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September 5, 2018

Man Rams Truck Into FOX 4 News Studio in Dallas, TX; UK Charges Two Russians For Nerve Agent Poisoning; Actor Geoffrey Owens Job-Shamed For Working At Trader Joe’s; New Book “Fear: Trump in the White House” Causes Controversy; One Child Killed by Storm Gordon; Hurricane Florence is First Major Hurricane of Season; Stolen Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Found After 13 Years; Update on $400,000 Raised On GoFundMe For Homeless Man; Police Arrest Navy Officer For Trying to Have Sex With Deaf Minor

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, September 5. Ready for news?




Man Rams Truck Into FOX 4 News Studio in Dallas, TX  


In Dallas, a man intentionally rammed his truck into a Fox 4 studio building, breaking glass windows.


The man, Michael C. Fry (34), after the ramming, took several boxes from the truck that were filled with papers and threw them all over the floor.


Employees who were inside said the man shouted things about “high treason,” about the sheriff’s department, and held papers against windows.


He was arrested at the scene. Police said they investigated the area because the man left a bag, but it doesn’t seem like they found anything.


Reporters shared images of the papers strewn over — they had mug shots of two people with handwritings about witchery, mobs, brainwashing, and that the two tried to kill him.


There were no reported injuries. Police said he was in an agitated mental state. He will be charged with criminal mischief.


This is the third time a news organization was a target of violence or threats in recent months — the first a shooting at an Annapolis, MD newspaper in June, then a threat against the Boston Globe last week.




UK Charges Two Russians For Nerve Agent Poisoning


British authorities have charged two Russian men with using a nerve agent, Novichok, to poison former KGB spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in March. The two almost died.


The U.K. said the two works for the Russian military intelligence service GRU.


A U.K. police officer became sick after exposure after he attended to the Skripals, who were found passed out on a bench.


Three months later, on July, a 44-year old mother died after touching the poison, and her boyfriend became seriously ill.


The boyfriend said he found a perfume bottle in a charity bin and gave it to his girlfriend/mother. She then put it on her wrists and died.


The perfume bottle was full of Novichok, a chemical weapon developed by Russian military scientists before 1993.


The U.K. thinks the perfume bottle is how the two Russian men brought it in the U.K. without detection.


The men left U.K. on a flight to Moscow on the same day the Skripals became sick in March.


Russian officials said the names of the men mean nothing and they can’t understand the U.K.’s motives.


Russia does not allow extradition of their nationals, but the U.K. has put out an European Arrest Warrant, and if either man goes to a country where an EAW is valid, they will be arrested and face extradition.




Actor Geoffrey Owens Job-Shamed For Working At Trader Joe’s


During Labor weekend, people on social media hyped about the fact that a former TV star, Geoffrey Owens from the Cosby Show, was working at a Trader Joe’s (grocery store) in NJ.


Since the Cosby show, Geoffrey has appeared in other shows, but said it wasn’t enough to pay the bills.


There was a variety of reactions to the news of Geoffrey working at Trader Joe’s. Some people said it was fake, others thought it was funny, but many were upset about the “job shaming”.


Actor Seth McFarlane tweeted that he was just a guy being private and doing honest work.  A new hashtag began trending: #ActorsWithDayJobs.


Geoffrey said in an interview on Good Morning America that although he’d been working there for 15 months already, he was so ashamed from the attention that he quit his job at Trader Joe’s.


Then he added that he was touched by the amazing support he also got by people who spoke up to defend him.


Geoffrey said that every job is valuable and worthwhile. He also added, “nobody should feel sorry for me, I’ve had a great life and I’ve had a great career.”


When Tyler Perry, famous actor and filmmaker, heard about the story, he offered Geoffrey a job on a show on the OWN channel.


Perry tweeted, “Come join us! I have so much respect for people who hustle between gigs. The measure of a true artist.” There are reports that Geoffrey has taken the job.




New Book “Fear: Trump in the White House” Causes Controversy


Famous journalist Bob Woodward, best known for his Watergate investigation that led to former president Nixon’s resignation, has written a book about President Trump and will release it next week.


The book’s name is “Fear: Trump in the White House.”


Woodward said he interviewed many people close with Trump, including former White House staff, and taped all of them. He kept some of their names anonymous.


Several media have seen copies of the book and shared some excerpts. Now I will share a few.


Trump wanted to order the assassination of Syrian President al-Assad after the chemical attack in 2017.


The book said Trump called the Defense Sec. Mattis and said, “let’s f—— kill him!”


Mattis told him they would get on it, but after hanging up, said they wouldn’t do that and instead gave Trump options, with him approving the airstrike.


The book said Sec. Mattis said at another meeting that Trump had the understanding of a fifth or sixth grader.


The book said the Chief of Staff John Kelly said Trump was unhinged, an idiot, and that the White House was in Crazytown. Kelly has threatened to quit several times.


The book said Trump insulted Attorney General Jeff Sessions by saying he was mentally retarded and a dumb Southerner.


