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July 11, 2018

Thailand Cave Rescue Update; McConnell chased by protesters; Helicopter Crash in Virginia; Trump's Supreme Court Pick; Pastrana Attempts Evel Knievel Stunts

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Monday, July 9. Ready for some top news?




Thailand Cave Rescue Update

Yesterday I shared news related with the Thailand cave rescue. Today we have a new update! All 12 boys plus their coach- 13 people have been rescued from the caves after being trapped there for two weeks. All of the boys are in healthy condition but two of them seem to have a little bit of a lung infection. However they are being treated right now so should be okay. There was a total of 19 divers that was involved with rescuing the remaining 6 people since my yesterday’s update. Also, remember yesterday I mentioned the expected number of hours, 11 hours round trip (6 hours there and 5 hours back)? That changed into a 9 hours round trip. The process was quicker than people thought. The team was immediately given anti-anxiety medicine because the experience of being trapped in a cave then putting on scuba gear that they might have never used before and then swimming out of the cave could be a traumatic experience for some of the young boys on the football team. Right now the team is being treated at the hospital and they’re not accepting interviews yet because they want to take care of the boys’ mental health first. The authorities will also be checking for histoplasmosis aka cave disease . This is a kind of disease from breathing in spores and fungus in the cave for too long. The divers shared their experience that its one of the hardest jobs they have ever experienced. They swam in the dark. The water was murky. They could only see as far as their hand goes. The cave stones were also stone sharp which made this more dangerous. And last thing is the passages in the caves were very narrow. The divers said what kept them going was knowing 13 people wanted to be home with their families. Their football team name is Moo Pa which means Wild Boars. The team mentioned that they will continue playing football after everything settles down and everyone recovers fully. The FIFA World Cup final invited the 13 people to come watch the World Cup in Russia If they are released from the hospital in time. Overall the rescue mission was a success and a lot of us are relieved.


McConnell chased by protesters


Last Saturday, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who works under the Trump administration was chased out by a group of people. He was at his hometown, Louisville, Kentucky, at a restaurant called Bristol Bar & Grille. There was a group of protestors from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in front of the restaurant waiting for McConnell to leave. As soon as he left, the group followed him to his car with a mixture of shouting out insults and shouting out comments related with the immigration issue. This is the 2nd time that he was chased out by protestors. The first time was when he was leaving an event at Georgetown University with his wife a few weeks ago and this is the second time in his hometown. McConnell mentioned that he agrees with Trump’s decision about detention for families that illegally cross the border, but disagreed with the idea of separating children from their parents. The group of protestors kept chanting two different things. Some shouted, “where are the babies, mitch?” and some others shouted, “vote you out.” There was one man who did shout out that he knew where Mitch lived and will find him. The DSA responded that they do not know who the man is. DSA stated that man does not reflect DSA because the DSA believes in a having a peaceful protest After the viral video of McConnell being chased out by the group of protestors, there mixed comments on people praising DSA protestors doing the right thing and encouraged them to continue finding more politicians under the Trump administration to shame and the other comments on people should leave other politicians alone and let them live their lives privately off camera.




Helicopter Crash in Virginia


Last Sunday, there was a helicopter crash at an apartment complex in Williamsburg, Virginia. The crash happened around 5pm. That crash ended up killing a 91 years old woman who was living in that apartment complex. Donald Johnson, another resident in that apartment complex mentioned he was inside his apartment when that crash happened. He heard a loud boom so he walked out and was shocked to see the helicopter in between of the apartment complex and the area was on fire.He did not realize how close that helicopter was to his apartment until he got out. He was afraid that it would blow up. The people in the neighborhood said that it was a sound that they would never forget. The firefighters got there in time to put out the fire. The investigators are still inspecting the situation for what caused the helicopter to crash. The pilot of the helicopter also died in the crash along with the 91 years old woman in the apartment. One woman Sybil Blakewell, whose apartment was also affected from the crash, was worried that her dog died too. In less than 24 hours, her dog was found running around. The dog somehow managed to escape from the apartment complex after the crash so the owner was very thrilled to have the dog back although her possessions in the apartment were burned and destroyed from the crash.




Trump's Supreme Court Pick


Last night President Trump announced at the White House he was nominating Brett Kavanaugh (53) to replace the retiring Justice Kennedy.


He has been a federal judge for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. He is considered as a conservative.


He used to work in former President George W. Bush's administration. Before that he was involved in the Bill Clinton impeachment investigation.


Now, what is next? He will first meet with Senators. He will then face questions from a Senate panel. Then the full Senate will vote.


Hot issues will be abortion, the Russian investigation, business regulations (rules), and social justice issues.


Republicans hope to have him "in" before the midterm elections this fall, while Democrats have said they will do everything to oppose him.




Pastrana Attempts Evel Knievel Stunts


Motorsports (motorcycle) star Travis Pastrana was successful in copying famous daredevil Evel Knievel's three most famous stunts Sunday night in Las Vegas. It was filmed LIVE on the History Channel.


Travis was dressed in a red, white and blue firesuit and cape that was the same kind of outfit that Evel usually wore.


He first jumped over 52 crushed cars, which was two more cars than Evel.


He then jumped over 16 Greyhound buses, two more than what Evel did.


The third stunt was jumping over the main fountain at Caesar's Palace. He landed just fine, while Evel crashed and was injured when he did it in 1967.


Travis said it was an amazing experience and that he had a lot of respect for Evel for paving the way for him and other motocross athletes.


Evel passed away from health issues in 2007 at 69 years of age.




That’s all for today! See you tomorrow! Stay with the light.


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