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June 29, 2018

NYC Mourns Death of Teenager Stabbed by Gang in Mistaken Identity; FIFA World Cup Updates; Man With Flesh-Eating Disease Who Caused Plane Emergency Landing Dies; Deaf Children Separated at Border; Updates on Two Deaf People Running for Public Office

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NYC Mourns Death of Teenager Stabbed by Gang in Mistaken Identity


Last Wednesday night in the Bronx — New York City — a 15 year old boy, Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz was dragged out of a small food store by several gang members who stabbed him multiple times and fled away in cars, leaving him to die.


The stabbing was caught on security video, with one video inside of the store and another outside. You can see everything that happened.


After the stabbing, Junior could still walk, but was bleeding badly from his neck. He went back in the store, but the cashier told him to get out.


He managed to run to a nearby hospital, but died outside before he could get any medical care.


Police initially thought he and the gang knew each other. But after investigating further and getting statements from Junior’s family, determined it to be a “mistaken identity.” They killed the wrong person.


The gang, named the “Trinitarios,” was looking for someone who posted a sex video with a boy filming himself with a girl that was a family member of one of the gang members. So the gang was mad and apparently the boy and Junior looked similar, so they mistakenly killed him.


Some of the gang members admitted they made a mistake and apologized on social media.


The NYPD made it personal to find the killers, because Junior was a part of their “Explorers” program for teenagers who have a goal of working in law enforcement. There is a picture of him in a “NYPD Explorer” jacket. So the police took it personally to find the killers.


Many in the local community gave tips to the police, who made 8 arrests. All of them had varying charges of murder, manslaughter, and/or gang assault. Their ages are from 18 to 24.


Junior’s funeral was yesterday (Wednesday) morning. Over a thousand people attended. The pallbearers carrying his casket wore Yankees jersey. One of them was his father, Lisandro, who had a tattoo of Junior’s face on his hand to honor him.


His mother, Leandra, was seen crying. She had earlier said he was one of the good kids and didn’t even know how to fight. She was mad at the food store staff for not helping him.


Several celebrities — Cardi B, NBA player Carmelo Anthony, La La, and Rihanna — either sent money, visited the family, or talked about him on the internet.


Junior’s sister-in-law set up a GoFundMe for the family to deal with financial difficulties. Over $300,000 was raised by over 12,500 donors in less than a week.




FIFA World Cup Updates


Here are updates on the FIFA World Cup in Russia.


Germany, the 2014 World Champions, were eliminated after they lost to South Korea yesterday 2-0. It was a surprising and embarrassing exit for the team.


Argentina and star player Lionel Messi barely made it through eliminations into the “Round of 16” when they defeated Nigeria 1-0. They will play against France on Saturday.


On Saturday, Portugal and star player Cristiano Ronaldo will play against Uruguay and try to defeat them and their star player Luis Suarez.


Host country Russia made it into the Round of 16 and will play Spain, the 2010 Champions on Sunday.


Mexico will play against Brazil on Monday. Other matches are Sweden vs Switzerland, Croatia vs Denmark.


As of signing this news, Japan and Colombia made it into the Round of 16, but it is not set which teams they will play - either Belgium or England — as it depends on the result of the Belgium vs England group stage match this afternoon. So there will be an update in the comments.


No teams from Africa made the Round of 16. Several countries came very close, but it was not enough.


Enjoy the matches this weekend. The tournament will continue through early next week and next weekend.;/m/06qjc4;2;/m/030q7;br;fp;1




Man With Flesh-Eating Disease Who Caused Plane Emergency Landing Dies  


Last month, there was an European flight that had to make an emergency landing because one man had a terrible odor that caused other passengers to vomit or faint.


The man, Andrey Suchilin, a Russian and a musician, had a serious flesh-eating disease — tissue necrosis — that he got while on vacation in Spain. That’s why he smelled so bad, because his flesh was “rotting.” It seems like he didn’t realize he had this serious disease when he was on the flight ended up being diverted.


