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July 17, 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup; Recap of Trump & Putin’s Meeting; Update on Rescued Thai Boys; Papa John’s Founder Resigns; Jaguar Escapes Enclosure and Kills Nine Animals; British Diver and Elon Musk Controversy

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, July 16. I am back from my two-week trip, it’s good to be back.


Thank you, Renca Dunn, for another wonderful week of delivering news in my place.


Now, ready for today’s news?




2018 FIFA World Cup


The 2018 FIFA World Cup has ended.


Daily Moth contributor Callie Frye was there in Russia for the third place match on Saturday. Check this out!


Callie: I’m here in Russia! Yes. In Saint Petersburg at the stadium to watch the FIFA World Cup. This is the third and fourth place match between England and Belgium. So far Belgium is up 1-0. It’s the 57th minute. You will see the stadium full of people. It’s an interesting experience. I’m up close and it feels small. On the TV, it looks much bigger. The players are tall and muscular. Wow! Look at this.


(Clips of players on the pitch and pictures on the street outside of the stadium)


Nice! Thanks Callie for sharing the video! In that match, Belgium would win that game, 2-0, against England.


Yesterday (Sunday) was the championship match between France and Croatia. France won 4-2 for the country’s second World Cup.


It was Croatia’s first World Cup final and many in the country gave them a hero’s welcome when they returned with silver medals in a big celebration.


On France’s side, one of their star players, Kylian Mbappe (19), became the first teenager to score a goal in the World Cup since Pele.


French players were ecstatic in victory, throwing their coach Deschamps up and down. He won the World Cup as a player in 1998, and now as a coach, so he has two championships.


French President Macron celebrated with the team as well, doing dabs with another star player, Pogba. It was an exciting time for them.


Many pointed out that France’s team has many African and immigrant players. At least 15 players have connections with Africa, being either born there or children of parents who were born in African countries. They say 15 is a high number.


One tweet that went viral discussed this and asked for more respect for them. See this:


Tweet by @KhaledBeydoun: “Dear France, Congratulations on winning the World Cup. 80% of your team is African, cut out the racism and xenophobia. 50% of your team are Muslims, cut out the Islamophobia. Africans and Muslims delivered you a second World Cup, now deliver them justice.”


We can see that the World Cup is an example of how people migrate to other countries and contribute to them.


The next World Cup is in 2022 in Qatar from November to December. It will be the first tournament to be hosted in a Muslim-majority country.



Recap of Trump & Putin’s Meeting


Today President Trump met with Russian President Putin for a summit.


They met in Helsinki, Finland in a private meeting that lasted over two hours where the only other people present were interpreters. After this, they invited their advisers and continued their meeting.  Afterwards, the two stood side by side for a press conference.


Trump said several times that there was no collusion with Russia. Putin said the same, saying the Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into American elections.


This is a more sensitive time about election meddling because last Friday, the Mueller investigation indicted 12 Russian government officials for hacking into computers that belonged to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. But the two were adamant in their denials.


President Trump said that investigation — that probe — is a disaster for our country and that Putin was very strong and powerful in his denial (of being involved).


Putin was asked if he had any compromising material on Trump (which he could use to blackmail him). He replied, “nonsense.”


Trump tried to shift the focus on Hillary Clinton’s emails, saying it was disgrace we couldn’t get her 33,000 “missing emails.” He is still talking about Hillary. He said he won the presidency because they ran a good campaign.


Other issues that came up during the summit were peace in Syria, reducing nuclear weapons, competition with Russia in providing oil and gas resources, and concerns on Russia’s annexation of a region that used to be a part of Ukraine — Crimea.


After the summit, there was strong criticism of Trump from U.S. lawmakers.


The Senate Democratic Leader, Chuck Schumer (NY) tweeted that Trump has put the interests of Russia over the U.S. and suggested that Putin does have damaging information about Trump.


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) said the conference was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory, that he is unable and not willing to stand up to Putin. He called him weak.


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said there is no question that Russia interfered in our elections. He said Trump must (understand) that Russia is not our ally.




Update on Rescued Thai Boys


Here is an update on the 12 Thai boys who were rescued after being trapped in a cave.


A doctor with the Royal Thai Army, Dr. Pak Loharnshoon, who went into the cave when they were trapped and stayed with them, visited the boys at their hospital yesterday (Sunday).


The doctor posted pictures on Facebook of him hugging the boys. He said he was very impressed with the determination and the optimism of the whole team. He said the boys and the coach’s health was much better than he expected.


A Thai government official said the group might be released from the hospital on Thursday and continue to get care locally. So it’s a good progress.


The boys honored the Thai Navy diver who died during the rescue process — Saman Kunan by writing messages of gratitude on a poster of him. They cried, it was emotional.


A father of one of the boys said the team just wanted to visit the cave for an hour, but because of heavy rains and flash flooding, the team went deeper inside the cave to find higher ground and became trapped for almost three weeks before being rescued last week.




Papa John’s Founder Resigns


The founder of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schnatter, was removed from his office in Louisville, Kentucky and will no longer make any public appearances or statements for the company.


John resigned as chairman last week after Forbes released an article on Wednesday saying John used the N-word during a call with a marketing company in May.


Forbes said the statement offended people from the marketing company, who moved to end their contract with Papa John after the call. This was in May, the article was last week.


John admitted to using the word and apologized, but recently blamed the marketing company for starting the controversy.


Although John is not running the company, he still owns 29% of it and is still on the company board. So he still earns money and has power.


There were several organizations that has recently cut their ties with Papa John.




Jaguar Escapes Enclosure and Kills Nine Animals


At a zoo in New Orleans, a jaguar escaped from its enclosure and killed nine other zoo animals: five alpacas (look like llamas), one emu (looks like an ostrich), and three foxes.


This was Saturday morning. The jaguar, named Valerio (three years old), was loose for about an hour.


Valerio was captured, sedated, and returned to its enclosure. It will not be euthanized because its behavior was normal of jaguars. Valerio did not eat any of the animals it killed. Zoo staff said it was because he wanted to “claim territory.”


No humans were hurt. It seems like he got out through the roof of his enclosure. The zoo said they will investigate and will work to prevent this from happening again.


The zoo said it is a sad time with the animals’ deaths and that they appreciate the support they have gotten from the community.




British Diver and Elon Musk Controversy


Tesla and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk is in controversy after he called a British scuba diver who was a part of the Thailand cave rescue team a “pedo” (apparently short for pedophile).


Let’s go back to get some context. Before the rescue of the 12 boys and the soccer coach last week, Musk had his engineers build a “kid-sized submarine” with the hopes of using it to rescue the kids. He went to Thailand to offer it for use during the rescue. But it wasn’t used.


Later, CNN did an interview with the British diver Vernon Unsworth, who helped other Thai Navy SEAL divers  with mapping out the cave. CNN asked him what he thought about Musk’s submarine concept.


Vernon was very critical, saying Musk could stick it where it hurts — that it had no chance of working because it was 5 or 6 feet long, rigid, and couldn’t go around obstacles. He also said when Musk was at the Thailand cave, he was asked to leave the site. So it was very critical.


After this interview, Musk was apparently angry and called him a “pedo.” It seems like it is because he is a British person living in Thailand. He then said he’d bet a “signed dollar” that it was true. Those tweets are now deleted but many have seen it.


Vernon recently said he is considering suing Musk and would get legal advice when he goes back to London.


Many have criticized Musk for this and making the cave rescue about him.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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