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June 26, 2018

Two San Diego Police shot; Turkey’s President Erdogan Claims election victory; Press Sec. Sanders Asked to Leave Restaurant; Brigitte Nielsen Gives Birth at Age 54

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place for today. Today is Monday, June 25. Ready for some top news?



Two San Diego Police shot


Two police officers were shot at Tuscany Place Apartments in San Diego last Saturday night. Names of the officers are not released yet. After the shooting, both officers were brought to the hospital and they are okay but badly injured. One was shot in the shoulder and the other one in the chest. The person who shot them died on the scene. The exact story is still not clear, but this is what we know now. There was a call from someone about man screaming violently at a woman and objects being thrown. The two officers arrived and knocked on the apartment door, but had no response. The smell of smoke came out from the apartment so the officers called the fire department to come and broke through the door. That was when the shooting started. After the two officers were shot, everything quieted down. The police sent in a robot and then a dog to check the scene. The camera on the robot showed the shooter lying on the floor with a gunshot wound in the head. It is not clear the shooter died because one of the police officers shot him or the shooter shot himself. Both officers are now being treated and more investigations will occur about this incident.




Turkey’s President Erdogan Claims election victory


Turkey has started voting for their new president yesterday, on Sunday and the voting polls will continue until July 8th. The current president Recep Erdogan is also one of the candidates wanting to be re-elected. This voting was supposed to happen in November 2019. Due to the economy decline and war, the voting procedure was pushed to now under “state of emergency” law. Erdogan’s main competitor is Muharrem Ince. Erdogan has been in a leadership position since 2003. He used to be the Prime Minister and is the current president. There are some concerns about if he becomes re elected as a president. Based on the articles I have read, the concerns are about how Erdogan already has not helped with the economy and how will his next term be better, potentially becoming a dictator, and has too much control of the media.

The other supporting group said Erdogan is the best candidate because he knows what he is doing and he already has been improving poverty in Turkey and raising a more high profile for Islam. Based on unofficial results last Sunday, Erdogan has won 53 % of the votes and Ince has 31% of the votes. So, Erdogan has already declared victory about him being re elected as president. Erdogan mentioned that more than 90% of the voting boxes already has been counted, but Ince opposed to him and said only 37% of the boxes has been counted. Ince mentioned it was too early to declare victory as there is still time until July 8th. Ince did also add that he feels that many people are voting under pressure, feeling like they have to vote for Erdogan. Some other country leaders already have congratulated Erdogan for winning another term. In the articles, it mentioned that Erdogan has become a very powerful leader and remains popular in the conservative group. Ince has gained popularity with the secular group. More than 59 million Turkish people are registered to vote. So, let’s see what happens between Erdogan and Ince. We will find out more later.


Update: Ince has conceded defeat to Erdogan. He said although some of the votes were stolen, it doesn’t affect the overall result.



Press Sec. Sanders Asked to Leave Restaurant


On Saturday, White House Press Sec. Sanders was asked to leave a small restaurant in Lexington, Virginia — 200 miles away from Washington, D.C. The owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, said she got a phone call from the chef telling her Sanders was there. The staff and kitchen asked her what they should do. She drove to the restaurant, saw Sanders and her group there, and went to talk with the staff. Some of the staff were against Trump’s policies. The owner asked them if they wanted her to ask Sanders to leave, and the staff said yes. At this time, Sanders was already served with appetizers. The owner asked Sanders to step outside, then asked her to leave. The restaurant covered the cost of the food already served. Sanders and her group immediately left.

Sanders later tweeted that she was asked to leave because she works for the President. She said the owner’s actions say more about her than about “me.”  There was a big response on the internet, with many praising the restaurant owner and many criticizing her. Some said the restaurant owner should have welcomed Sanders to listen to her side, and then she could share hers. Others said the restaurant had the right to deny service, pointing to the Colorado baker who denied to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. Sanders was the second person in Trump’s cabinet to leave a restaurant this week. Last week, The Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen left a Mexican restaurant after protesters confronted her over the child separations at the border.




Brigitte Nielsen Gives Birth at Age 54


A female actress, model, and singer Brigitte Nielsen who is 54 years old gave birth to a baby girl last Friday. The reason why this was big news was because of her age. This is her 5th child, but first daughter. Her other 4 children are her sons and have grown up already. The 4 sons are from previous marriages which includes her former marriage to Sylvester Stallone. As for her current husband, Mattia Dessi who is 39 years old,  this girl is his first child. Their daughter name is Frida. Nielsen did share in 2008 that she wanted to have more kids. She shared that she felt that she was a bad mother back then because she was addicted to alcohol and constantly was in and out of rehab. But now she has recovered and felt that she wanted to raise another kid so she sees this as another chance to be a better mother this time. Dessi and Nielsen are absolutely thrilled about Frida and they mentioned that they are in love with her already and look forward to raising Frida together.


Interview with Laurene Simms

(videos are up in the drive and the transcript for the interview is in the folder too, not this one)


That’s all for today! See you tomorrow! Stay with the light.


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