The Daily Moth 8-14-2018

August 14, 2018

Bridge Collapse in Italy Kills At Least 30; Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Says 300 Priests Abused Over 1,000 Children; Colorado School District Switches To 4-Day Weekly Schedule; Trump Criticized For Calling Omarosa “That Dog”; Three Injured in London Terrorist Attack; Nebraska Prisoner Executed With Fentanyl​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, August 14. Ready for news?


Bridge Collapse in Italy Kills At Least 30

In Italy, a very tall highway bridge collapsed in bad weather. Cars plunged about 300 feet to the ground. At least 30 people died.

This is in Genoa, in the northwest.

Pieces of the bridge fell on two warehouses, but nobody was inside of them because it was closed for the summer holiday.

About 250 emergency workers rushed to the scene, looking for survivors. They found at least 13 people injured, five of them severely.  

It is not known exactly what caused the bridge to fail. There was a crane doing maintenance work, so that might have been related.

The bridge opened in 1967 and goes over an area with several buildings and a river. There were previous concerns about the bridge’s strength and stability, and now it’s collapsed.  

Italian authorities say this is a major, major tragedy on a busy day with many tourists and locals driving to the coastline.

The Italian PM Conte is at the scene and will be there until tomorrow to show support.


Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Says 300 Priests Abused Over 1,000 Children

A grand jury investigative report in Pennsylvania said there are over 300 "predator priests" in six Roman Catholic dioceses (church districts) who raped and sexually abused over 1,000 children in a 70-year span.

The report said church leaders who oversaw the priests covered it up by telling victims to not report the crimes. They also pressured police to stop investigations because they did not want scandals. They preferred to cover it up.

This investigative report was from a 18-month investigation, led by PA State Attorney Josh Shapiro. Today he talked about the report in an emotional press conference today, giving out details of the abuse, talking about how some priests would pressure victims to have sex with them, and how the trauma scarred victims’ lives for many years.


In the press conference there were people seated nearby -- they were survivors and their families, with many crying.

Some of the names of accused priests have already passed away. Other priests can avoid charges because of statute of limitations laws, which means it was too long ago. But at least two priests have been charged with sex crimes and there could be charges in the future for the other priests.

There is a lot more information in the report that has not been released to the public, because of legal objections from church leaders on naming priests, who say it is a constitutional right to have their identities confidential. But there is a legal battle and there could be more information released in the future.

A bishop for the Erie (PA) Diocese said it was shocking to read the details of the abuse and said he expresses his sorrow to victims.

This is the latest serious accusation of Catholic priest sexual abuse. Last month an American Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, who used to be the archbishop of Washington, resigned after being accused of sexually abusing adults and minors for many years.


Colorado School District Switches To 4-Day Weekly Schedule

A school district in Brighton, Colorado announced they will change their schedule from a 5-day week to a 4-day week. There will be no classes on Mondays, just on Tuesdays to Fridays.

This is to attract and keep quality teachers who like the schedule and to allow the school to save about $1 million from not having to pay for school buses or sub teachers on the off day, and reduced utility costs.

The district superintendent said they can’t be expected to do more with less financial resources in explaining the change to a Tuesday-Friday week.  

The district will offer $30 a day childcare for the Monday off day for parents or guardians who are not able to watch them because they have to go to work or for other reasons.

School district teachers only have to come one Monday per month, for only half a day. They still can come in on their own time on Mondays to prepare for the week.

There are 18,000 students in the district. What do you think of the short four-day week?




Trump Criticized For Calling Omarosa “That Dog”


This morning President Trump, on Twitter, called former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman “that dog,” saying it was good work by General Kelly to fire her, that dog.


Many criticized Trump for using the term, saying it was a terrible term for a president to use, especially against a woman and a person of color.  


Today Omarosa’s book is out, and in it there are several claims that Trump used racial slurs.


Omarosa said she has heard from someone else that Trump used the n-word on the set of “The Apprentice” show, and that there are tapes of him using that word.


Trump tweeted that the producer of the show has called him and said there are no tapes of him using the word. Trump said he didn’t have that word in his vocabulary and that Omarosa made it up.


Now the Trump campaign is seeking legal action against Omarosa saying she broke confidentiality agreements from 2016.


Omarosa said Trump is trying to silence her.,-calls-her-'that-dog'



Three Injured in London Terrorist Attack

In London, England — a man drove a small car into pedestrians and cyclists at an area outside of the Parliament building.  Three people were injured.

A video shows the car driving normally on a road, then swerving to ram into a group of people. It then sped up towards two police officers. Both jumped away before the car crashed into a barrier.

Police officers swarmed the car, pointing their guns at the suspect. A video shows officers arresting a male.

The driver is unidentified but is in his 20’s. Police said he was arrested on suspicion of terrorism and that he is not cooperating with them. There are no other suspects, just him.

British lawmakers are on holiday now, on a summer recess.

British PM May said her thoughts are with those injured in the attack and thanked the emergency services for their immediate and courageous response.

This is the second terrorist attack at the Parliament area in less than two years, with the previous one in March 2017. A man used a vehicle to kill four people on a bridge, then rammed his vehicle outside of the Parliament buildings, running out to stab a police officer, killing him. Others then shot and killed him.


Nebraska Prisoner Executed With Fentanyl

In Nebraska, a prisoner was executed with fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, via lethal injection. This is the first time the drug fentanyl has been used in an execution. Three other drugs were in the injection.

The prisoner was Carey Dean Moore, 60. He was convicted murdering two cab drivers in Omaha.

The last time Nebraska executed someone was in 1997, that one was with an electric chair.

Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin. There is a crisis with many Americans are addicted to it, with increasing numbers of fatal overdoses. Amid this issue, this drug was used in the lethal injection.

A German pharmaceutical company, Fresenius Kabi, objected to Nebraska using their drugs in the injection. They don’t want their products used in executions, saying it would damage their reputation and business relationships.

The company tried to stop the execution in federal court, but federal judges denied them and allowed the execution to proceed.

In recent years, various states have struggled to find drugs to use for lethal injections, because of objections from pharmaceutical companies.


That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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