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June 13, 2018

US Deserter found after 35 years; Ohio’s right to purge eligible voters; Dennis Rodman in Singapore and schedule released; Supermodel Winnie Harlow ends race early; IHOP Stores in U.S. Will Temporarily Change Name to IHOb

Hi there! My name is Renca Dunn. I will be taking Alex’s place today for today’s top news. You ready?


US Deserter found after 35 years


US Airforce officer went missing for 35 years and was recently found. In July 1983, Captain William Howard Jr. returned from the Netherlands from duty and then disappeared. He was last seen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He withdrew a total of $28,500 from 19 different banks. On December 1983, Captain William Howard Jr. was labeled as deserter. Captain Howard Jr. was part of a top secret group for the United States Air Force (USAF) before his disappearance. Because of his access to classified information and he disappeared, he was declared as the most wanted fugitive on the USAF list. His mysterious disappearance during the cold war led a rumor that he was abducted by the Soviet Union or he worked with the USSR against USA. After Captain Howard Jr. withdrew the money, he went to California and changed his name to Barry O’Beirne. How did the US officials catch him? Captain Howard Jr. was taken in for investigation of a passport fraud. After a while of questioning him, he admitted that his real name was Captain William Howard Jr. and not Barry O’Beirne. He explained that he was very depressed during the time and wanted to leave the Air Force so he created a false identity. So far, with the investigation there are no signs that Captain Howard Jr. shared the classified information since his disappearance. He is currently being held at Travis Air-Force Base in California for his pre-trial confinement.




Ohio’s right to purge eligible voters  

The US Supreme Court recently ruled that Ohio is allowed to remove eligible voters from their state registration records if they have not voted in a while. US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito issued this ruling. The Civil liberties group challenged the state’s decision of removing eligible voters if they have not voted for a while by claiming that it violates the National Voter Registration Act. Alito discussed that the decision actually complies with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. Approximately six other states have the similar decision as Ohio. According to Ohio, any registered voters who fail to vote within the two years time span will be moved to the “targeted removal” group. After four years of no activity, the registered voters will be removed from the registration records even if they have not moved or still remain eligible. The Trump administration supports this decision. Alito shared statistics that 24 million people are registered to vote and 1 in 8 do not have accurate information or have invalid information such as already deceased or other people using different names. 2.75 million people are registered to vote in more than one state. Some people are upset because this decision will suppress  the marginalized or the poorer people. The main point of the Supreme Court supporting this decision is because they want to see people to become more proactive and be more involved with holding their state accountable.



Dennis Rodman in Singapore and schedule released


As we all know the world is watching the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un from North Korea for today’s meeting. A surprise also happened is that Dennis Rodman, a former NBA player, is also in Singapore. Some people mentioned that Rodman has an unusual relationship with Trump and Kim Jong Un. Rodman was on Trump’s former show “The Apprentice” and Rodman also visited Kim Jong Un in North Korea a while ago. Rodman calls these two his friends. He is not there to be part of the meeting, but he is there to support both of them. Let’s see what happens after the meeting. Will Rodman get to see Trump and Kim Jong Un? I wonder. Now, the schedule of the meeting has finally been released. For your information, we are 12 hours behind (based on New York’s time) Singapore. The time that I will share is based on the time zone in Singapore for today’s meeting.

·      8 a.m. Singapore (June 12): President Trump departs Shangri-La Hotel en route to Capella Singapore, where the two leaders will meet.

·      8:20 a.m. Singapore (June 12): Trump arrives at Capella Singapore.

·      9 a.m. Singapore (June 12): President Trump and Kim Jong Un greet each other. This is the big moment. Cameras will be there to capture their expected handshake.

·      9:15 a.m. Singapore (June 12): President Trump and Kim Jong Un participate in a one-on-one bilateral meeting.

·      10 a.m. Singapore (June 12): President Trump and Kim Jong Un participate in an expanded bilateral meeting.

·      11:30 a.m. Singapore (June 12): President Trump and Kim Jong Un have a working lunch.

·      4 p.m. Singapore: President Trump is expected to speak with reporters.

·      6:30 p.m. Singapore: President Trump departs Capella Singapore for Paya Lebar Air Base Singapore.

·      7 p.m. Singapore: Trump departs Paya Lebar Air Base, Singapore, en route to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. From there, he will travel on to the United States.




Supermodel Winnie Harlow ends race early


On Monday, June 10ththe 2018 Canadian Grand Prix was held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Canada.  This is a Formula One motor race. Supermodel Winnie Harlow is from Canada and was casted on the America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks before. Harlow was asked to wave the checkered flag for the final lap for the Canadian Grand Prix. Apparently, she waved the checkered flag one lap earlier. The race ends on the 70thlap, but Harlow waved the flag on the 69thlap. There was a miscommunication between the officials at the start/finish line and the race control people. The man who was in charge for the start and finish line, he asked the race control if it was the last lap. The race control people thought he was making a statement, not a question so they confirmed it. Some people blamed Winnie Harlow for ending the race early, but she was only taking orders from the officials. It seems that it was not a serious issue as in the policy states that anytime the checkered flag is waved at whatever number of laps is considered to be the last lap and will record whoever finishes the lap. So, the records show that Sebastian Vettel won this year’s race. It is his 50thwin of his career and this win makes him the 4thperson under the Formula One category of racing to reach that milestone. Harlow seems to take this lightly as well as she sent in a tweet “It wasn’t me.” The officials at the Canadian Grand Prix made a comment that Harlow had nothing to do with ending the race early. Based on the officials’ response, it seems that waving a flag a bit too early has happened before.



IHOP Stores in U.S. Will Temporarily Change Name to IHOb


Many of you already know the famous pancake house called International House of Pancakes (IHOP). Now, the name has been temporarily changed to IHOb which “b” stands for “burgers.” This name is only changing for temporarily for marketing purposes. IHOP wants to let people know that they are serving burgers at the restaurant and want to welcome more non-breakfast people to come. IHOP has been serving burgers since 1958, but IHOP wants to revamp the menu and bring in more of a broad audience. The president of IHOP, Darren Rebelez said that they will keep IHOP, but would like people to know that they are taking their burgers as serious as pancakes. One IHOP restaurant in Hollywood has already taken down the “P” and changed it to “b.” Before the announcement of what “b” stood for, people had fun guessing what it would be last week. People have made comments thinking that “b” stood for breakfast, bacon, or even bananas. Some people had more fun with guessing “b” stood for break dancing, bitcoin, or even beer. Not all of IHOP locations will change to “IHOb.” 1,800 locations will keep IHOP while the rest will change to IHOb. Interesting! Let’s see what happens with the change. Perhaps ask for syrup over your burgers?




That’s all for today! See you tomorrow! Stay with the light.


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