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July 24, 2018

Gunman Kills Two, Injures 12 In Toronto Shooting Rampage; President Trump Warns Iran In ALL CAPS Tweet; Updates on Duck Boat Disaster; Father Shot And Killed in Clearwater; Gunman Protected By “Stand Your Ground” Law; German Soccer Player Ozil Leaves International Team Because of Racism; Hostage Situation at L.A. Trader Joe​

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Gunman Kills Two, Injures 12 In Toronto Shooting Rampage


Last night in Toronto, Ontario, Canada — a gunman went on a shooting rampage in a street full of restaurants.


Two people died, one died at the scene and another died at the hospital today. News reports say one was a 18-year old woman, while the other was a 10-year old girl.


13 other people were wounded, with some going through surgery.


The gunman, a 29-year old male, is dead after being in a shootout with the police a few blocks away. It is not known if he killed himself or if police shot him.


There is a video of the gunman who wore all black clothing. He was shooting through a restaurant window with a handgun.


His identity has not been released. It is also not known what his possible motives are, it is under investigation.


Witnesses said they heard over 20 gunshots, with the gunman firing at people on the street or in restaurants. One person said the gunman had a horrible expression on his face.


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau tweeted that his thoughts are with everybody affected — saying the people of Toronto are strong, resilient and brave, and that we will be there to support you through this difficult time.




President Trump Warns Iran In ALL CAPS Tweet


Last night President Trump tweeted a very strong warning against Iranian President Rouhani, telling him to never threaten the U.S. again or that he would suffer serious consequences. See the tweet.




What made Trump tweet this? The Iranian president said earlier that “America must understand that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace and war with Iran is the mother of all wars.”


It seems like Trump was responding to this “threat.”


The White House said Trump’s tweet shows he won’t tolerate criticism from Iran. The White House said Iran was the one who started the tensions.


An Iranian government news agency said Trump’s comments was a passive reaction. Iranian news quoted Rouhani saying, “Mr. Trump, do not play with the lion’s tail.”


It is already known that President Trump has a strong position against Iran. That was clear with his administration’s decision to pull out of the Iranian nuclear deal in May. This will put economic sanctions against Iran.


Trump has also shown support for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in his criticism of the Iranian government, and Trump is an ally of Saudi Arabia, who is also at odds with Iran.


Some people think that this might be a part of Trump’s strategy to have a good relationship with Iran. They compared it with Trump’s warnings against North Korea, which made the two look like enemies, but it eventually morphed into a peaceful summit between the two countries.


Will Trump have peace with Iran in the future?




Updates on Duck Boat Disaster


I will share updates on the Missouri duck boat sinking that killed 17 people when it capsized on Thursday in Branson.


Today a crane on a barge pulled it up. It will be taken to the National Transportation Safety Board, who will do an investigation. There was a video recorder on the boat, it is not known if investigators can see the video or any data on it.


Nine members of a family from Indiana died, there were 11 of them together on the boat, and only two survived. One of the survivors, Tia Coleman, lost her husband, three children, her uncle, nephew, mother and father in law, and sister in law.


Tia said in a news conference that before the boat ride, the sky was clear. The boat crew said there was a storm coming, but said there would not be any danger. The crew pointed to life jackets stored above them, but said passengers wouldn’t need them.


Tia said when the waters became rough, she didn’t feel afraid and the crew never told them to put on the life jackets.


She said when the water started rushing in the boat, she couldn’t feel her son who was sitting next to her. Water was in her face, she hit her head, and as she tried to swim to get out, she felt dragged back down.


She said she prayed for the Lord to let her go and get her babies. She then felt like she couldn’t do anything and gave up, but floated to the surface and was saved by a person on nearby boat.


Only her nephew, aged 13, survived. Just the two. Tia said she feels if her family wore life jackets, they could have floated up and someone could have grabbed them.


There are other, similar stories of survivors who lost their loved ones from the sinking. It’s impacted many.


None of those the 17 who died had life jackets on. There are now questions on if duck boats are safe.


The company who owns and runs the duck boats, Ride the Ducks Branson, has offered to pay for the funeral and medical costs for the victims and survivors.




Father Shot And Killed in Clearwater; Gunman Protected By “Stand Your Ground” Law


In Clearwater, Florida, a father of three young children was shot and killed after he got into a confrontation with another man about parking at a handicapped spot.


