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June 6, 2018

Trump Cancels Philadelphia Eagles’ White House Visit; Miss America Pageant Ends Swimsuit Competition; Fashion Designer Kate Spade Passes Away from Suicide; Arizona Man Suspected of Killing Six People is Dead After Police Manhunt; RID Announces New CEO Joey Trapani in Controversial Decision; EEOC Sues Wal-Mart Store in D.C. for ADA Violations Against Two Deaf Employees

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Trump Cancels Philadelphia Eagles’ White House Visit


Last night President Trump cancelled his invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles football team, who won the Super Bowl in February, because only a small number of players decided to come.  


The White House said the team disagrees with their President over standing for the National Anthem with hands on hearts.


Trump tweeted that (players) who stay in the locker room during the National Anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling.


He was talking about the new policy issued by the NFL that required players to stand up for the national anthem or to stay in the locker room, that policy will start in the upcoming season.


The Philadelphia Eagles team responded in a tweet that did not mention Trump, only saying it was thrilling to celebrate their first Super Bowl Championship, that they are truly grateful for all the support.


Philadelphia Mayor Kenney was critical, saying this proves our President is not a true patriot, but a fragile egomaniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of being embarrassed of hosting a party nobody wants to attend.


Former Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith said it was cowardly of Trump to cancel the event and foolish to make it about the anthem.


Today the White House and Trump still had an event with military music. The event was called “Celebration of America.” The White House said we always proudly stand for the National Anthem.


Trump tweeted that he has invited many championship teams at the White House recently, such as the Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Penguins, or the Alabama college football team.


This the second time Trump’s cancelled a team invitation — he did the same thing with the NBA champions Golden State Warriors in September. That decision was also related to the National Anthem controversy.


At the time, NBA star LeBron James, who plays for the Cleveland Cavs, said going to the White House was a great honor until Trump showed up, calling him a bum.


Both LeBron and Steph Curry, who is a star player for the Golden State Warriors, both teams in the NBA Finals, said neither of their teams would go to the White House if they win.


In separate but related news, Fox News has apologized to Eagles players for showing footage last night of players kneeling and making it seem like they were protesting — but in fact they were kneeling to pray before the game.


Fox News apologized and said no Eagles member knelt in protest during the national anthem throughout the regular season or the post-season.



Miss America Pageant Ends Swimsuit Competition


Miss America announced they would end the swimsuit part of the competition and would welcome women of all shapes of sizes.


The head of the organization, Gretchen Carlson, said they would not judge women on their outward appearance.


She said Miss America would no longer be a pageant but a competition with an increased focus on the women’s achievements and goals in life, and how she will use her talents and passion to do the job of Miss America. That’s how the winner will be selected.




Fashion Designer Kate Spade Passes Away from Suicide


A famous fashion designer, Kate Spade, was found dead in her New York City apartment this morning from an apparent suicide. She was 55.


She became well-known for her handbags, rising to success in the 1990s to see her company, Kate Spade New York, have over 140 shops and outlet stores across America.


She leaves behind a husband and a daughter.


Many mourned her death on social media. Both Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump tweeted statements — see them.


Clinton: “My grandmother gave me my first Kate Spade bag when I was in college. I still have it. Holding Kate’s family, friends and loved ones in my heart.”


Trump: “Kate Spade’s tragic passing is a painful reminder that we never truly know another’s pain or the burden they carry. If you are struggling with depression and contemplating suicide, please, please seek help.”




Arizona Man Suspected of Killing Six People is Dead After Police Manhunt


In Scottsdale, Arizona (near Phoenix) — a man who is suspected of killing six people last weekend, Dwight Jones, killed himself as police closed in to him during a manhunt.


Jones was arrested for domestic violence in 2009 and lived in hotels for the last nine years.


Police said he shot and killed a forensic psychiatrist, a psychologist, and two paralegals who were connected to his divorce case.


The forensic psychiatrist was killed Thursday afternoon outside of his office, the two paralegals were shot at a law firm on Friday, and the psychologist found dead in his office on Saturday.


Jones also killed a couple in a Fountain Hills (near Phoenix) home was shot on Sunday night. The motive is unknown.


This is six people in less than 100 hours.


Police identified Jones as a suspect on Sunday after looking at ballistic evidence and saw that he had a gun from the Fountain Hills home, but it was not used in the previous shootings. But police were able to connect everything to pinpoint Jones.


Police found him at an Extended Stay hotel in Scottsdale, and as a SWAT team evacuated the hotel, they heard gunshots and found him dead by a self-inflicted wound.


With Jones gone, there is relief in the Phoenix community, who was on high alert over the weekend.


RID Announces New CEO Joey Trapani in Controversial Decision


Last night the board of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc (RID) announced the selection of their new CEO — Joey Trapani, who is a hearing person and a CODA.


