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July 26, 2018

Facebook Loses Over $100 Billion; Police Officers Shot and Killed in Arizona and Wisconsin; Swedish Woman Protests Afghan Man’s Deportation on Plane; Trump and EU Meeting Recap; House Republicans Want Rosenstein Impeached; News Briefs: ISIS Attack in Syria; Pakistan’s New Prime Minister; Explosion at U.S. Embassy in China; D.C. Police Finds “Alligator”; Egypt Zoo Denies Painting Zebra Stripes On Donkeys










Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, July 26. Ready for news?




Facebook Loses Over $100 Billion


Facebook’s stock value plunged 24 percent yesterday, which totals to a $150 billion loss. Today their stock went back up, trimming the loss to about $120 billion.


The plunge happened after Facebook reported that their revenue during the second quarter did not meet their expectations, missing it by $130 million. They also said the growth in FB users, new accounts, slowed down. This is the first time they didn’t meet expectations in three years.


It seems like the controversy on Facebook’s privacy concerns a few months ago made an impact.


An analyst for CBS said Facebook can’t make as much money as before because of the changes on users’ privacy, but thinks Facebook will be okay in the future.




Police Officers Shot and Killed in Arizona and Wisconsin


Yesterday two police officers were shot and killed, one in Arizona and one in Wisconsin.


The first — an Arizona state trooper was shot and died. He was shot with a police gun.  A man grabbed the gun from another officer who was trying to arrest him on I-10 near Phoenix.


The trooper who died is Tyler Edenhofer He was 25. He was in his third month on the job, a rookie.


Another trooper was shot near the shoulder, but will survive.


The troopers were responding to calls about a man who was throwing things at vehicles. As the troopers tried to arrest him, there was a fight that led to the shooting.


The man is in custody and was injured too, getting treatment at a hospital. His identity is not known.


The struggle and shooting caused I-10 to be closed overnight.


The second — a Milwaukee police officer, Michael Michalski (52) who was a 17-year veteran was shot when he was checking on a suspect who was wanted for drug and gun crimes.


The suspect/gunman fired his gun several times at him and other officers, who returned fire. That’s when the officer was shot and killed. The gunman was not hit by a bullet but was arrested and is in custody.


Now the Milwaukee Police Department and the community are mourning the officer’s death.


There is another police officer who died on Sunday night in Kent, Washington — near Seattle. His name is Diego Moreno, he was 35.


He was struck by a police vehicle after he put a spike strip to stop a high-speed car chase.


A 16-year old teenager was driving his father’s truck away from the police when the accident happened. When the truck went past the spikes, a police vehicle struck him.


The 16-year old  eventually lost control and crashed. He was arrested and charged as an adult with second-degree felony murder.




Swedish Woman Protests Afghan Man’s Deportation on Plane


Yesterday a Swedish person on a plane stood up before it was supposed to take off and filmed herself on Facebook Live to protest an Afghan man’s deportation.


The plane was to fly to Turkey, but was stopped because she refused to sit down.


The protester’s name is Elin Ersson. She is an activist and bought the flight ticket to protest the deportation of a 26-year old man. That particular man was not on the plane — but there was another Afghan man, 52 years old, who was slated to be deported.


Elin said the Afghan man if deported will not be safe in Afghanistan, that it is not right for Sweden to send people to hell. She continued to film herself while walking around.


People on the plane tried to take her phone or told her to sit down, but she refused. She said the man’s life was more important than people’s time.


There was a group of people on the plane who supported Elin.


Airport security said they will not use force to remove Elin. After a while, they removed the Afghan man, escorting him out of the plane.


Elin was also removed from the plane. She could have been fined or face jail time, but Swedish police said her refusal to sit down was not a crime. So it seems like nothing will happen.


The plane eventually took off after a two-hour delay.


The Afghan man was seeking asylum, to live in Sweden for safety. But Swedish authorities denied it and said the man will be deported in the future.