The book said several top aides took papers away from Trump’s desk to prevent him from signing orders that they would hurt the economy or national security. Trump didn’t even realize it.


The book said after the Charlottesville protests and violence, Trump gave a speech where he condemned white supremacists and neo-Nazis, but afterwards said in private that it was the biggest f—— mistake he’s made, the worst speech he’s ever given.


The book said former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the White House was full of natural predators, like a zoo without walls, nasty and bloody.


The book said former Trump personal lawyer John Dowd warned Trump against doing an interview with Special Counsel Mueller. Dowd said if he testified, he would be in an orange jumpsuit (in prison).


Those are some of the excerpts that are out. It’s caused controversy.


The White House Press Sec. Sanders said the book is nothing more than fabricated stories, that many stories are from angry former employees with the goal of making the President look bad.


President Trump said it was just another bad book. He said he never called Sessions the terms from the book. He accused Woodward of working with Democrats.


Defense Sec. Mattis said he never said the words in the book and that it was from someone’s rich imagination.  


Chief of Staff Kelly said he never called Trump an idiot, that it was an attempt to smear people close to Trump.


Lawyer Dowd said he never said the words in the book, that they were accusations and misrepresentations.


Woodward said he stands by his reporting.






One Child Killed by Storm Gordon; Hurricane Florence is First Major Hurricane of Season


Tropical Storm Gordon hit the Alabama-Mississippi border last night just below hurricane strength, bringing pouring rain and 70 mph winds. It caused flooding on Dauphin Island in Alabama.


One child died in Pensacola, Florida when a tree fell on a mobile home.


There is now the first major hurricane (Category 3 and above) of the season, Hurricane Florence.


It is now about 1,300 miles southeast of Bermuda, moving at 13 mph. People in Bermuda are now on alert.


It is too far away to predict its path. Hopefully it moves north and away from the U.S. coast.




Stolen Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Found After 13 Years


13 years ago, a pair red ruby shoes worn by Dorothy in the movie, Wizard of Oz, was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum.


The ruby slippers have just been found, but the search for the thieves continue.


In August 2005, the shoes disappeared from the museum after someone came in and smashed the glass display case with a baseball bat. There was no video footage, the alarm didn’t sound, no fingerprints were left behind, only a single red sequin (fabric with shiny beads) remained.


The shoes were there on loan from the owner, Michael Shaw.


For the last 13 years, the museum had replicas in their place. FBI have not explained exactly how they found the shoes, but said it was discovered during an ongoing investigation. No arrests have been made.


The authenticity of the shoes were verified by comparing them to a pair of shoes owned by the Smithsonian Museum.


The slippers are one of only 4 known pairs. They are estimated to be worth at least a million dollars today.


The pair at the Smithsonian is currently undergoing restoration. Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg bought another pair, now on display at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.


Owner Michael Shaw was happy to report that the stolen shoes were in as pristine a condition as they were when they were stolen 13 years ago.




Update on $400,000 Raised On GoFundMe For Homeless Man


Here is an update on the homeless man, John Bobbitt, and his legal battle with Kate McClure, who raised $400,000 for him on GoFundMe to thank him for giving him his last $20 when she ran out of gas.


The money was supposed to be used to help Bobbitt get back on his feet.


However, less than a year later, that money is apparently gone.


Bobbitt’s lawyer said they found out the money was gone during a call with McClure and her lawyer on Tuesday.


A judge has ordered Kate and her boyfriend to show up to court next week and to transfer the remainder of the funds into an escrow account. They will be expected to explain exactly what happened to the money.


Bobbitt claimed that Kate and her boyfriend had complete control over all of the money, and used thousands of it to go on trips, shopping sprees and to gamble. He said he only received $75,000 worth in things, services and some cash.


Lawyers for Kate and her boyfriend said Bobbitt actually received $200,000. In an interview on TV, the couple said they spent $350,000 on him.


In just a few months, Kate posted pictures and videos on social media of a New Year’s Eve bash in Las Vegas and helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, trips to New York with front row tickets to a Broadway show, and shopping sprees.


How they paid for the trips and things is not clear.


Kate is an administrative assistant for the NJ Department of Transportation, and her boyfriend is a carpenter. They have denied spending any of the GoFundMe money on themselves.




Police Arrest Navy Officer For Trying to Have Sex With Deaf Minor  


Police in northern Florida have arrested a Navy Lieutenant, Michael McNeil (30), for trying to have sex with a 12-year old deaf girl.


Police said he was in contact with an undercover detective, who he thought was the guardian of the deaf girl.


The two talked for four days. Police said Michael made it very clear on his intentions with the girl.


He traveled from Jacksonville to a city about 20 miles south to a Starbucks to meet the girl, and was arrested.


He posted $75,000 bond and is out. He worked at a Navy base as a Surface Warfare Officer. He is married and has a young son.


The Navy base, Mayport, said they have not yet started disciplinary action.


McNeil was arrested in a police sting that also caught 16 other men trying to have sex with children.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!



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