What happened: Markeis McGlockton (28), his girlfriend Britany, and their three children, in a car, pulled into a handicapped parking spot at a Circle A convenience store. The father Markeis went in the store with his 5-year old son.


A man, named Michael Drejka (47), went to the car and got in a verbal confrontation with the girlfriend, Britany on if the family could park there.


When Markeis came out of the store and saw his girlfriend arguing with Michael, he pushed him to the ground, then walked back a few steps and looked at him.


Michael, after falling on the pavement, sat up, pulled out a gun from his pocket, and shot at Markeis in his chest.


Wounded, he ran back into the store and collapsed in front of his 5-year old son. He later died at the hospital.


Now — there is controversy because Michael, the gunman, was not arrested and is not charged with any crime.


Florida has a “Stand Your Ground” law that allows people to shoot if the person feels as if its life is threatened. They can shoot.


The county sheriff said Michael the gunman had a legal concealed carry permit, he has the legal papers, and that the video shows he was protecting himself after being “slammed to the ground” by Markeis. He was “protecting himself.” The sheriff said it was a justified shooting.


But this case isn’t over — as the Florida State Attorney’s Office will review the case and make a final decision on if “Stand Your Ground” applies here.


Some have compared this shooting with Trayvon Martin’s death in 2012, and said there are issues of racism in this, because Markeis is black and Michael is white. There have been some protests that demand justice for Markeis.




German Soccer Player Ozil Leaves International Team Because of Racism


German soccer player Mesut Ozil, who is one of the world’s top soccer players, announced he would no longer play for the German national team because of racism against his Turkish descent and because he is a Muslim. He was born in Germany.


He said he feels like he is “a German when we win, but he is an immigrant when we lose.”


Ozil said he got a lot of criticism after Germany was eliminated from the World Cup, that people targeted his race and religion. He also felt discriminated by the head of the German football association.


Recently many criticized Ozil for taking a picture with Turkish President Erdogan in London. Many view Erdogan as a dictator who suppresses Turkish people’s rights.


Ozil said he was not “endorsing” Erdogan, that he was just showing respect to the president of his family’s country.


Ozil was a key player in Germany’s World Cup victory in 2014. So apparently he feels he is being treated differently now compared with four years ago.


German Chancellor Merkel said, through a spokesman, that Ozil’s decision must be respected, that he is a great football player who has done a lot.


Government officials in Turkey praised Ozil, supporting him.


The German football association said they were not racists, but said they could have done more to protect Ozil from abuse.


Currently Ozil plays soccer for a professional team in England, Arsenal.


This incident has brought more discussion on immigrants who play for their countries’ teams.




Hostage Situation at L.A. Trader Joe


On Saturday, there was a gunman who caused a hostage situation at a Los Angeles Trader Joe’s grocery store.  One woman, a store manager, killed.


What happened: the gunman, Gene Even Atkins (28) shot his grandmother seven times at their home in the afternoon. Apparently he was because the grandmother complained about him having too many TVs on and there were prior issues with his girlfriend being there. The grandmother didn’t like this.


She was shot seven times. Also, a bullet hit his girlfriend in her head — it was a graze, a skin wound.


Gene forced her girlfriend into her grandmother’s car. They drove away.


A neighbor called 911. Police chased Gene as he drove. During the chase, Gene shot at police several times, blowing out the rear window.


During the chase, Gene’s car crashed into a pole outside of the Trader Joe’s store. Gene exited the car and continued to shoot at police, who shot back. It was a shootout. Gene went in the store and hid himself there.


In the store, there was an employee heard the commotion. He took other co-workers upstairs and escaped through an open window with an emergency “chain ladder.”


Other people hid inside of the store, in different areas. Some escaped through the ladder or other windows.


A large police presence surrounded the store. After three hours of negotiations, Gene agreed to be handcuffed and walked out of the store with four hostages. He was bleeding from the arm from the earlier shootout. He was placed in an ambulance and taken away.


He is now in jail on a $2 million bail, arrested on suspicion of murder. It is not known exactly what made him do go on the spree. Some of his family said he was struggling with finding a job, being fired, and might have some mental health issues.


The grandmother is in the hospital and is recovering. She did have surgery.


The Trader Joe’s employee who died is 27 years old. Her name was Melody Corado. It is not known how she died, whether she was shot by Gene or by police gunfire.


The girlfriend was taken out of the car by police and appears to be okay except for her graze wound.


The Trader Joe’s store will be closed in the near future.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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