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August 15, 2018

Christine Hallquist Becomes 1st Transgender Major Party Candidate for Governor; Teenage Girl Pushed Off 60-Foot Bridge; Prosecutors Considering Charges; Paris Installing New Public Urinals; Los Angeles To Install Subway Body Scanners; Four Young Girls Use Hot Coffee To Fight Off Suspected Kidnapper; Suicide Survivor Shares Story of Getting Full Face Transplant; News Briefs: Kabul Bombing; Manafort Trial; Italian Bridge​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, August 15. Ready for news?




Christine Hallquist Becomes 1st Transgender Major Party Candidate for Governor


In Vermont, Christine Hallquist became the first openly transgender person to be a major party (either Democrat or Republican) candidate for governor.


She won her Democratic primary last night and will run against the incumbent Republican governor, Phil Scott in the November elections.


Christine is a first-time politician and used to be CEO of a electric company for 13 years. She first came out as a transgender person in 2015 to her company.


One of her campaign goals was to have every home and business in the state of Vermont to have high speed internet.


In her victory speech last night, she said “tonight, we made history.”


Analysts say it will be very challenging for her to defeat Phil Scott.




Teenage Girl Pushed Off 60-Foot Bridge; Prosecutors Considering Charges


Last week at a 60-foot high bridge in Washington state, a 16-year old girl, Jordan Holgerson was standing with her friends, thinking about jumping into a river below.


A video of it shows Jordan being nervous, rubbing her hands as she looks at the river below.


Then suddenly, someone from behind shoves her. She fell face-down and hit the water with a belly flop.


She was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. She had six broken ribs, both lungs punctured, and other injuries. It will take a few months before she can fully recover. She said she could have died or become paralyzed.


Police got involved and identified the person who pushed — her name is Taylor Smith (18). Now it is up to the county prosecutor to decide if there will be charges.


Taylor said she has apologized to Jordan and feels really bad about what happened. She said many people have threatened her, forcing her to be somewhere away from her home.




Paris Installing New Public Urinals


In Paris, there is a way for men to urinate in public with new “uritrottoir” stands that are placed throughout the city.


City leaders decided to install them because there is a problem with people urinating on sidewalks, causing strong odors. The concept is in its pilot program, the testing phase.


The uritrottoirs are designed with the environment in mind. Inside of them, there is straw that with urine will turn into an organic compost. There are plants on the top of the stands.


But there are many people who don’t like this, saying it is ugly and not nice to see people standing there urinating. Some are disgusted. One of the stands is right by a river with tourist barges, so they can see each other.


City leaders say it is better than nothing, but said if it is really bothering people, they will find another place to put them.




Los Angeles To Install Subway Body Scanners  


Los Angeles’ subway will install body scanners to look for rifles or explosives in the next few months.


The scanners will project waves to do full-body screenings of people walking through the station, looking for metallic and non-metallic objects.


Pictures of the scanner show people becoming a “green blob.”


The scanners can screen people from more than 30 feet away and check more than 2,000 people in an hour.


L.A. will be the first mass transit system in the U.S. to have body scanners.


The TSA head Pekoske said they are dealing with persistent threats to our transportation system in our country, that it is their job to make sure a terrorist incident doesn’t happen on their watch.


There will be signs to notify people about the scanners. It is “voluntary,” but if you don’t want to be screened, you can’t ride on the subway.


The company that makes the machines is Thruvision, their headquarters is in the U.K.




Four Young Girls Use Hot Coffee To Fight Off Suspected Kidnapper


Four young girls from Michigan, ages 11 to 14, say a 22-year old man tried to kidnap them outside of a gas station store.


The girls said the man grabbed one girl by her hair and told her she was coming with him. The other girls threw hot coffee and slurpees on him and kicked and hit him. The man let go, but grabbed another girl by her hair.


After more kicking and hitting, the man let go and ran away.


The girls went to a hotel and called for help. Police arrested the suspect — Bruce Hipkins — and charged him with unlawful imprisonment, assault, and battery.


One of the girls said her father told her to fight back if they felt they are in danger. That was his advice.




Suicide Survivor Shares Story of Getting Full Face Transplant


A 22-year old woman, Katie Stubblefield, is the youngest person to undergo a full face transplant.


She had a 31-hour surgery last year when she was 21, and is now going public about her experience. She will be on the cover of National Geographic magazine in September.


Katie lost her face from a gunshot suicide attempt in 2014 after she went through a breakup.


She had 22 surgeries to reconstruct her face, but it was still disfigured. Doctors recommended a full face transplant.


She was placed on a waiting list for a face donor, and after two and a half years, she got a donor from a 31-year old woman who died of a drug overdose.


The surgery at Cleveland Clinic required 11 doctors and gave Katie a new nose, lips, palate, eyelids, jaw, and facial cover.


Katie has been living with the new face for about a year now. She said it feels amazing. She will have to take drugs to prevent her immune system from rejecting the face for the rest of her life.


She said life is precious and life is beautiful. She wants to go to college and work as a counselor and motivational speaker, and work to raise awareness about suicide prevention.


Only 40 people in the world have a face transplant, and Katie is the 39th person and the youngest.


In the transcript, there is a link where you can see pictures, video, and read about Katie’s journey.


CLARIFICATION: Katie Stubblefield is the youngest person in the U.S. to get a full face transplant.




News Briefs: Kabul Bombing; Manafort Trial; Italian Bridge


Here are three news briefs.


The first: In Kabul, Afghanistan, there was a bombing at a private school that killed 48 people and injured over 60, most of them young students studying to pass college entrance exams.


No organization has claimed responsibility for the bombing yet.


There has been a lot of violence in the country recently. Today six girls died when they picked up an unexploded rocket shell when collecting firewood. When they picked it up, it exploded, killing them.


Yesterday there was a Taliban attack that killed 30 soldiers and police at two checkpoints.


The second news brief: the trial for Paul Manafort’s tax and fraud charges is ending soon with prosecutors and the defense team making their closing arguments to the jury.


The U.S. government accuses Manafort of hiding $60 million in overseas bank accounts and lying to get more loans.


The jury could start their deliberations tonight. If Manafort is guilty, he faces life in prison. As mentioned before, this case started from the Mueller investigation.


The third news brief: the death toll from Italian bridge collapse has increased to at least 39, with two people missing. Most of the deceased were in vehicles crushed by debris.


15 people were injured, with nine in serious condition.


The Italian PM Conte said the private toll operator of the bridge is responsible.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!



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