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June 1, 2018


Trump Says Summit With North Korea “Back On”; Reactions on Former ICSD President Valery Rukhledev Arrest; 2019 Winter Deaflympics Updates; Interview With Angela Guerci, Ex-Wife of Ian Stone and Updates on Deaf Idaho Murder-Suicide

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, June 1. Ready for news? 




Trump Says Summit With North Korea “Back On” 


President Trump announced the previously cancelled summit on June 12 with North Korea is now back on, in Singapore. 


This was after a meeting with a North Korean official, Kim Yong Chol, at the White House, who gave Trump a letter from Kim Jong Un. They had a talk that lasted for over an hour. 


After the meeting, Trump went outside with Chol, gave him a handshake and he left. 


Trump then told reporters that the summit was back on — that it would be a process, the first of several meetings. He said this could end the Korean War that has gone on for over 70 years.


Trump said he thinks North Korea wants to denuclearize and to develop as a country. He said he didn’t think the U.S. would do a lot of economic investments, saying South Korea, China, and Japan would want to do that. 


June 12 is two Tuesdays away. 




Reactions on Valery Rukhledev Arrest; Deaflympics Updates 


Here are some updates on the Deaflympics and the arrest of their former President Valery Rukhledev, who is under investigation in Russia of embezzling the equivalent of $800,000 from a different organization. 


For this news story, I will mention “ICSD” several times. It is short for International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, the governing body responsible for Deaflympics and various international Deaf games. 


I reached out to the USA Deaf Sports Federation USADSF — who sends American athletes to international games — I asked their president Danny Lacey on their thoughts on the situation. He replied in an email that they will respect the process of investigation and doesn’t want to make any assumptions about Valery. 


They agree with the ICSD Board’s decision to have Valery step down as president while the process takes place, and offers their support to Mr. Kang Chen as Acting President, and will look for further information from ICSD on their direction and leadership. 


I reached out to the ICSD to ask if there was any reason to be concerned about how Valery managed and used any ICSD finances. 


Their CEO Dmitry Rebrov said in an email there is no reason (for concern), because the ICSD President doesn’t have access to ICSD finances, their bank. 


I reached out to the United Nations to ask about Valery’s standing on the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, on if this had an impact. 


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights media officer Julia Gronnevet said in an email that they are aware of media reports about Valery, but has no further information than what is already reported. 


They said there is a presumption of innocence (innocent until proven guilty) so the Committee will not take any particular action, but is following the situation. 


Now  I will shift my focus on the Deaflympics games. USADSF said they are looking forward to a formal announcement of the 2019 Winter Deaflympics from the ICSD so they can have adequate time to prepare Team USA. 


The ICSD announced last week, before the news broke about Valery with him stepping down, that they were preparing for the 2019 Winter Deaflympics with the possibility of it being hosted in Italy in March. They met with Italian officials and will make an announcement this month, in June. 


In my email with ICSD CEO Rebrov, he said that Italy requested extra time to choose between two cities and to coordinate with the local government, with a scheduled announcement date of June 15 to update all countries.




Interview With Angela Guerci, Ex-Wife of Ian Stone


On Wednesday I shared news about a Deaf couple in Idaho who died from a domestic murder-suicide — Ian Stone and Jaclyn Zabel. Police said Ian shot at Jaclyn then turned the gun on himself. 


I was in touch with an ex-wife of Ian, Angela Guerci for an interview. She has two children with Ian from the previous marriage. She will share her thoughts. 



Angela: Hi, I’m Angela. 


Alex: Can you describe your relationship with Ian? 


Angela: We were married for three years. We divorced in 2006, with the court making the divorce official in 2007. During my first year, he was good and sweet, did a lot. He gave a lot of gifts and was romantic. He is a good father and a friend. He was friends with many of us who knew him. He was smart and ambitious, a good quarterback athlete and a MMA fighter. But another side of him… the relationship was rocky. It got to the point where it became very bad. He would get emotional and take things the wrong way. He would use his physique, mind, and emotions to yell at others and hurt them in the wrong way. I left him, that’s one of the reasons why I left him, that situation. 



Alex: What was your reaction when you found out the news? 


Angela: When I saw the news, got messages from my friends, I was very shocked. I couldn’t handle all the notifications. I broke into tears, I was thinking of my kids, he is their father. I felt for my children. Their father is gone. I also felt for the man, and for Jacy, her family, and her children. I can’t imagine that both lost their parents. That is a sad thing to see and to absorb all of it in one day, to see both parents shot. That was too much. 


Alex: Ian was abusive to you. He had a criminal conviction for a domestic violence incident with you. When you saw this news, did you think it could have been you? 


Angela: Yes. It was not as bad as this situation, but I have experienced abusive relationship, and fortunately I was able to flee in time before things went down. Myself, at that moment when I saw the news, I felt a flashback that came back to me and had anxious thoughts on if I lived with him, that would have happened to me. I was terrified to see that. 


Alex: What is your advice to those who experience domestic violence in a relationship? 


Angela: Seek help. That’s number one. Seek help. Talk with people near you. Hotline. Educate your children, family, and friends, tell them. Domestic violence is not a good situation for anyone to be involved in. It is terrible, it is life or death. According to the recent incident, that’s what will happen to you. Please seek help immediately or escape with your best effort. 


Alex: Do you have anything to add? 


Angela: I want to say my prayers and thoughts are with Jacy and her family, Ian and his family, and to those who have supported all of us and our children who are from both parents, thank you for your support, and please continue to do what you can do to help those families. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. 



Thank you for your time, Angela. It is a very sad situation, and it shows how domestic violence situations can quickly turn deadly. 


Here are some updates from local news in Idaho on what happened on the day of the murder. 


The mother of Jaclyn, Dawn Jantzen, said Ian, before the murder, went to a grocery store and, bought a red rose, a Starbucks (drink), posted on Facebook (likely the message accusing Jaclyn of cheating on him), then went to Jaclyn’s home, went down in the basement, and shot and killed her. 


Dawn said Ian was abusive and demanded Jaclyn to break her cochlear implant. She said she herself went through domestic violence with Jaclyn growing up in that environment. 


Dawn said for the four children who lost their parents (two by Ian and Jaclyn, two from a different father), she hopes to keep them together and that they are lost and distraught. 


There is a GoFundMe account to raise money for her funeral and to help the four children. The link to it is below in the transcript/comments.  


If you are a person who are experiencing domestic violence or know or suspect someone else who is going through it, you can reach out to the Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services (ADWAS)’ 24/7 National Deaf Hotline to get information on what you can do and what resources are available. 


I’ve included ADWAS’ website is below in the transcript/comments, where you can see the VP number.


ADWAS Hotline Info:


ADWAS Website:




That is all for today. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light! 

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