Interview with Tim F. Cook, DeafBlind Man In Viral Facebook Post

June 30, 2018

This interview was conducted with the help of Chestnut Lane, a place that provides assisted living for deaf, DeafBlind, and seniors.


Tim gave permission for his video comments to be shared.



Ryan (interpreting for Alex): Hello!

Tim: Hello!


(Cutaway to text: This interview was done on recorded videophone chat. Tim Cook approved the use of him on video.)


Ryan: What is your full name?


Tim: Timothy Fisher Cook.


Ryan: Wow, you are famous now because a woman took a picture of you chatting with an ASL student.


Did you expect this to go viral? How do you feel?


Tim: Astonished.


Ryan: Did you see that? Astonished.


Why did you feel astonished?


Tim: Because… I was not expecting this. For it to be so much… to be a big deal. I’m just a DeafBlind guy!


Ryan: Haha.


Tim: But it is nice. It is nice. All the attention. It is nice.


Ryan: When the woman took the picture of you, did you know she planned to snap a photo?


Tim: No, I didn’t know. I didn’t know she took a picture. I didn’t know.


Ryan: Do you feel okay with it going viral?


Tim: It’s fine. It’s fine. I am happy because a journalist, someone — what is his name?


(Cutaway to text: “Tim said a journalist from Canada, after seeing the story, reached out to him and offered to pay of an out-of-country trip for him and a guide.”)


Ryan: Where do you want to go next?


Tim: Where do I want to go next?


Ryan: Yes.


Tim: I am not sure. I have thought about a few different places. I’m thinking of Paris. I like to go to places with good food.


Ryan: On airplanes, do you feel you have equal access or are there barriers?


Tim: Yes… It helps if staff can fingerspell.


Ryan: The girl who chatted with you…


Tim: Oh yes, she was wonderful. Really sweet. It was very fun to talk with her. I enjoyed it a lot.


Ryan: Do you want to give additional comments? Anything you want to add?


Tim: Whoever is losing vision


Ryan: (Losing vision)


Tim: It is very hard. Very hard. It’s horrible. I know from personal experience.


Ryan: (Experience)


Tim: So I can say you can get used to it. It takes time. So I can understand. Hang in there.


Ryan: Some people say they feel sorry for you. Do you think people should feel pity or no?


Tim: No. I want compassion.


Ryan: (Compassion)


He said “Compassion is good.”


Ryan: Nice to meet you!


Tim: You too. Have a good life.


(Cutaway to text, “Special thanks to Chestnut Lane, Renee Vairora, and Ryan Hadden.”)


-------------END INTERVIEW


To see the original Facebook post of him that went viral:


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