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July 21, 2018

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17 Killed From Duck Boat Sinking 


At least 17 people, including children, are dead after a duck boat they were riding in capsized and sank in a lake in Branson, Missouri last night.


There was sudden, severe weather with winds over 60 mph that caused rough waves. 


There were some people who filmed two duck boats struggling to stay afloat last night, both near the shore. One boat made it on dry land, but another sank as waves plummeted it. 


People and off-duty deputies helped to save some people. 


Last night on the boat there were a total of 31 people. 17 died and there are 14 survivors. The driver of the boat died, but the captain survived. 


There were divers who saw the boat at the bottom of the lake and recovered bodies. 


The boat first sank in 40 feet of water, but it rolled to a deeper area that is 80 feet deep. 


Officials say they will recover the boat today. There will be an investigation from the National Transportation Safety Board. 


Many have wondered why the boat went out on the water when there was a storm coming, saying there is radar technology, that it should have been predicted. 


Missouri Governor Parson said it is not his place or anybody’s place to speculate about it, saying to wait until the investigation is completed. 


Branson is a popular with tourists who enjoy the duck boats, which are “half boat, half car.” 


The boats were designed by the military to bring supplies and soldiers during World War II, and are modified for tourists in various places in the U.S. 


The Branson tour boat company said this was the first accident in over 40 years. The owner said the boat shouldn’t have been in the water. 


On their website, they posted an image of a black ribbon with text saying they are saddened and that words can’t express how profoundly their hearts are breaking.




Deaf Alaska Hiker Rescued With Help of Dog 


Alex: A month ago, a Deaf woman, Amelia Milling, went on a solo hiking/backpacking trip in Alaska. 


She planned to hike for several days, but slipped and fell down a steep slope. She was injured but then a dog came to help her. See her story. 



Amelia: I was hiking then about halfway through it snapped, my trekking pole just broke. I don’t what happened but it broke. I just focused on trying to get my balance and on my other wrist, I did have a pole strap on, but I was distracted and it slipped off. Then I fell down. It happened so fast. I fell down. 


I know it was for more than 300 feet for sure. I just plunged. The mountain slope, it was very steep, there was a dry spot between the snow. That is where I landed and stopped. I couldn’t stand up because it was so steep. I slowly inched down with my backpack. Suddenly I lost control, I don’t know what happened but I lost control and went down fast, much faster. When I landed, it hurt and I rolled down. That is when the dog showed up. The dog’s name is Nookie, on its collar. But before that I first thought it was a wolf. 


I was like, what, no! But it had a collar and its tail was wagging. 


I saw on its collar “Crow Pass Hike.” On the back it said “Nookie” and to please return me to this address. It was the same address as where the trailhead was. It had a phone number also. I realized the dog was here to help me. At first I felt like I needed to help the dog, to rescue it and find its owner. It was in the middle of nowhere with mountains, I was all by myself. But I realized the dog was helping me. At that moment I was like, I’ll take any help I can get.  


When I realized I was fine, no broken bones, I continued. I just had bad bruises. I continued walking. 


I got to the river. 


I went to the woods to get sticks and duct taped them. Luckily I brought it. So I taped it to make some walking sticks because I lost mine. 


I was in shock, it was so cold. I had to take a deep breath and say I’m fine, I have to cross it. But I couldn’t stay, the current was too strong. Then I walked and found more shallow and calmer water. I went across it, but one drawback was that it was murky, I couldn’t see through at all. There were rocks and I couldn’t see them. I stumbled and lost my balance because of rocks. I fell backwards. I started to get scared. The water pulled me fast. My backpack was pulling on me and water was up to my neck. I kneeled and still struggled to hold my place but I did stay on my knees. The water was neck-deep. I kept my head back, if I put my head down, it’d go underwater. I tried to grab a tree, branches, whatever, that was hanging. But my hands were numb, I couldn’t feel nothing. I was real frustrated. That’s when the dog ran, I remember seeing it running by me. It then grabbed my backpack strap. I was holding on it. The dog pulled and I was like,”fine, thank you!” I pushed it out. Then I got on land. I was still halfway in the water but I grabbed on ground and pulled myself out. And I was panting, I had a hard time breathing. For almost two hours, over two hours I was lying down, trying to recover on my own and then continue the trail because I really wanted to finish the trail on my own. That was my goal. And at the same time the dog was licking on me, constantly. I thought it would stop but it just kept on licking. I shooed it away but it went to the other side and just kept on licking. I started to get a bit pissed off and told it to stop and leave me alone. But the dog just kept on. Finally I realized it was telling me to get help. So I went to my backpack, I mean my coat, and I got my spot. I have it. Here it is. I took it out but I didn’t click on it yet. I needed to think. The dog just licked at me even more furiously. I looked at it, maybe 15 or 20 minutes later, I don’t know, but I was like fine, I give up, and clicked on the SOS. 


And it was funny, when I clicked, the dog stopped licking on me and went to take a nap. 


That… I don’t know how but he knew. Almost one hour and a half later a helicopter came. 


They wrote down saying that within the past 24 hours, they had three search and rescues, before me. The first, two died. Then one died — the second — one died and one was mauled by a bear. And the third, they said “You’re alive!” They said I was alive. 


So it seems like people on the search and rescue were very glad they had a successful end. I realized if I didn’t click on it and still went on with hypothermia, I could have died there if I didn’t click. 


I am very grateful that he found me. It feels strange he found me at the right time when I needed help the most. 



Alex: Thank you, Amelia for your time and for sharing your story. It is amazing to see the dog showing up at the right time and place. Amelia recommends people to bring a GPS tracking device with them as it helped to save her life.  




That is all for today. Check out the Deaf Ecosystem Spotlight with Convo on Facebook or YouTube!




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