This has brought attention to the Swedish government’s asylum denials. Activists say they will continue to protest.


Many applauded Elin, but many criticized her.




Trump and EU Meeting Recap; House Republicans Want Rosenstein Impeached


Here are two news briefs related to politics.


The first — yesterday President Trump and the European Commission President Juncker — representing the European Union — had meetings at the White House with the main discussion on trade.


It seems like their meeting went smoothly, as the two agreed to work towards eliminating tariffs (trade taxes) and to eliminate other trade barriers. There was a picture of the two embracing.


Trump did not mention his previous threats of a 25% tariff on imported vehicles. He didn’t bring it up. The EU said they are open to buying more U.S. products like soybeans or liquified natural gas.


But Trump didn’t make any commitments to remove the U.S. tariffs on aluminum and steel, and the EU didn’t say they would remove their retaliatory tariffs. There was nothing about this on both sides. So the meeting appears to be productive, but with both remaining in their stances.


The second news — 11 conservative House Republicans introduced articles of impeachment against the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller investigation. They want to “charge” Rosenstein with crimes, to impeach him,  with the goal of him being removed from his position.


The group says Rosenstein has not provided enough information on the Russian investigation, frustrating them, and that he abused his powers.


But the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he does not support this, and there won’t be a vote on it.


House Democrats say this is panic, that it is a dangerous attempt to stop an ongoing criminal investigation, that they want to protect President Trump.


The House is now on a five-week recess.'s-Rosenstein




News Briefs: ISIS Attack in Syria; Pakistan’s New Prime Minister; Explosion at U.S. Embassy in China


Here are three international news briefs.


The first — in southern Syria, over 200 people died from attacks by ISIS. Several suicide bombers detonated explosives at a market and at villages, and people were shot they were sleeping.


Over 150 people were wounded. There were 18 people, most of them women, who were abducted. There was a mass funeral today with many mourning.


ISIS used to control a lot of territory in Syria and Iraq, but were defeated in several battles with the Syrian and Iraqi military, losing a lot of their power, but they still control some areas in eastern and southern Syria.


The second news — Pakistan has elected a new prime minister — Imran Khan. He was a star cricket player who led the country to a World Cup victory in 1992.


In his victory speech, he said he would uplift Pakistan’s poor and help the country’s laborers, that corruption has been eating Pakistan like a cancer. He also wants to work out disputes with neighboring India.


There was a suicide bombing that killed 31 people on election day, with over 200 people killed during election-related attacks.


The third news — a person near the U.S. embassy in Beijing, China detonated an explosive. The firecracker/bomb went off in an area where Chinese citizens line up for U.S. visas.


There were no reported injuries for people in the area or staff. Police identified a 26-year old man as the person responsible, saying his hand was injured.


There was smoke, broken glass, and blood in the area, but the embassy went back on as normal a short while later after the area was cleaned up.


There was another report of a woman who put gasoline on herself to try to burn herself near the embassy, but she was taken away by police.




D.C. Police Finds “Alligator;” Egypt Zoo Denies Painting Zebra Stripes On Donkeys


Two strange news related to animals:


The first — in Washington, D.C., police said they seized a 5-feet long alligator from a house basement in the southeast. A news article said the animal was actually a caiman, which looks like an alligator.


A report says police found the caiman in a container. It is now with animal control and will be relocated. D.C. prohibits exotic animals. Police reminded people that alligators/caimans shouldn’t be considered as pets.


The second news — in a zoo in Egypt, a student took pictures of a “zebra” that he suspected was a donkey with black stripes painted on it. The pictures show the animal with black smudges on its face.

The zoo said it was not a fake — that it was an actual zebra.


But a vet said a donkey’s snout had a different color, that zebras have black snouts, but the animal had a tan snout. So it doesn’t seem like it is a real zebra.  


So, that’s the two strange animal news.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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