The Daily Moth 8-3-2018

August 3, 2018

Students & Staff From Metro Deaf School Featured In Paintings At Minnesota Vikings HQ Building; Two Deaf Men In England Viciously Attacked While Walking Home; News Briefs: NASA Launch 2019; Houston Manhunt Ends; U.S. Economy Positive Signs​

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, August 3. Ready for news?




Students & Staff From Metro Deaf School Featured In Paintings At Minnesota Vikings HQ Building


At the headquarters building for the Minnesota Vikings NFL team, there is a wall of art with 17 paintings of students and staff from the Metro Deaf School (MDS).


The paintings show various signs related to the Vikings team.


This is at the TCO Performance Center, the Vikings’ new headquarters in Eagan, Minnesota. This is where players practice, work out, and have meetings. Their stadium is about 15 miles away at the US Bank Stadium.


This art project was a collaboration between the Vikings, a local artist Leslie Barlow, and the MDS.


This started in April. The artist Barlow met with MDS students and staff to take photos and video as inspiration.


Then in May, Barlow went back to MDS with “half-finished” paintings — they were drawings and outlines — so the students could paint in colors and be involved.


On July 18, the final pieces were installed at the TCO Performance Center. Look at those pictures.




See the word, “Skol?” It is a part of the Vikings’ fight song. “Skol” is a word from Scandinavian countries that means “cheers,” “good health,” or a salute/toast.


Last Saturday, 20 MDS students and staff who were in the paintings went to see the Vikings players at training camp. See the pictures.




Nice interaction. The artist, Barlow, is known for painting subjects from underrepresented communities, stories, and identities.


Thank you to Suzanne Amundson, an employee at MDS, for sharing the information and pictures.




Two Deaf Men In England Viciously Attacked While Walking Home


Last Thursday in England, two Deaf men were attacked — punched and stabbed — when they were walking down a street and signing. I got this information from The Sun and BBC.


Manchester police said a 46-year old Deaf man, Peter Houghton, was stabbed with a foot-long kitchen knife. The other Deaf man, 43-years old, Nicholas Roche, was punched in the face.


The two were walking home from a pub when two young suspects, ages between 14 and 17, approached them. They made fun of the Deaf men.


The Deaf men gestured that they were deaf.


One boy walked away, then turned around and stabbed Peter twice in the chest. Nicholas was punched in the face.


It seems like the boys got away. Nicholas tried to stop the bleeding by putting his hand on his chest.  


Peter was brought to the hospital, and is in stable condition. He lost a lot of blood.


Police are looking for the boys. They say both are white, thin, with one 5 feet tall and another 5’6.


A UK-based deaf blog, “The Limping Chicken,” said this was one of the most shocking cases of disability hate crime in recent years.




News Briefs: NASA Launch 2019; Houston Manhunt Ends; U.S. Economy Positive Signs


Here are three top stories briefs.


The first — NASA announced that there will be nine astronauts, split in two teams, who will go up to space in 2019 using Boeing and SpaceX “space taxis.”


This will be the first time since 2011 that we will see American astronauts use American rockets, launching from America. We’ve been using Russian Soyuz rockets because NASA stopped using space shuttles. So next year we can look forward to seeing them launch.


The second news brief — Houston police say the man suspected of killing a heart doctor, Joseph James Pappas, killed himself this morning by shooting himself in the head when police officers surrounded him. He is dead.


Police said Pappas shot and killed Dr. Mark Hausknecht two weeks ago while both were riding on bicycles. There was a search for him and now it’s over.


The third news brief — the Labor Department said the U.S. added 157,000 jobs in July, which lowers the unemployment rate to 3.9%.


This comes after last week’s report from the Commerce Department saying the U.S.’s gross domestic product (GDP), which measures the goods and services produced in the economy, expanded at an annual rate of 4.1% during the second quarter, which is the fastest pace in almost four years. It’s going up.


President Trump is taking credit, saying the numbers are evidence that his policies are working.




That is all for this week. Have a great weekend and stay with the light!


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