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June 15, 2018


Proposal to Split California; Washington Capitals Win the Stanley Cup; Indian Chess Star Pulls Out of Competition in Iran; First Black Female Mayor for City of San Francisco; Climbing Raccoon Goes Viral




Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place today for today’s top news. Alex will be back next week. Today is my last day for this week. Today is Thursday, June 14th. Are you ready for today’s top news?


Proposal to split California  

A recent proposal called “Cal 3” passed to be on the ballots for this coming November. This proposal is for people to vote on whether they want to split California in three new states or not. The three states split will be called California, Northern California, and Southern California. Right now there are 39.5 million people living in California. This three way split will divide the population into categorizing Northern California with 13.3 million people, California with 12.3 million people, and Southern California with 13.9 million people. People who are part of the Cal 3 campaign explained that if this split happens, this means that there will be more manageable situations for the states to focus on related with policies, taxes, cost of living, etc. Not that California is failing, but they feel that the split will give more focus to the citizens in that area and their needs because everyone deserves a better future. The people in the Cal 3 campaign also explained that it would be no difference than the split of North Dakota, South Dakota, North Carolina and South Carolina, and West Virginia. The opposing group “NoCABreakup” explained that this split is not a good idea. It will actually cost more money to split California up and there will be more complications with retirement, universities, ownerships of national parks, etc. They said that the current California government really can do a better job than just taking in the split as a better solution. This recent April, SurveyUSA sent out a poll to see where people stand and 72% voted no. I guess we will find out what happens in November.


Washington Capitals Win the Stanley Cup

Last Thursday, the finals for the National Hockey League (NHL) was taken at Las Vegas, Nevada for the Stanley Cup trophy. Washington Capitals from Washington DC played against the Vegas Golden Knights from Las Vegas. After long 44 years of wait, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup with a score of 4-3. Alex Ovechkin from the Washington Capitals won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the MVP. On Tuesday, there was a big parade and celebration in Washington DC for the Washington Capitals. Many people mentioned that they felt like the city came together. One person mentioned in an article that a winning team brings a city together and it felt like everyone was family on that day of celebration. Many outside fans came to DC to be part of this celebration. Throughout the entire day of the celebration on Tuesday, everyone kept chanting “Let’s Go Caps” and singing a song, “We are the Champions.” The Washington Capitals owner, Ted Leonsis, said that “we have the greatest fans in the world and now we have the greatest hockey team in the world.” The Stanley Cup win was a historical day for the team and the fans to be part of.


Indian chess star pulls out of competition in Iran

Soumya Swaminathan, a female chess player from India, has decided to pull out of the Asian championship that will be hosted in Iran this July 29 to Aug 4. The Iranian rule states that females participants must wear a headscarf. Swaminathan said that rule was a violation of her human right to decide and express her freedom, her religion, and her thoughts. She shared a post on her Facebook page explaining more about why she pulled out from the competition. She does not believe that people should be forced to wear something that does not comply with their religion. She also mentioned that sports should not be a place to force people on religions.  Swaminathan’s father fully supported her decision and felt sad that it had to be this way. The World Chess Federation mentioned that their stand is to respect local laws and the laws of the land when a certain country is hosting the tournament. They are sad to see Swaminathan pull out because she is really a strong player. This is not the first time that an Indian chess player pulled out. It has happened before.


First Black Female Mayor for City of San Francisco

London Breed, a 43 years old woman, the new mayor of San Francisco. She is the first black female mayor for San Francisco. She won 1,861 vote lead over Mark Leno. She was born and raised in San Francisco. In 2012 she was elected to be on the Board of Supervisors then became president of Board of Supervisors in 2015. She tried running for California senate in 2016, but lost to Scott Wiener. Breed would like to approach the housing shortage, high cost of living, giving freedom for builders to build multicomplex family homes near transportation areas, homelessness, and so forth in San Francisco. San Francisco is in one of the top 15 U.S. large cities and Breed is the only female mayor. Many have congratulated her for the win and seems she has a lot of support.


Climbing Racoon Goes Viral

What raccoon would become an internet sensation? Well, apparently this one! This raccoon has earned the title “MPRraccoon” which stands for Minnesota Public Radio raccoon. Why? In St. Paul, Minnesota, this raccoon first climbed up the MPR building and was resting on a 2ndfloor ledge for nearly two days. One worker, Tim Nelson, from the MPR building sent a tweet with a picture about how the raccoon has been there for two days. Apparently after that a maintenance worker tried to get the raccoon off the ledge with a ladder, but ended up causing the raccoon to jump off to the next building, UBS. The UBS building is the 15thtallest building in St. Paul. That raccoon just kept on climbing on that UBS building. The raccoon did stop and rest on the  22ndfloor and then again on the 23rdfloor. The raccoon rested on the window ledge. Some workers from UBS tweeted photos and made comments which caused more attention to the raccoon. The raccoon even made the mayor of St. Paul respond! The mayor mentioned that the raccoon will need to be caught and put in a safe place. Finally after a long day, around 10pm, the raccoon made it on top of the UBS building which is 25 floors up. The Wildlife Management Service caught the raccoon and brought it back down on an elevator. The Wildlife Management Service fed the raccoon and released it back in the wild. You can see the video of the raccoon climbing up the building and also you can see a video of the raccoon being released back in the wild. Wildlife experts explained that raccoons climb when they are stressed. So, it looked like that raccoon did not realize how tall the building was, but had to keep going up. You could see the raccoon was exhausted after resting a few times on a few window ledges when going up. Raccoons are capable of climbing on buildings like that because of their claws. The raccoon is back in the wild now and guess what, the raccoon became so famous that it has its’ own twitter account! Funny. Glad the raccoon is safe now.



Interview with Laurene Simms


That’s all for today! See you tomorrow! Stay with the light.


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