Trapani was chosen over a Deaf finalist for the position, Dr. Naomi Sheneman.


Many expected this, as Dr. Sheneman announced two weeks ago on Facebook that RID was not offering her anything, that she was not chosen.


Since then, there has been controversy and many complaints by a variety of people in the Deaf community who thought Dr. Sheneman was far more qualified than Trapani.


Dr. Sheneman has a Ph.D in Interpreting, was a CDI for 9 years, taught ITP programs and has many years of administrative experience, including coordinating interpreters.


Trapani has a BA and several years of experience as a high-level executive for private/for-profit medical and healthcare services and was a freelance interpreter in 2008, for a year (less than that, for a short time).


Many shared an anonymous article/blog named “Finish Enough” — a post from May 27 that criticized the RID for passing on Dr. Sheneman, saying it was oppressive and an insult to Deaf people. The link is in the transcript. The blog has posted several new articles since then.


The RID President Melvin Walker responded to the “Finish Enough” blog saying the RID did not discriminate against Deaf candidates. He pointed out that he is a CODA and was dedicated to honoring his deaf parents. He said Dr. Sheneman was not a right fit and he didn’t want to hire someone and set them up for failure in explaining why she was not picked.


The “Finish Enough” blog and several others criticized Walker for this statement, saying it showed he was not aware of his hearing privilege.


A Deaf person, Kelby Brick, posted a vlog saying that RID had a history of rejecting Deaf candidates from taking top leadership positions. That vlog was shared almost 500 times with many agreeing with Kelby. He posted another vlog saying the CEO should be someone who has extensive experience with interpreting, that it could be a deaf or hearing person, that Trapani was not the right person.


The controversy exploded yesterday after the RID’s announcement, with many angry comments on Facebook criticizing RID and their statement in their announcement that they wanted to improve the disconnect with the Deaf community — saying choosing Trapani only increased the disconnect.


Many commented with links to a satire video from last year — “Hearing Knows Best.”


But the RID is moving full speed ahead with Trapani, saying they are thrilled to announce him as CEO.  There were public comments by people that showed support for RID and their board for the choice.


I was told by someone familiar with RID that there are those in the community who are silently glad with the choice. The person said there were quite a few reasons Dr. Sheneman may not have been deemed a good fit for RID at this time, and criticized her for announcing she was not chosen before the RID announced the CEO, saying it did unnecessary damage to RID. The person said Trapani isn’t perfect, but choosing no one seemed even less wise. I’m sharing what the person said.


Trapani, in his introductory vlog as CEO, thanked the RID selection committee and the Board — and the membership and the Deaf community for their feedback, both positive and negative.


He said his three key areas of focus during the next 90 days are assessments, outreach, and strategic planning, and would attend upcoming regional conferences and set up town hall meetings.


The RID as an organization has been in a state of flux for the past several years, with a moratorium on on certifications that has partially ended with the establishment of a new LLC structure to give NIC and CDI certifications. The new LLC is called CASLI. But three certifications are still under moratorium (K-12, Legal, and Oral).


The RID and NAD also ended their working relationship two years ago due to disagreements on the new LLC structure and the direction RID was taking.


RID as an organization has a big role in our community, as they act as “gatekeepers” to provide  interpreting certifications and testing. RID is recognized on a national and state level for certifications, so RID has an impact on the Deaf community.


Feel free to share your thoughts.


“Hearing Knows Best:”




EEOC Sues Wal-Mart Store in D.C. for ADA Violations Against Two Deaf Employees


A Wal-Mart store in Washington, D.C. was sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) who represented two deaf workers.


The EEOC said the two deaf workers were denied ASL interpreters for workplace meetings, and their requests for CC for video presentations or note-taking for other meetings were ignored.


The EEOC said Wal-Mart knew the employees had hearing loss, but still denied their rights under the ADA.


Bloomberg BNA reported this and included a link to the lawsuit, which names the workers as Troy Miles and Tonya Bland.


The lawsuit document said both filed discrimination complaints in September with the EEOC, and that the EEOC gave Wal-Mart the opportunity to remedy it, but in December, gave the store a “Notice of Failure of Conciliation.” So it’s led to the lawsuit.


The lawsuit wants the store to establish policies, pay compensation for causing emotional pain and suffering, and pay punitive damages for their conduct.


Bloomberg said the EEOC previously had successful lawsuits representing Deaf employees against several companies: McDonalds for $56,500 and to modify a Missouri restaurant’s online and paper job applications, the Cheesecake Factory for $15,000 and an agreement to hold managers accountable for violating deaf workers’ job rights, and an ongoing lawsuit against FedEx Ground.




That is all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light.


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