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July 26, 2018

Scientists Find Evidence of Underground Lake on Mars; Demi Lovato Recovering After Overdose; Michael Cohen Releases Audio Tape of Trump Discussing Payment To Former Model; Updates on Toronto Shooting; FS1 To Feature Deaf NASCAR Fans; Deaf Bing: Sweaty Spots

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Scientists Find Evidence of Underground Lake on Mars


Scientists say there is evidence of a “lake” that is 12 miles long that is under an icy surface on Mars’ southern pole. The lake has salty, liquid water.


People have wondered for a while if there is water on Mars, because water is a key building block for life. They have found gases, ice, and other forms of water, but nothing like this, an actual body of water.


Scientists used an orbiting tool that sent radar pulses to check below the ice. The results showed it was a flat area with water ice and dust. That’s what is under it.


Also, analysis of the soil show specific minerals and elements that shows there is water. So it seems there is actually a lake under the ice.


On Earth, at the South Pole — Antarctica — there are similar types of water under the ice. It appears similar and comparable with Mars.


Scientists say they are excited because it means there might be more water on Mars that has not been discovered.


It is not known if the Mars water has any life forms. On Earth, there are microbes — very small living things — under ice sheets. We have them, are they there in Mars? That’s something they can study in the future.


Scientists say the water and ice on Mars will help them understand how Mars evolved. They say it used to have oceans.


Others say they will analyze if the presence of water means Mars can support human life.




Demi Lovato Recovering After Overdose


Singer Demi Lovato was taken to the hospital yesterday due to a possible overdose. She is now awake and with her family.


A spokesperson for Demi said she wants to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers, and support.


Demi released a song in June named, “Sober.” In that song, Demi sang an apology to her family and friends for not being sober anymore. Her remarks suggested she was drinking again.


She was sober for six years prior to June. She has been open with her struggles with alcohol addiction. Now this overdose.


Many celebrities posted on social media statements of support for Demi, saying they are thinking of her, praying for Demi.




Michael Cohen Releases Audio Tape of Trump Discussing Payment To Former Model


There is drama and a falling out between President Trump and his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.


Last night Cohen, via his lawyer, gave an audio tape to CNN. That recording has Cohen and Trump discussing a payment to American Media Inc. (AMI), the parent company of the tabloid National Enquirer.


Let’s go back a bit. A few months ago, a former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, said she had an affair with Trump in 2006 and 2007.


President Trump denied being in a relationship with McDougal, saying the reports was “fake news.”


McDougal said before the 2016 election, AMI paid her $150,000 for the rights to her story, but never published it, held on the story.


McDougal sued and they recently reached a settlement that allows her to tell her story.


The president of AMI is David Pecker, who said he is a friend of Trump.


Now — the audio recording — what does it say?  


Cohen, speaking to Trump, said he needs to open up a company for a transfer to our friend David.


Trump asked how much he had to pay for this, one-fifty?


Cohen mentioned financing.


Trump said, “what financing?”


Cohen said, “I’ll have to pay him something.”


Trump said something unintelligible then said “pay with cash.”


Cohen said, “No, no, no, no, no. I got it.”


Trump said “check.”


The audio recording stops there.


Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Trump never made any payment, but did say that the discussion talked about the rights to McDougal’s story.


Now both sides dispute what, “cash” meant. Cohen’s side said “cash” shows Trump wanted to hide the purchase by using cash, but Trump’s side said “cash” meant a payment in full, to pay in cash.


Trump’s lawyers said Trump actually said, “Don’t pay with cash, to use a check.”


But Cohen’s lawyer said this is a lie. So the two are at odds.


President Trump, this morning, tweeted criticism towards Cohen. He said what kind of lawyer would tape a client? So sad!


He said the tape was cut off before he said positive things.


Several analysts of this situation said this shows Cohen has “turned against” Trump, also that he might share more information on Trump.


Cohen is himself under investigation for bank fraud by federal prosecutors, who raided his offices in April. The investigators say they have a total of 12 audio recordings.


Cohen used to be very loyal to Trump, but he has recently said his priority is family and country first.


All of this could have an impact on the Mueller Russia investigation if there’s anything related.






Updates on Toronto Shooting


Here are updates on the Sunday night shooting in Toronto, Ontario that killed two people and injured 13.


The gunman’s name is Faisal Hussain. He is from Toronto. He died away after a shootout with police.


His family said he had a lifelong struggle with severe mental health challenges. They said they tried various treatments, but that it didn’t work with him.


The family sent their deepest condolences to the victims and their families, saying their son’s actions was horrific, that they could never imagine that this would be his destructive end.


Faisal’s friends and neighbors say he was a shy and quiet man.


ISIS posted on the internet a claim of responsibility for the shooting, saying Faisal was their soldier.


But Toronto’s Police Chief Saunders say there is no evidence to support this, that he was involved with ISIS.


Officials said they would continue to investigate Faisal’s online activity and his mental health experiences.


There were some news reports that said Faisal visited ISIS websites and that he made statements of support for ISIS. So this is something that is being looked at.


Canadian law enforcement have not given out a motive for the shooting.


Canadian news CTV said a source told them the gun used in the shooting is from the U.S. That type of semi-automatic gun is illegal in Canada, which has stricter gun laws than the U.S.


Another thing — Faisal’s brother was a part of a gang. A time ago police went into his home and found over 30 guns, seizing them. So it is possible Faisal got the gun from his brother. The brother is currently in a coma from a drug overdose.


Now — the two people who died have been identified.


The first person is Julianna Kozis, who was young — 10 years old. She is from Markham, Ontario. A witness said she was shot in the leg and was bleeding.


The second is Reese Fallon, who was 18 years old. She is from Toronto. She just graduated from high school and was planning to attend an university to become a nurse.


The 13 people who were injured — their ages range from 17 to 59.


This is the second serious attack in Toronto in three months. In April a man in a rented van plowed down people walking on sidewalks, killing 10 and injuring 14. He was arrested and faces trial.




FS1 To Feature Deaf NASCAR Fans


FoxSports1 (FS1) channel will show a special feature of a group of Deaf NASCAR fans tomorrow night, Thursday, July 26 at 6:00 pm EST, on the “NASCAR Race Hub” show.


The title of the segment is “Feeling Speed.”


I saw a video promotion on FS1 that shows over 25 deaf people within an organization, “Deaf NASCAR Fans (DNF).” It shows interviews with several deaf people who say they enjoy the races by feeling the vibrations as the cars race by.


One of DNF’s members, Jason Matzel, messaged me saying DNF has hosted annual events at the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series All Star race weekend for ten years now. For this event, they invite deaf people from all over the U.S. to come and have a great time over the weekend. They camp out in the infield of the track, socializing and playing games, and to watch the race.


See those pictures of the group — they were photographed by Jennifer Tandoc.


Jason Matzel said Fox Sports reached out to him and asked to film the DNF group, and they were filmed during the All-Star race in May for two days.


It’s been edited down to 15 minutes and will be shown tomorrow night at the end of the “Race Hub” show. So get ready to watch it.


For more information about DNF, they have a Facebook page and a website, the links are in the transcript.


Video Promo:


FB Group:




Deaf Bing: Sweaty Spots


Deaf Bing…


Sweat spots. You know Deaf people sign and it takes more energy, more sweat. And when we sign we expose the sweaty spots.


That Deaf Bing.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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