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August 2, 2018

Manhunt For Suspect Who Killed Doctor; Updates on Children Separated At Border; Apple Is First U.S. Company Worth $1 Trillion; White House Wants To Relax Obama Fuel-Economy Standards; Police Kills Colorado Homeowner Moments After He Kills Intruder; Brookstone Closing 101 Mall Stores, Files For Bankruptcy​

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Manhunt For Suspect Who Killed Doctor


There is a manhunt in Houston, Texas for a man, Joseph James Pappas, who is suspected of shooting and killing a doctor, Dr. Mark Hausknecht.


The shooting was on July 20. Both men were riding on bicycles, the doctor was on his way to work at a hospital. Police said Pappas rode past him then turned around and shot him three times, killing him.


There was a construction site nearby with a lot of noise, so it seems like nobody noticed the gunfire. The doctor’s body was found there.


The doctor used to be a heart doctor for President George H.W. Bush.


The Houston Police Chief Acevedo said the motive for the shooting is a grudge. He said Pappas has been angry for 20 years because his mother died while getting heart surgery by the doctor.


Pappas used to be a constable, a police officer, in Texas for 30 years and is experienced with firearms. He knows how to use them.


Police said he has several guns and is dangerous, and are asking people to contact police if they see him.




Updates on Children Separated At Border


Here are updates on the children separated at the border.


The Trump administration said last week that 1,445 children have been reunited with their parents who are held by the ICE in detention centers. This means the children are with their parents, but they are still detained.


378 children were released to a parent that is not under ICE detention -- this means they are free somewhere in the U.S. -- or to a relative or a sponsor. 378 kids are with them.


There are now 650 children who are still separated. They are in shelters or foster care while their parents are in detention facilities. Some of the parents are considered “ineligible” to be reunited with their children. Some parents say they don’t know why they are ineligible.


It is possible that there are 463 parents who are already deported out of the U.S. without their children. It is a complicated process to get them back together. There are many lawyers and organizations working on a case-by-case basis.


On Monday, a federal judge ordered many children to be moved out of a shelter in the Houston area because of accusations that staff prescribed children with psychotropic (mental) drugs without the consent of their parents.  


An organization, The American Immigration Lawyers Association, said a toddler died after release from an ICE detention center in Texas. They said the child was sick and after release, died. But there is no information on the child’s name and the ICE said the reports are false.


Ivanka Trump, daughter of Trump who also works at the White House, was asked by someone on her feelings about the child separations. She said it was a low point for her and the White House, that she is against family separation. She also said immigration is a complex topic.




Apple Is First U.S. Company Worth $1 Trillion


Apple has hit a new record — they are the first public U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion value.


This is based on a $207 per share value for 4,829,926,000 shares. It’s almost 5 billion shares, with each $207, and the total is at $1 trillion valuation. Wow.


There is another company that is nearing Apple. That company is Amazon. They went past $900 billion in market value in July, so they are likely next to hit the trillion mark.


Not far behind is Google owner Alphabet, nearing $900 billion. In fourth place is Microsoft with $800 billion.


Analysts say this shows there is a new stage of growth and profitability.


Who do you think will hit $2 trillion in the future?




White House Wants To Relax Obama Fuel-Economy Standards


The White House announced they want to reduce the strict standards for fuel economy — vehicles’ MPGs — that Obama had established when he was president.


The Obama administration wanted automakers to have their fleet of cars and trucks reach an average of about 50 MPG by 2025 and emit less greenhouse gases. That was Obama’s goal.


But now the Trump administration announced a change. They want an average of about 37 MPG and relaxes the strict emissions goals.


The Obama administration also allowed states to set up their own stricter emissions rules, such as California, but the current White House wants to eliminate this. Their proposal is to have a standard that 50 states will follow, not on a state-by-state basis.


The Trump administration said they were concerned that requirements for higher MPG vehicles would cause vehicles to be more expensive, which would make roads less safe because people who couldn’t afford them would be driving older vehicles. That was their concern, their rationale.  


Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi said this is a dangerous assault on clean air and public health in California and across the nation.


California and more than 10 states and D.C. have sued and said they would continue to fight this in court.


Analysts say automakers will be happy with Trump’s decision because they will have less pressure to improve their MPGs and they don’t have to worry about making a vehicle that meets California’s strict emissions and another type of vehicle for the rest of the U.S.




Police Kills Colorado Homeowner Moments After He Kills Intruder


In Aurora, Colorado — near Denver — a police officer shot and killed a homeowner who had just shot and killed a man who broke into his home and tried to hurt his grandson.


The homeowner’s name is Richard Black. He is an Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War. He was 73. His wife, stepson, and grandson were also in the home during the incident.


The intruder is Dajon Harper, 26 years old.


What happened — on Monday early morning, Dajon was at a party at a house across the street from Richard’s home. Dajon ran across the road, naked, and kicked in the door. There were other people from the party following him and also entered the house.


Dajon, inside the home, grabbed a 11-year old boy, the grandson, and took him to the bathroom and tried to choke and drown him in a bathtub.


The homeowner Richard and his stepson tried to stop Dajon, hitting him on the head with a vase, but he wouldn’t stop hurting the boy. Richard then grabbed his 9mm gun and shot and killed Dajon.


During this commotion, Richard’s wife called 911. When police officers arrived, they went in the house and saw Richard holding a gun. Police shot him, apparently thinking he was a threat. Richard was taken to the hospital and died.


The 11-year old boy is still in the hospital with serious injuries.


The police officer who shot Richard is reassigned with pay.


The Denver Post said Dajon has an extensive arrest record including a charge for attempted murder (that was later dropped, but he was charged), weapons charges, and theft. He was imprisoned for three years. He is gone now.


The Aurora Police Department posted on Facebook saying it is heartbreaking. They said they can’t provide more information until after the investigation is complete.


A lawyer for Richard’s family said this was a “horror movie scenario,” that he was a hero who saved his grandson’s life, that this is a tragedy.


Aurora PD Facebook:




Brookstone Closing 101 Mall Stores, Files For Bankruptcy


Brookstone, a store that sells cool, futuristic, high-tech things and massage chairs at shopping malls, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will close 101 of their stores in malls.


Brookstone’s CEO said the situation in shopping malls is extremely challenging and will now shift their focus on airport locations (35 of them) and online sales.


This is the second time Brookstone filed for bankruptcy, their first time was in 2014.


This shows a changing trend in how people shop — less and less people go to malls, preferring to buy things online.




That is all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light.


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