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August 7, 2018

Children Found in New Mexico Compound; 7.0 Earthquake in Indonesia kills 91; 63 shot and 10 dead in Chicago; Hiker Missing in Washington; ​Switzerland Plane Crash

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Wednesday, July 11. Ready for some top news?



Children Found in New Mexico Compound

In a city named Taos, New Mexico, near the Colorado state border, the police officers found 11 children in dirty compound with 3 unnamed women. It all started after a long search for a 3 years old boy that led up to this discovery. This story began approximately 9 months ago when a mother reported her missing son, Abdul-Ghani, claiming that the father Siraj Ibn Wahhaj took Abdul-Ghani, the 3 years old son. The father and the son left Jonesboro, Georgia in December. Later on during December, someone reported seeing them with several other children and adults in Alabama. They were involved in a car accident so a police officer helped them. The police officer was under the impression that the group was headed to New Mexico to go camping. That was in December. This was before the mother posted on Facebook about her missing son. The search continued. The articles mentioned that it is not clear how exactly the authorities was able to track the group of people from Alabama (where the group was last seen) until Taos because some information has not been released yet. Now, back to the discovery in Taos, what made the police officers in Taos do a raid on that compound area was because they got a report from someone there stating, “We are starving and need food and water.”


The FBI two months ago did do a surveillance on the area, but said there was not enough evidence to do a search warranty. The police officers in Taos could not do anything until finally they got that report from someone from the compound, they felt that information was strong enough for them to do a raid. So, they went to the area immediately, but Ibn Wahhaj, the father, and apparently another person with him who seems to be a friend named Lucas Morten did not cooperate with the police at first. Ibn Wahhaj had an AR-15 rifle, a few pistols, and a lot of ammunition. After a while, the police were able to arrest the two men. No one was hurt. This was when they found 11 children in the compound. All of them were malnourished and very dirty. Only a few potatoes and a dirty box of rice were found. The three women seem to be the mothers of the 11 children in total. The police officers mentioned it was one of the saddest sight they have seen. Reports said that the two men are Muslim extremists. Although the 11 children were found, the original reason that started this search was the missing 3 years old boy. He was not found among one of the 11 children unfortunately even if the two suspects- the father and his friend were found, but not the 3 years old boy. There will be more investigation in this and hopefully the 3 years old boy will be found soon too.


7.0 Earthquake in Indonesia kills 91

Last Sunday at 6:45pm, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake hit Lombok, Indonesia. This means it was Saturday night here while Sunday in Indonesia since we are 13 hours different based on EST. Lombok, a well known vacation destination, was hit with an earthquake that killed 91 people and 201 are severely injured so far.3,000 homes have been damaged. The northern part of Lombok, Mataram, was mostly affected. After the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit, 130 aftershocks came after.  Many people died from collapsing buildings. Tourists have been asked to leave Lombok island. This earthquake and the aftershocks was felt in Bali, the next popular vacation island.


A famous model and actress, Chrissy Teigen, who is also the wife of an American singer John Legend, Chrissy was on the island, Bali during the time of the earthquake. She tweeted several times about how terrifying it was to feel the quake one after another and that her thoughts were with the people on Lombok because that island was more affected. Airports on both islands Lombok and Bali are still running. Indonesia is most likely to be affected with earthquakes because this country lies on the “Ring of Fire” line. This “Ring of Fire” is the fault line for earthquakes and volcanic activities.




63 shot and 10 dead in Chicago

It seems this recent weekend was a very bloody weekend for Chicago. Starting from Friday at 5pm to Sunday at 10am, a total of 63 people got hurt from shootings and 10 people dead. The total of the shootings happened separately in different areas like the Chicago Lawn neighborhood, Logan square, and etc.  However, one area was affected mostly was a block party that happened on Saturday night. Most of the shootings that happened are gang related conflicts in the area. The youngest is 11 to the oldest 50’s. The police is now trying to investigate the matter on who the shooters are and if they are all related. The violence in Chicago has decreased 10% since last year as the police reported so this recent incident with the shooting is pushing the police to work harder for the violence to decrease more than 10%.




Hiker Missing in Washington

Samantha Sayers, 28 years old, is missing since Wednesday. She went on a hike by herself on Wednesday morning and was expected to check in with her boyfriend by Wednesday 6pm after her daylong climb on Vesper’s Peak in Washington state. He did not hear anything from her.  Around 1am, her family called 911 to report her missing. Her car was still at the bottom of the mountain. Right now there are about 70 search and rescue members. There are helicopters and other air operations for the search for Samantha. Samantha is a very experienced hiker. Her Instagram is filled with many hiking pictures of her on different mountains. Vesper’s peak is located one hour east of Everett. Samantha was wearing a pair of grey hiking pants and a black sports bra. She has green eyes and no hair. Hopefully she will be found soon.


Switzerland Plane Crash

On Saturday a plane crashed on the Piz Segnas mountain in the Swiss Alps of Switzerland. There were a total of 20 people, 17 passengers and 3 crewmembers. No survivors. The plane is a 79 years old air craft called the Junkers JU-52 plane. This plane was built in 1939 and retired by the Swiss air in 1981. This plane was enlisted for military transport during World War II. That plane does not have a “black box” which is a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder. When a plane crashes, usually data can be retrieved from that “black box” to help find information for the cause of the plane crash. So, that Junkers JU-52 plane did not have one. It is probably because of the year that it was built.


When this plane was retired in 1981, a company JU-Air bought it in 1985 to give tourists an “adventure” flight of Switzerland’s landscape on a vintage airplane. The two pilots part of the crash were very experienced and worked for JU-Air for a very long time. They used to be Swiss air pilots. The passengers were all couples from Switzerland and one couple with their son from Austria. All of them were from the age of 42 to 84 years old. JU-Air mentioned that it would be a challenge to try to figure out what caused the plane crash because of no “black box” and it is a very old plane. Observing from the crash site, it seems that it was a very hard and direct crash. JU-Air said it was the worst day of their 36 years of history of the company’s service.




That’s all for today! See you tomorrow! Stay with the light.


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