After the emergency landing, he was taken to the hospital and had several surgeries. He went into a coma, and sadly, he passed away two days ago.


Some people think he got the disease from bacteria from a cut while swimming in warm water, and the infection spread too fast, it was too late for him and he died.




Deaf Children Separated at Border


Yesterday I saw on Twitter a person who tweeted that there are several deaf and indigenous children in Arizona who were separated from their parents, apparently at the border.


The person who tweeted this, Larry L. Sandigo, works for an organization, The Florence Project, that advocates for detained immigrants in Arizona.


Larry said the children do not know ASL and are low literacy, and asked on Twitter if anybody knew a gestures expert or another expert who could assist in communication. There was a lot of response from several deaf people and organizations. That tweet, for some reason, is no longer there.


But Larry tweeted again this morning that he has seen children who were blind, deaf, non-verbal, and had other disabilities from the separations at the border. He thanked the community who helped them find an expert for their deaf client.


I’ve reached out to the Florence Project and commented on Larry’s tweet to try and get more information on the number of children, who was watching them, if they were okay, and what support they needed.


So we know now that there are deaf children affected by the family separations.




Updates on Two Deaf People Running for Public Office


Here is an update on two Deaf people who ran for public office in Maryland after the primaries on Tuesday.


Toyin Fasakin, who ran to be the Register of Wills in Prince George County, did not win his election. He had almost 30,000 votes, but the winner, Cereta A. Lee, had almost 80,000 votes.


Although Toyin didn’t win, it is an impressive showing for a Deaf person to get the trust and vote of almost 30,000 people.


He posted a statement on Facebook to show his gratitude. Here it is:


[SHOW FACEBOOK POST, text below is for transcript purposes]


“Good evening, I want to thank you all for your dedication and encouragement through this journey. I am very grateful for all of your support. Although we were not successful in this race, with 29 THOUSAND votes, we brought attention to the importance of having a valid will for yourself and your family.

To my dearest volunteers, Bronte, Lydia, Takiya, Brandi, Beverly, Alyston, Debbie, Tanashea, Jerry, Larry, and my best friend Julian, a word is not enough to express my appreciation for your time, energy and resources since the beginning of this race. You are champions. My appreciation also goes to those who rallied their neighbors, those who volunteered, donated and voted, I will continue to stand in your corner and work towards a better county. I will not give up, and neither should you!

Again, thank you all!”


I reached out to Toyin for comment. He said although he and his team didn’t win, they made history in bringing the hearing and Deaf community together in a whole new way.


He also added more comments, here it is:




“A former candidate for county council at large and I plan to set up community organizing. I plan on engaging in my community and be their advocate which include lobbying state legislators to ensure right laws that are of benefit to our community are passed. I will also lobby the legislators in exempting the inheritance tax from middle class families. Also, I will consult with all Maryland’s registers of wills to propose the establishment of e-file. One more thing, I will join other former candidates to build coalitions for future running.”


Thanks for sharing. He said he wants to write a book about his experience, with a possible title of “Running in Silence — Inside Look at the Political Campaigning Process.”


The second Deaf person is Darrin Ryan Smith who is running to be in the Maryland House of Delegates (similar to House of Representatives) for District 4, which includes Frederick County.


He and two other Democrats, Lois Jarman and Ysela Bravo won, uncontested to be the three challengers on the Democratic side against the three Republican candidates in the November general elections.


Election results show Darrin getting 3,678 votes, while his two other Democratic “partners” got about 4,300 each.


The Republican candidates got 6,000 to 6,500 votes each. So it means the Republican turnout was twice as high, so if Darrin and the other two Democrats hope to win, they’ll need to mobilize more supporters.


Darrin said if people in District 4 want to make history, they’ll have to come out to vote.


Toyin Election Results:


Toyin Facebook Post:


Darrin Election Results:


Darrin Facebook Page:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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