The Daily Moth 8-7-2018

August 8, 2018

The Rock Gets Slammed; DJ Shot by Masked Person; China Refuses Release of Winnie the Pooh Movie; NASCAR CEO Takes Leave of Absence; Deaf Ninja Kyle Schultz Advances to Finals

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Tuesday, August 7. Ready for some top news?




The Rock Gets Slammed


Dwayne Johnson, known as “The Rock” is in hot water with some of his fans. He posted a few Instagram pictures of him with his family at the Georgia Aquarium. There was a picture of his wife and his oldest daughter with him looking at a tank of whale sharks. The second picture was Dwayne playing with a beluga whale. The third picture was of Dwayne smiling down at a sea lion in its tank. Many animal rights advocates were quick to speak up by saying that Dwayne is an enabler. They mentioned that by seeing Dwayne go to the aquarium, this means he supports animals in captivity. Some other activists mentioned that Dwayne should not have posted the pictures because this means other people will follow him and think it is okay to go to aquariums. Another group of people argue that assumptions should not be made that Dwayne supports animals in captivity just by going to the aquarium. They said that Dwayne should be left alone to enjoy his time with his family. Dwayne has not made any response to the comments. His next post after the aquarium posts was grieving over his wrestler friend who passed away. Some people mentioned that Dwayne nipped the bud quickly. What do you think?




DJ Shot by Masked Person


A shooter went in a  radio station in Madison, Wisconsin. That radio station name is WORT-FM. The shooter entered last Sunday at 3am and shot fire multiple times. Volunteers at the radio station ducked for cover and hid in the music library. The shooter had a mask and was wearing a hoodie. He open fired at 3 DJs and one got hurt. The shooter shot him in the buttocks. How did the shooter enter? There was no sign of forced entry. It seems that the shooter either knew the code to get in the radio station or he followed someone in the building.


So far as the investigation is going, it seems that this is an act towards a targeted person, not a random act of violence. It seems that someone has some “beef” either with someone personally at the radio station or with the radio station itself. After that incident the community in Madison poured in their support for the people who worked there and the DJ who got hurt. The WORT-FM station responded, “This is when community in community radio shines.” The shooter has not been found yet, but they are investigating this incident to find the shooter soon.




China Refuses Release of Winnie the Pooh Movie


On August 3, a new movie called “Christopher Robin” was released. This story is about Christopher Robin meeting his old friends Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, etc. again and they help Christopher Robin rediscover the joy of life. That is the basic summary of the movie. Internet Movie Data base (IMDb) rated this movie 8 out of 10 stars. Famous people such as Ewan McGregor (as Christopher Robin) and Haley Atwell are the stars of this movie. This movie is gaining popularity all over the world, but it was recently denied its’ release in China. No specific reason has been shared, but reporters mentioned they suspect that there is a strong possibility that it is connected to China’s censorship of Winnie the Pooh images that started last year.


It started in 2013 when the Chinese social media started to compare Winnie the Pooh to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The people made a meme of that. There was one photo of Xi walking with Barack Obama and people made a meme of Xi as Winnie the Pooh while Obama as Tigger. The next following year another meme was made of Xi as Winnie the Pooh shaking hands with the Japanese Prime Minister as Eeyore. The memes flooded afterwards of Xi as Winnie the Pooh which led to the censorship of all Winnie the Pooh related photos. Some people have mentioned that even if the comparison is pretty funny, but it is also scary to see how much control of freedom that China has on the people who live there. China has also banned the movie “A Wrinkle in Time.” China has a long history of censorship information online and free speech.




NASCAR CEO Takes Leave of Absence


NASCAR CEO Brian Z. France was arrested last Sunday on New York’s Long Island at 7:30pm. He was driving under the influence (DUI) and ran a stop sign. He also was in possession of oxycodone pills. In the state of New York, the law says that if anyone who has a blood alcohol content more than 0.18 percent or higher is considered as a DUI. Brian’s possession of the oxycodone is considered as a misdemeanor. Brian is 56 years old and he is the grandson of the founder of NASCAR, William H.G. France. Brian has been CEO since 2003. Based on this recent incident, Brian could be suspended and required to go through recovery program or he could be up for drug testing. Brian did apologize for his actions and announced that he is taking a leave of absence to take care of his personal affairs. Brian did not share how long his leave of absence will be.




Deaf Ninja Kyle Schultz Advances to Finals


Last night an exciting thing happened! A Deaf man named Kyle Schultz from Chicago was involved with a competition on a tv show called American Ninja Warrior. Kyle calls himself a Deaf ninja. He signs Deaf ninja this way (shows sign). Kyle had to go to a qualifier in Kansas City, Missouri first to pass. He did pass then he moved to Indianapolis City which was last night’s event. He had to go through an obstacle course to qualify to advance to Las Vegas for the finals in hope to win the title as an American Ninja Warrior and to win 1 million dollars. Kyle went through that obstacle course (on that tv show) last night and he made it! He qualifies to go to Las Vegas for the finals. I watched the show last night and it seems to be a tough obstacle course! A lot of climbing, dangling, swinging, and stamina! Kyle did a great job tackling the obstacle course!


There was one part that I liked was when Kyle was nearing the Warped Wall obstacle, he will have to run up the wall and climb over it. Right before doing that, Kyle called the audience’s attention and wanted to teach them some sign for a chant “beat that wall.” So, he had the entire audience chant in sign “beat that wall.” As the audience chanted in sign, Kyle went up the wall and made it over! He kept going until he was nearing the end, there was one obstacle called “Cane Lane.” That Cane Lane is a newly added obstacle for the American Ninja Warrior. For Cane Lane, there is like an overhead pole, then there will be a cane that a person has to hold on to. The hook part of the cane will slide down on the bar as the person has to hold on to the bottom part of the cane. Then the person has to move the cane to another pole, and so on. It seemed so tough! Kyle was able to handle the cane on the poles for a while up until the very end, he fell down. However, he still qualifies because he passed through the Salmon Ladder obstacle. So, he qualifies to go to Las Vegas!


Congratulations Kyle for advancing to Las Vegas! If you have missed last night’s show and wanted to know what Kyle’s part looked like and what he did then go ahead and look in the transcript. There are two links, click on the 2ndone. Look into that one and find a short video of Kyle’s part. I have reached out to Kyle for an interview. We will show that soon.




That’s all for today! See you tomorrow! Stay with the light.


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