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July 19, 2018

Trump Says He Misspoke With Putin; Remains of Black Forced-Labor Prisoners Found In Texas; 17 Men Accused of Raping 12-Year-Old Deaf Girl in India; U.S. Marshals Search Scranton Deaf School For Man Who Threatened To Kill Trump; German Scientists Develop Cochlear Implant That Uses Light; Deaf Bing: Car Headrest

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, July 18. Ready for news?



Trump Says He Misspoke With Putin

Yesterday afternoon President Trump said he misspoke during his news conference with Putin when he said he saw no reason why it would be Russia who interfered in the 2016 elections.

Trump said next to Putin at the time that although his own intelligence agencies told him that they think it is Russia who did this, Trump said Putin had denied it and he saw no reason why it would be Russia.

Trump yesterday at the White House said he meant to say “he saw no reason why it would NOT be Russia.”

He read his remarks from a typed paper that had the words, “THERE WAS NO COLLUSION” written in black marker.

Trump said he accepts our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia did meddle in the 2016 elections. He added that it could be other people also, because there are a lot of people out there.

Democratic Senate leader Schumer (NY) said Trump’s comments are 24 hours too late and in the wrong place. He said Trump was weak for not being able to say this directly to Putin.

President Trump has complained about the negative news coverage, saying that people would rather see him go to war than to get along with Putin.

Today Trump said Russia was not still targeting the U.S., which contradicted with the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats’s statement last week that Russia and other countries are still targeting the U.S.

There are many Republicans, including some people who have always supported Trump, who has criticized Trump for his approach to Putin and to Russia.



Remains of Black Forced-Labor Prisoners Found In Texas

In Fort Bend County, Texas (near Houston), there were many human remains (bones) that were exhumed from an unmarked cemetery. Construction crews found the site in April. So far, there are 95 sets of bones.

Archaeologists who examined the remains think they were buried between 1878 and 1910, that they were black prisoners who were forced to work on plantations.

There were chains found, so it is thought that they were used for chain gangs. The bones are of all males and one female, with their ages ranging from 14 to 70.

That area used to be full of prison camps and sugar cane plantations and there are reports that the landowners forced laborers to work all day, sometimes until they died. Texas used to have a system where people leased prisoners.

There are now people in the local community that wants to honor the bones by burying them at a cemetery, having a memorial set up, and for there to be a museum to recognize them.

It is likely there are more unmarked cemeteries and there could be more bones found in the future.



17 Men Accused of Raping 12-Year-Old Deaf Girl in India

In India, 17 men are accused of raping a 12-year old deaf girl repeatedly for seven months at an apartment building.

The men were security guards, elevator operators, and plumbers who worked at the building. They are accused of drugging the girl and taking her to a vacant apartment building or other places to assault her, of filming some of it, and of threatening her with knives to not tell anybody.

On Saturday the girl told her sister, which led to the family filing a compliant, resulting in the arrest of the 17 men. There could be more arrests.  

There was a lot of anger, with people, including lawyers, beating the suspects as they were being led to a courtroom. An association of lawyers said they would not send a lawyer to represent any of the men.

A deaf person from India, Babu, sent me images of local news articles that said at least four of the men have confessed to it. The men will be in custody until July 31. It’s not clear what will happen afterwards.

The victim is getting treatment at a hospital and is with other family to maintain her privacy.


“Stop Hate” Photo from



U.S. Marshals Search Scranton Deaf School For Man Who Threatened To Kill Trump


U.S. Marshals are searching for a man who is accused of making online threats to kill President Trump and other government employees — and they believe the man, Shawn Christy, broke into the Scranton School for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Children to steal food, taking bread and milk and vandalizing a vending machine.


This is in Lackawanna County, in the northeast part of the state.


U.S. Marshals, armed with bulletproof vests and long guns, were at the Deaf school yesterday (Tuesday) morning to search for him, but didn’t find him. They did find some food from the school in the nearby woods. There were a total of 50 law enforcement people yesterday.


Federal agents started looking for him a month ago. They found a truck that they think Shawn stole — near the Canadian border in New York. They found another stolen vehicle last week that was left near Scranton. School surveillance footage captured him walking on campus last week.  


U.S. Marshals say he is armed and dangerous and is still in the area. There is a $25,000 reward for information on where he is.


Based on the news reports, it appears to be safe at the school with no children affected.


A school official was filmed by local news saying he thought it was kids broke in, that they had no reason to think that anything like this would happen.




German Scientists Develop Cochlear Implant That Uses Light


A German medical research team say they have successfully developed a cochlear implant that uses light to make deaf gerbils hear.


They did this by injecting a virus that has a gene that will causes nerves in the cochlea to become sensitive to light into gerbils’ ears. Then they implanted optical fibers in the ear to send light signals.


Before inserting the implants, the scientists trained the gerbils, who were able to hear, to jump based on sound — an alarm.


Then they made the gerbils deaf, put in the virus and the implant, and when they sent blue light in the ear, the gerbils jumped just like when they could hear.  So this is considered a “proof of concept” that the light implants work.


Scientists say this could lead to a development of light-based cochlear implants that would give users more accurate hearing ability.


They say the current, standard cochlear implants uses electrical signals to simulate auditory nerves, but it is not perfect as it will simulate several nerves at once, which isn’t very precise.


While with light, it is more precise, only simulating specific parts of the cochlea, so the user has a better ability to hear different frequencies.




Deaf Bing: Car Headrest


Alex: Ready for a Guest Deaf Bing from the Convo team? Here it is!



Jeff: You know, Deaf Bing what? That.

Wayne: Better! I can see.


Jarrod: Yay!


Jeff: Because we design the world for us not to their… No, for us.


Wayne: Better!



Alex: Thanks for sending the video. We should invent a transparent headrest. So we can see through. Hmm. That’d be nice.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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