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August 25, 2018



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Reality Winner Jailed for Leaking Classified NSA Document About Russian Hacking


Reality Winner (yes that’s her real name), 26 years old, has been sentenced to jail for 5 years and 3 months for leaking a classified NSA document about a Russian cyberattack on the 2016 presidential elections.


On Thursday, Winner pled guilty. She apologized for her actions and apologized to her family. The hearing lasted less than 45 minutes.


Once released, she is also required to have 3 years of supervision, and will have to finish 100 hours of community service. It is the longest punishment ever given for a federal crime related to leaking classified information to news outlets.


Before her arrest, Winner was an Air Force translator, working as a contractor at a National Security Agency office in Georgia. In June 2017, Winner was arrested for leaking classified information to the media. She’d printed out a classified report, tucked it into her pantyhose, and snuck it out of the office, then she mailed the report to an online news outlet, The Intercept.


The document outlined a month-long Russian government effort to hack into voting software and accounts of election officials before the 2016 elections. The report states clearly in a summary that the cyber attacks were executed by Russian Military Intelligence. The hackers, acting under government orders, successfully penetrated voter databases and obtained sensitive information. The report did not examine what kind of effect the hackers had on the election, but said they did hack.


Authorities caught Winner by tracing the microdots on the printout to identify which printer had been used to print the document, and also found email correspondence between The Intercept and Winner.


A federal prosecutor said this was not a “victimless crime” -- that she put our nation’s security at risk by revealing sources and methods that U.S. intelligence agencies use.




Secret Tunnel to Mexico Found in Abandoned KFC Building


US Homeland Security found a secret tunnel that stretches between an abandoned KFC restaurant in Arizona to a house in Mexico.


On August 13, authorities in San Luis, Arizona, pulled over Ivan Lopez because of an “equipment violation.” Ivan Lopez had been convicted of drunk driving and money laundering in the past.


During the traffic stop, a K-9 unit led police to two toolboxes found inside Lopez’s vehicle, and uncovered 370 pounds of narcotics and other drugs. The street value of those drugs is estimated to be around $1,165,000, but an official mentioned that the street value increases as the drugs get farther away from the border.


The traffic arrest led authorities to search Lopez’s home in Mexico and the abandoned KFC restaurant, which he bought in April 2018 for $390,000. They found the tunnel.


The empty KFC restaurant sits about 200 yards north of the US-Mexico border. The tunnel is 22 feet deep and 590 feet long, stretching between the KFC restaurant to a house in Sonora, Mexico.


Nearly 200 cross-border tunnels have been found since 1990. In 2016, a tunnel running half a mile between California and Mexico was discovered.




Latest Updates on President Trump


Here are three news briefs related with President Trump.


The first -- David Pecker, the Chairman of American Media, Inc., which publishes the National Enquirer, has been granted immunity (he can’t be punished) in the investigation against Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, and Trump. Pecker is a long time friend of Trump, going back to the 1990s.


Prosecutors granted Pecker immunity in exchange for information about Cohen using campaign money to pay and silence the two women who claimed they had sexual encounters with Mr. Trump.


Court documents made public reveal that Mr. Pecker was in touch with Cohen about both Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels, and orchestrated the payments that bought their silence.


Pecker’s testimony is the second statement that states Trump was aware of the payments to the women.


As of this morning, another person has been granted immunity in the investigation. Allen Weisselberg, who has served as decades as executive vice president and then chief financial officer for the Trump Organization, was granted immunity by prosecutors in exchange for information.


The second news brief -- The public feud between the US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and President Trump, was ramped up this week in a series of public statements. Trump originally became upset with Sessions because of Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.


On Thursday in an interview with Fox News, President Trump commented that Jeff Sessions “never took control” of the Justice Department and expressed his disappointment in Sessions.

Sessions responded in a statement, “while I am Attorney General, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations."

Trump responded with two tweets on Friday morning. He said, “This is GREAT, what everyone wants,” and then directed Sessions to “look into the corruption on the other side,” related to Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and people who were critical of Trump.


The third news brief -- Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on Thursday that President Trump discussed pardoning Paul Manafort in a White House meeting back in June, which directly contradicts White House statements denying any such meeting. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Wednesday that there were “no discussions at the White House on that matter.”


On Thursday, Rudy Giuliani said he approached Trump about the pardon after he’d made several pardons earlier this year. He said it was a quick meeting, and “we both agreed it made sense not to pardon anybody during the pendency of the investigation.”


Giuliani added that Trump had every right to pardon anyone he wanted, and could well consider pardoning Manafort and others after Mueller’s probe is finished. So Trump can, and he is possibly considering the pardon.


There are reports that say Mueller is looking at Trump’s previous pardon offers as potential evidence of obstruction of justice.



Four Updates With Deaf People on TV or Films


Here are four news updates of deaf people being on TV and in the movies.


The first — musician and actor Warren “Wawa” Snipe announced on Facebook he will have a role in CW’s “Black Lighting.” The show is based on a DC Comics character and will release their second season in October.


Wawa did not reveal what his role is. He will be somewhere in the second season. He encouraged us to watch the first season so we can understand the second season. Wawa said he would make more announcements in the future.


You can watch “Black Lighting” on CW’s website, the shows are captioned.


The second — actor and comedian CJ Jones is on Hulu’s show “Castle Rock,” on their recent episodes (5-6). His character is “Odin,” and he is a mysterious person who has built a soundproof room.


Castle Rock is in their first season, it is based on Stephen King’s novels. You will need to subscribe to Hulu to watch it.  


Nice to see CJ Jones continuing to get roles since his big role on the “Baby Driver” film. We know he will have a role in Avatar 2 in 2020.


The third — Marlee Matlin tweeted an announcement that she will be in a film, “Entangled,” and her role is a mother to another deaf role — the daughter will be cast by Sandra Mae Frank, a deaf actress who was on “Spring Awakening” on Broadway.


Marlee was also on the Broadway show. She said it has been three years since “Spring Awakening,” and she is psyched to be together again, to work with her.


An article on Canadian news CBC said filming for “Entangled” is underway in Sudbury, Ontario. The movie is a sci-fi thriller about people meeting their “twins” from a parallel universe.


The fourth — last week there was a trailer released for “Deaf Out Loud,” a special feature on three deaf families. It will be aired on A&E on Wednesday, September 12, at 8 PM EST.


I did a news announcement about this last month. So be sure to mark your calendar, it is three weeks away.


So, those are the four news updates. Exciting time for #DeafTalent, #POCDeafTalent. In the transcript, there are links for more information.



Wawa’s Announcement Video:


CW Black Lighting:


CJ Jones Announcement:


Hulu Castle Rock:



Deaf Out Loud Trailer:


Moth Report About Deaf Out Loud:



Marlee Tweet:






Daily Moth Turns 3


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