBT people can expect to get fair treatment.


Activists say this was just the first step. The next step will be discussing the rights of LGBT, such as the right to marry or adopt.




Senior Official in Trump Administration Writes Anonymous Op-Ed


Yesterday afternoon the New York Times published an anonymous op-ed written by someone who claimed to be a senior official in the Trump administration, an insider.


The person said there are many top officials in the administration are working hard in private to stop Trump from doing terrible things that he wants to do.


The person said Americans should know that there are adults in the room who are trying to do what is right even when Trump won’t, and that they would continue to work until Trump is out of the office, one way or another.


The person said the group is not a part of the “resistance” of the left (liberals or Democrats), that they want the administration to succeed. The writer said after Trump became president, they have been successful in many ways, such as America being more prosperous, safer, having a stronger military, but that the problem is Trump’s leadership style.


The person said the cabinet have discussed using the 25th Amendment, which would start a process to remove the president and replace him with the vice-president, but they didn’t want a constitutional crisis.


The person ended his article with mentioning the late Senator McCain, saying we have his example as a lodestar, which means a guiding star, an inspiration, or a model.


People in Washington, D.C. and on the internet reacted with shock and tried to figure out who wrote it.


President Trump tweeted, “TREASON?” He questioned if the person actually exists or if the New York times used fake person.


President Trump said if the GUTLESS anonymous person is real, the newspaper must turn him or her over to government at once for national security purposes.


President Trump said North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un proclaimed unwavering faith in him. Trump thanked him and said we’ll get it done together.


There are reports of a “hunt” in the White House to identify the person. Defense Sec. Mattis and Sec. of State Pompeo said they didn’t write it.


There were many who thought it was written by Vice-President Mike Pence, because of the word, “lodestar.” It is an unique word and Pence has used the word several times in his previous speeches.


A spokesperson for Pence said he puts his names on his Op-Eds, that the NY Times and the person should be ashamed for writing it.


First Lady Melania Trump said the op-ed author is a coward and sabotaging the country.


We’ll see if the identity of the person is revealed in the future and what kind of impact it will have on the Trump administration.


NYT Op-Ed:




Ten Year Old Hard-of-Hearing Girl Hung From Tree By Schoolyard Bullies


Last Friday, in Perth, Australia, a 10 year old girl Amber Yoon, who is hard of hearing and and has some health issues, said she was bullied by her classmates when they tied a jumping rope around her neck and strung her up from a tree. This was at a Catholic school.


Amber said her toes were barely touching the ground and that she was having a hard time breathing when a teacher ran up and cut her down. She said in an interview that she was scared she’d get in trouble for it even though it wasn’t her fault.


Amber’s mother, Belinda, was very upset because she said no one from school called home to inform the mother what happened, and no medical attention was given even though Amber had clear marks on her neck.


She said once Amber was cut down, she had to spend the afternoon in an office and had to write a statement. The mother found about the incident when Amber came home from school, crying.


The mother said it is not the first time Amber has been bullied, and that she has reported the same bully several times in the past. She said she has already met with the school several times and that they were aware of the bullying.


The Catholic school said they couldn’t comment because police were involved.


Belinda believes schools need to take more action against schoolyard bullies with automatic suspensions and public apologies in front of their peers. She has withdrawn both Amber and her 9-year-old brother from the school.




RID CEO Joey Trapani To Leave On September 30


The RID -- Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf -- Board President Melvin Walker announced yesterday that their recently appointed CEO, Joey Trapani, will end his tenure (job) with RID on September 30, 2018.


Walker said the work of RID will continue under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer, Elijah Sow.


Walker said the RID Board will meet soon to discuss their future plans and will share updates.


The RID announcement did not explain the reason why Trapani was leaving.


Trapani, a hearing CODA, was announced as the CEO three months ago after a controversial search process that had a Deaf finalist.


I will share more information when I get it.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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