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August 30, 2018

Florida Voters Pick DeSantis and Gillum in Race for Governor; Arizona Voters Pick McSally and Sinema In Race To Replace Sen. Jeff Flake; U.N. Calls for Immediate Halt of Genocide of the Rohingya In Myanmar; Former Police Officer Found Guilty of Murder In Shooting of 15-Year Old Teenager; Criticism of Double Standards in Tennis Dress Code; Two Workers Fall to their Death Near Disney World; Aretha Franklin Wake and Funeral; White House Counsel McGahn To Leave in Fall​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, August 29. Ready for news?




Florida Voters Pick DeSantis and Gillum in Race for Governor


Last night in Florida, voters picked Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum to represent their parties in the race for state governor.


DeSantis was endorsed by President Trump in June, and it shows that Trump maintains his political power in Florida. DeSantis is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Florida’s 6th District — areas around Daytona Beach. His views are similar with Trump’s views.


Gillum was endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, VT). Two of his visions is “Medicare for All” and to abolish ICE. This means he is a very left, liberal Democrat. He is currently the Mayor of Tallahassee and is the first black nominee for Florida governor.


Florida is a purple state, with the population split between Republican and Democrat, so it will be a fight for either man to be able to live in the Florida Governor’s Mansion.


Florida has had a Republican governor for the past 20 years.


There is already controversy, as DeSantis said on Fox News this morning that Florida should not “monkey this up” by supporting Gillum. The remark caused an uproar.


The Florida Democratic Party said it was a racist dog whistle.


A DeSantis spokesperson said he frequently uses that phrase and that it didn’t have anything to do with race.




Arizona Voters Pick McSally and Sinema In Race To Replace Sen. Jeff Flake


In Arizona, there is a race for the U.S. Senate seat that belongs Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who announced he would retire at the end of his term.


Voters yesterday picked U.S. Representative Martha McSally on the Republican side, and picked U.S.  Representative Kyrsten Sinema, who won on the Democratic side.


This means Arizona will have their first female senator after the election.


McSally represents areas around Tucson, while Sinema represents areas around Phoenix.


America is watching this race because whoever wins will affect the balance of the Senate. Currently there are 51 Republicans and 49 in the Democratic caucus, so any change could tip the balance either way.


Arizona has not elected a Democrat since 1976.


Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) passed away on Saturday, so his seat is empty. This means the state Governor Ducey ( R)  will appoint a Republican to fill that seat. That person will remain until the 2020 election and if voted in, will serve McCain’s term which ends after the 2022 election.


Today was the funeral for McCain at the Arizona Capitol. Both Gov. Ducey and Sen. Flake were there, as well as McCain’s wife and daughter, and other family members.



U.N. Calls for Immediate Halt of Genocide of the Rohingya In Myanmar


On Monday, the United Nations (UN) published a report that concluded there is a mass genocide happening in Myanmar, and called for the Myanmar military and government to stop the genocide of the Rohingya. They called it one of the world’s worst humanitarian and human rights crises.


The UN defines genocide as acts meant to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.


The Rohingya people are an ethnic minority indigenous to the area of Rakhine. They are mostly Muslim, while the majority of Myanmar are Buddhist. The current Myanmar government does not recognize the Rohingya, has refused to grant them citizenship, and also restricts many of their basic rights.


In the past year, more than 700,000 Rohingya fled from Myanmar to seek safety in neighboring countries. Many of these refugees told horrific tales of military brutality, gang rapes and mass murder.


Last year, the UN formed a Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) to look into the allegations of genocide in Myanmar.  


The FFM visited several countries and gathered over 800 testimonies from Rohingya victims. They concluded that the allegations were true.


However, the Myanmar government did not allow the UN Fact Finding Mission to enter the country.


This morning a spokesperson for the Myanmar Government rejected the UN’s report.


The spokesperson claimed that Myanmar has zero tolerance for human rights violations. He also said the country has set up its own Independent Commission of Inquiry to look into the ‘false accusations’ by the UN.




Former Police Officer Found Guilty of Murder In Shooting of 15-Year Old Teenager


A former Dallas-area police officer, Roy Oliver, was found guilty of murder for shooting and killing a 15-year old boy, Jordan Edwards as he rode in a car that left a house party.


