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August 13, 2018

Airline Employee Steals Plane from Seattle Airport, Crashes It; Omarosa Releases Tapes From White House; Florida State Attorney Charges “Stand Your Ground” Shooter With Manslaughter; FBI Official Peter Strzok Fired; 7-Year-Old Florida Girl Killed By Stray Bullet; Utah Pilot Crashes Plane In Home After Domestic Dispute​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, August 13. Ready for news?




Airline Employee Steals Plane from Seattle Airport, Crashes It


On Friday night, an grounds employee at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Richard Russell, stole an empty Horizon Air plane and flew it for an hour, doing several stunts, then crashed it in an island.


There were two F-15 military jets that tracked the plane. Several people took videos of it.


It appears to be a suicide. The FBI said they found human remains and a black box at the site of the wreckage. Nobody else was injured. He was the only one who died.


When Richard was flying the plane, he told air traffic controllers, he was a broken guy with a few screws loose (he said he had mental health issues), and knew he would disappoint people who care about him. He still flew the plane anyway.


He said he learned to how to fly from playing video games (via a console or computer games). He did not have a pilot’s license but showed skill in flying.  


This incident has raised concerns on safety, because it seems like if a terrorist wanted to, one could do this and do a repeat of 9/11.


What we’ve learned is that airplanes don’t need a key, it only requires a series of switches to start the engines. So it means those who work close to planes can go in the cabin and fly the plane.


The FBI is leading the investigation. There will probably be new policies for airports to prevent this from happening again.




Omarosa Releases Tapes From White House


A former White House staffer, Omarosa Manigault Newman, who is famous from her appearances on Trump’s “The Apprentice” TV show, is now getting a lot of attention in the media.


Omarosa was fired from the White House in December, and it has not been clear the reason why.


Omarosa has made several negative accusations against Trump and will release a book about her experience soon.


She recently released two audio recordings.


One was a phone call with Trump after she was released/fired. Trump said said he didn’t know Omarosa was leaving/being fired. He said he didn’t love that she was leaving, wanting her to stay.


Omarosa said Trump was lying and that he allowed the Chief of Staff, John Kelly, to run the country.


The second was a recording of Kelly telling Omarosa that he needs to talk about her leaving the White House because of integrity issues. Kelly said he wanted to make this a “friendly departure.” He didn’t want drama.


Those are the two audio recordings that have been released.


The second tape with Kelly was recorded in the Situation Room, which is a secure, top-secret room prohibiting cell phones or recording devices. It shocked people that Omarosa found a way in with a recording device to record the conversation.


Omarosa said she did the recordings because if she didn’t, she knew the White House would say the conversations never happened. She now has proof with the recordings.


The White House said Omarosa is lying, her accusations are lies, that she only wants to make money.


President Trump called her a lowlife, not smart, and wacky.


Omarosa’s book, “Unhinged” will be available tomorrow, August 14.




Florida State Attorney Charges “Stand Your Ground” Shooter With Manslaughter  


The Florida State Attorney’s office has charged Michael Drejka with manslaughter/murder for shooting and killing a father of three children, Markeis McGlockton, at a gas station parking lot.


I shared news about this three weeks ago.


What happened — Markeis (the father) parked at a handicapped parking spot and went inside with his 5-year old son. The girlfriend and other children were in the vehicle.


Drejka walked up to the vehicle and argued with the girlfriend on if they could park at the handicapped spot.


When Markeis saw this, he shoved Drejka, causing him to fall to the ground. Drejka pulled out a gun and shot and killed Markeis.


After the incident, police did not arrest Drejka nor charge him with anything, because Florida has a “stand your ground” law that allows a person to shoot if the person feels his life is threatened. So there were no charges, no arrest.


At the time there were people angry about this, with some protests.


The case was referred to the state attorney’s office, and now they’ve decided it is manslaughter. Drejka was arrested and booked in jail with bail at $100,000.




FBI Official Peter Strzok Fired


Peter Strzok -- the FBI official who was in controversy for his texts showing he was very against Donald Trump, saying he didn’t want him to be president -- has been fired.


He was one of the leaders of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the Russia investigation, and was briefly on Mueller’s team. He worked in the FBI for 21 years and is now fired.


Strzok’s lawyer said his firing was politically motivated and that Americans should be concerned.


President Trump tweeted that he was finally fired, then called for a re-do of the Hillary Clinton investigation, as well as for the Russia investigation to be dropped.




7-Year-Old Florida Girl Killed By Stray Bullet


A 7-year old girl from Jacksonville, Florida, Heydi Villanueva, died when a bullet struck her in the head as she sat in a car with her father at a shopping plaza Saturday night.


The bullet was from a shootout between two groups nearby, so it was a stray bullet and a freak death. The suspects fled the scene after the shooting.


Police have released images and video of two suspects, asking the public to help identify them.


Jacksonville Mayor Curry tweeted, “My Lord. My God. This is heartbreaking.”


There is a $11,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.




Utah Pilot Crashes Plane In Home After Domestic Dispute


A Utah man, Duane Y. who is a pilot, crashed a small plane from a company he worked for into his home this morning.


Prior to the crash, he was in a domestic dispute with his wife and was arrested last night. He was released on bail and had a police escort to get his things midnight today.


After he got his things, Duane went to the airport to get the plane, flew it towards the home, went under power lines and crashed into the house.


His wife and child were inside of the home but escaped. Duane died while the other two survived.


The house was on fire, and firefighters were able to stop the flames.


Police said they are lucky that the situation was not worse.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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