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September 3, 2018

Brazil’s National Museum Burns Down; Tropical Storm Gordon Aiming for Gulf Coast; Man Beheads Girlfriend In Front of Toddler; Mother Only Survivor After Kayak Capsizes; South Korea Pledges to Inspect Public Restrooms Daily For Hidden Cameras; WHO Claims Hearing Loss Is A Barrier To Language Development; New York Is Third State To Change “Hearing Impaired” to “Deaf and Hard of Hearing” in All References in State Law 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, September 3 — Happy Labor Day, a day to honor the American worker. 


Ready for several news briefs? 





Brazil’s National Museum Burns Down


Yesterday, a huge fire destroyed Brazil’s National Museum in Rio de Janeiro.  The museum had more than 20 million items; and the building itself was once a palace for emperors, before it was converted into the National Museum in 1818. 


The fire started right after visiting hours ended, and burned through the night. There was not enough water in the hydrants near the building, and firefighters had to get water from a lake nearby.




Tropical Storm Gordon Aiming for Gulf Coast  


There is a tropical storm, Gordon, that has formed west of the Florida Keys and is expected to increase in strength during the next 48 hours as it goes northwest into the Gulf of Mexico. 


It is aiming at areas from New Orleans to Mobile. Weather forecasters say it could bring 70 mph winds to the coast tomorrow (Tuesday) night. 


Areas in the Mississippi and Alabama coasts are already putting out hurricane watches.




Man Beheads Girlfriend In Front of Toddler


Last week in Washington state, 32 year old Timothy Hernandez was charged with murdering his girlfriend, Vanessa Con, by beheading. 


Timothy’s parents came home from church and discovered Vanessa’s body on the floor, with her severed head on her back. 


The couple’s 3 year old daughter told investigators she saw her father cut her mother with scissors. 


Investigators found a large butcher knife in the kitchen sink and bloody clothes in the laundry.  


Timothy said he had spoken with God, who told him to strike down his girlfriend because she did not repent.




Mother Only Survivor After Kayak Capsizes


On Thursday, in Wisconsin, a family of 5 were out kayaking on a 13-foot boat on Lake Superior when the weather turned bad and waves started rocking the boat, causing it to capsize. 


Everyone was wearing life jackets. Because of weak cell signal, authorities were not alerted until 5 hours later, and the mother was the only person to survive. The three children were 3, 6 and 9.




South Korea Pledges to Inspect Public Restrooms Daily For Hidden Cameras


In Seoul, South Korea, authorities have pledged to inspect public toilets daily for hidden spy cams. 


Earlier this summer, thousands of people marched in the streets to call for action against the issue of illegal spy cams popping up in public spaces like restrooms or pools, subway stations, even buses and taxis. 


However, despite the focus on hidden cameras, most of the reported crimes were recorded with a regular phone.




WHO Claims Hearing Loss Is A Barrier To Language Development


The World Health Organization Bulletin is preparing to publish a theme issue in 2019 on the public health approach to hearing loss and they have asked for submissions that focus on identifying and filling in the gaps of a variety of hearing-care services. 


Many in the Deaf community are criticizing the WHO’s statements and choice of wording in the call-for-papers. 


The article claims that hearing loss is a barrier to communication and language development, and does not mention sign languages anywhere.




New York Is Third State To Change “Hearing Impaired” to “Deaf and Hard of Hearing” in All References in State Law 


New York is the third state in the U.S. to remove “hearing impaired” and replace it with “deaf or hard of hearing” in all mentions in state law.  Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed a bill to make this a requirement. 


The first state to do this is Utah, the second New Hampshire. 


The NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum told the “Democrat & Chronicle” they are delighted at this because the deaf or hard of hearing community has never felt impaired and has always sought to ensure that society understands our identity.






That is all for today.  See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 


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