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June 14, 2018

Olympics Skier 19 months old daughter dies; Recap of meeting in Singapore; Dancing FBI agent gun backfires; Four children and suspect found dead; Climbing the Avalanche documentary

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place today for today’s top news. You ready?




Olympics Skier 19 months old daughter dies

A very sad incident recently happened. An Olympics skier Bode Miller’s 19 months old daughter, Emmy passed away on Sunday at the hospital. This happened in Orange County, southern California. Emmy drowned in a neighbor’s pool and Miller’s wife, Morgan, tried to save her and the paramedics took Emmy to the hospital, but she did not live. It is not clear how long Emmy was in the pool before she was found. Miller is a very successful Olympics skier. He won 6 Olympics medals. Morgan is a professional beach volleyball player. The couple is expecting their third child. This death has impacted a lot of people especially in the skiing world. Many have tweeted their support to the Millers. The couple has asked people to respect their privacy during this time of grievance. How sad.


Recap of meeting in Singapore

The meeting that the world was watching for is finished. The meeting lasted for about 5 hours. Based on many articles I have read, unfortunately not much details were shared about what happened during the meeting. All we know is that Trump and Kim Jong Un had a one on one meeting without anyone else involved. After about an hour, they called in other people to join in an expanded meeting. At the end of the meeting, there was a document that Trump and Kim Jong Un signed together. On that document was an agreement of 4 different things.

1.    The United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will establish new US-DPRK group for peace and prosperity between US and DPRK.

2.    US and DPRK will join together to stabilize and continue the peace on the Korean Pennisula.

3.    Agreement that DPRK will work towards the complete denuclearization

4.    Agreement that the POW (prisoners of war) and MIA (missing in action) in the military will be recovered including those who already have been identified


The document also states that Trump and Kim Jong Un will continue to follow up negotiations with each other from what they discussed. Trump mentioned that the meeting went well and people will be very impressed. He also mentioned that this relationship between them will be better than what it was like in the past. Their body language throughout the day were very friendly and affectionate. They kept patting on each other’s backs and laughing together. Trump has extended the invitation for Kim Jong Un to visit the white house. Kim Jong Un said that they have left the past and the world will see change. Trump said eventually he would like to pull out the US soldiers from South Korea, but as of now it is not part of the deal.


A surprise happened was that Dennis Rodman, a former NBA player, also came to Singapore. He was not part of the meeting, but he went there to show support between Trump and Kim Jong Un. People have mentioned that he has an unusual friendship with the both of them. Rodman was on Trump’s former show “The Apprentice” and he also visited Kim Jong Un in North Korea a while back. Rodman shared a statement after the meeting. He broke down in tears and sharing that it was a historical moment for this relationship to build between USA and North Korea. He said these two people were his friends and it was wonderful to see this relationship.


Overall, that is the details provided. We will find out more soon as time goes about how this relationship between US and DPRK will go.



Dancing FBI agent gun backfires

An FBI agent who is off duty, named Chase Bishop, was dancing at a Denver bar called Mile High Spirits bar. He did a backflip and apparently his gun fell out from his pants and the gun went off as he tries to pick it up. A bystander, Thomas Reddington was shot in the leg. Bishop was on vacation and was not on duty. The FBI is now conducting a drugs and alcohol test on Bishop to see if whether he was on drugs or was intoxicated during the time. As of now, Bishop is charged with second degree assault and is placed in jail until further investigation. It will be about a week for the test results to come in. If there are more charges to be made, the FBI will file those charges against Bishop. Other than the charges, there are three possible options how this will end with Bishop- termination, suspension, or reprimand. I guess we will find out more after the drugs and alcohol tests come in.


Four children and suspect found dead

On Monday, a heartbreaking incident happened. A person named Gary Lindsey Jr. from Orlando, Florida, held 4 children as hostages in an apartment complex near Universal Studios Orlando. Lindsey Jr. blocked the four children who were 1, 6, 10, 11 from leaving. The police arrived at the scene and tried to negotiate with him, but he did not budge. He held them for approximately 23 hours before the SWAT team broke in the apartment after getting no response from him for a while. The four children were found dead and the suspect apparently shot himself after he shot the children. How did this event turn up? It started with Lindsey Jr.’s girlfriend leaving the apartment to report to the police that she has been beaten up. When she reported, the police showed up near the apartment complex, but threats started and they tried to negotiate with him. Lindsey Jr. ended up shooting at a police officer, Kevin Valencia, who has a critical injury, but will survive. The police last spoke to Lindsey Jr. at around 8:30pm on Sunday night before the SWAT team breaking in the apartment on Monday morning. Apparently Lindsey Jr. has a criminal record. He has been arrested 4 times for felony, battery, and arson. He is a convicted felon. The 4 children that he shot, two of them are his and the other two belonged to his girlfriend who escaped. He was found dead in a closet. The neighbors in the apartment complex are shaken up. The police is investigating more in this situation. Very sad.



Climbing the Avalanche documentary

An exciting thing just happened in the Deaf community. A recent documentary film called “Climbing the Avalanche”, directed and produced by Laurene Simms has recently been published and released on ASLized. This documentary is about the systematic barriers  in education that Deaf children of color experience. The video highlights a person, Victoria Monroe’s journey at Mississippi School for the Deaf and some other people and their experiences such as Sarah A. Young Bear-Brown, Paddy Ladd, Nha Kim, and more. You can find the video on the ASLized website and on their Facebook page. Links provided in transcript. I have reached out to the director and producer, Laurene Simms for an interview. We are set for Thursday so be on a look out for this interview to be released about the documentary film!



That’s all for today! See you tomorrow! Stay with the light.


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