This happened in April 2017. Jordan was a freshman in high school and went to the house party.


Police officers went to the house because of reports of underage drinking. There were gunshots at a nearby area, which caused people to panic.


Jordan left the house, got into a car with his brothers and friends, sitting in the front passenger seat. The car reversed away from the house and drove away.


Oliver used a rifle with a scope to fire three bullets in the car, with one of them striking Jordan in the back of his head, killing him.


Oliver was fired, charged with murder, and is now guilty. He was taken in custody to await sentencing. He faces up to life in prison.


Oliver said in court that he thought the car threatened another officer’s life to justify his shooting, but that other officer said he never felt threatened.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott ( R ) tweeted, “White Texas police officer found guilty of murder for shooting black teen in car. This life should never have been lost.”


Jordan’s family attorney said this case is not just about Jordan, but about every African American who has been killed and has not gotten justice.




Criticism of Double Standards in Tennis Dress Code


In May, tennis player Serena Williams played in her first public tennis match after giving birth to her daughter in September. She wore a black catsuit, but it is now banned from the French Open.


The president of the French Tennis Federation proposed changes in dress code because he felt some players took it too far. He called out Serena for her catsuit, saying “catsuits will no longer be allowed.”


Serena said the catsuit was specially designed to prevent blood clots, it was a “compression suit.” Serena has had a history of blood clots and had several clots in her lungs during the birth of her daughter.


Many fans have called the dress code change an act of racism and sexism.


A white woman wore a white catsuit while competing at Wimbledon in 1985 without any issues.


In a public statement, Serena responded that everything was fine. She said, “when it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender.”


On Monday, Serena showed up at the U.S. Open tennis tournament wearing a black tutu and a leather jacket.


Her outfit was designed in collaboration with Nike, and has compression fishnet tights. Serena said that the tutu was easy and fun to play in.


This morning, another female tennis player, Alize Cornet, was penalized with a code violation and unsportsmanlike behavior.


Cornet noticed her shirt was on wrong, and took 10 seconds to take it off and adjust it, and was punished.


Many said this was sexist, saying men players often take their shirts off without any issues.


The U.S. Open said they regret the code violation and have clarified their policy that all players can change their shirts while sitting in the player chair or in private.




Two Workers Fall to their Death Near Disney World


This morning, two people died while working at a construction site near Disney World in Florida.


Workers were preparing to pour concrete between the sixth and seventh floors when scaffolding collapsed.


Two men fell more than six stories, about 80 feet. A third worker was lucky to grab something and pull himself to safety.


The deaths were reported at 4:15 am this morning. The construction site is a future JW Marriott International hotel resort, located near Disney’s Epcot Center.


There is no official explanation why the scaffolding collapsed or if the workers were wearing safety harnesses. At least 18 workers were at the scene when it happened.


The Orange County Sheriff’s office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will investigate the incident.




Aretha Franklin Wake and Funeral; White House Counsel McGahn To Leave in Fall


Here are two news briefs.


The first: in Detroit, thousands of people lined up pay their respects to Aretha Franklin, who laid in a red dress in a golden casket at a museum of African American history. Many people came from out of state.


Her funeral is on Friday. Many famous people will be attending and giving presentations or performances, the list includes Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, and Bill Clinton.


The private funeral starts at 10 am and will be on CNN and Fox News, with live streaming available on the internet.


The second news brief: President Trump announced that the White House counsel Don McGahn will leave his position this fall, after the confirmation process of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


McGahn was the one who represented the White House and President Trump throughout the Mueller Russia investigation.


There was a recent report in the New York Times that McGahn gave plenty of information to Mueller’s team, and that Trump didn’t realize it.


Trump said this was not true, that he allowed him to cooperate with Mueller.


McGahn is thought to be very important to Republicans in his role of helping the White House to appoint conservative judges for federal benches across the country, for helping to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and for helping to nominate Judge Kavanaugh.


President Trump said he appreciates his service.


His departure this fall means he will be gone at the same time the Russia investigation is expected to near its end.




That is all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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