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May 31, 2018

Trump Imposes Steel & Aluminum Tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and EU; Cellphone Videos of Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Released; Trump Signs “Right to Try Act” To Give Terminally Ill Patients More Options for Treatment; Trump Meets with Kim Kardashian West in White House; Actions on Clemency; Two Die and Several Missing From Subtropical Storm Alberto; Ellicott City Flooding Updates; Deaf Bing: Painful Water Splash

Trump Imposes Steel & Aluminum Tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and EU


The Trump administration announced they would impose tariffs on steel (25%) and aluminum (10%) on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, which are three of our biggest trading partners.


President Trump announced he wanted to do this in March, but gave exemptions to the three countries as negotiations continued — and now there will be tariffs.


This decision would benefit American metal companies, but could hurt other U.S. businesses that use imported metals. It could cost them more.


This could also cause the three countries to respond by imposing tariffs on American products, and they have said they will do so.


On another front, the Trump administration has been on a back-and-forth with China, with the two appearing to have good relations on one day, then criticizing each other on another day. It has been a mixture of signals.


This weekend, White House officials will go to China for a third round of negotiations.




Cellphone Videos of Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Released

Yesterday three new cellphone videos recorded by Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz was released in court by prosecutors.  


In the videos, with one of them recorded on February 14, the same day of the shooting, Cruz said he would be the next school shooter and wanted to kill at least 20 people.


He said he was lonely, hated everyone and everything, but with the power of his AR (gun), everybody would know who he was.


A father of one of the students who were killed, Andrew Pollack, said this shows Cruz was not insane, that he knew exactly what he was doing and planned to murder people.


Several Parkland students criticized news media for sharing the videos, saying it’s what he wanted.  


Cruz has 17 murder charges and 17 counts of attempted murder, 34 in total. Prosecutors want the death penalty. Cruz’s lawyers said he would plead guilty if guaranteed life in prison without parole.



Trump Signs “Right to Try Act” To Give Terminally Ill Patients More Options for Treatment

President Trump signed the “Right to Try Act” yesterday, which will allow terminally ill patients to have more access to new or experimental treatments that have not been fully approved by the FDA.


Trump said Americans will be able to seek cures, giving them the right to try. He thinks hundreds of thousands of people could be saved or have their lives extended.


But most Democrats and various organizations oppose this, saying FDA oversight is important — to protect people from “snake oil salesmen” or from treatments that could do more harm than good.


This new law applies to drug treatments that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA’s approval process and are in clinical trials. If a drug has not yet passed the second or third phases of approval, patients can still request it.


There were some discussion on the internet with people saying they did benefit from trial drugs, but with some saying they have seen cases where it  caused more harm. So it’s a debate.




Trump Meets with Kim Kardashian West in White House; Actions on Clemency

Yesterday President Trump met with Kim Kardashian West at the White House to talk about prison reform.


Kim was advocating for a person named Alice Johnson, who is sentenced to life in prison in Alabama for nonviolent drug and financial crimes.


Kim wants Trump to give her clemency (to pardon or reduce her sentence). She has supported Alice since her story appeared on media, with many saying it was unfair for Alice. Kim is asking Trump to do something.


Trump tweeted this picture of them two and said they had a great meeting to discuss prison reform and sentencing. Kim tweeted a thank-you to Trump and said she is hopeful and optimistic that Alice and others like her will have a second chance at life.


Trump has been active lately with his power to pardon.


Last week he pardoned a famous boxer, Jack Johnson, who has already passed away, for a crime over 100 years ago on his relationships with white women, which many say was a racist sentencing. Trump signed his pardon at the White House with Jack’s family and actor Sylvester Stallone present — he asked Trump to do this, and he did.


Today Trump pardoned Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative and Republican media person, who was convicted of illegally giving money to reimburse other people who made donations to Republican candidates. He was sentenced to 8 months of supervision in a center and five years of probation.


Trump said he felt D’Souza’s punishment was too harsh and that our government treated him unfairly, and pardoned him.


So Trump has pardoned four people so far.


Trump isn’t finished — he said he was considering pardoning Martha Stewart’s financial crimes and a commutation of the remaining prison sentence of former Illinois Governor Blagojevich (D), who was sentenced to 14 years in prison for misusing his powers as governor, including trying to sell the empty Illinois U.S. Senate seat after Obama was elected president.



Two Die and Several Missing From Subtropical Storm Alberto

Subtropical Storm Alberto has continued to cause heavy rain, flood, and mudslides in much of the U.S., with several people killed and missing.


In North Carolina, a landslide caused a gas leak in a home that exploded and collapsed, killing two people.


In Virginia, three people are missing after being swept away by floodwaters.


Four dams in North Carolina are being watched, with one yesterday being feared to fail, but it is considered safe for now. There are several counties in North Carolina that are under a state of emergency because of the potential of more rains and flooding.


The storm is in the Great Lakes region. Those of you in the path, stay safe and keep an eye on weather alerts.



Ellicott City Flooding Updates

A Deaf person, Alex, who works as a mail carrier in Ellicott City, Maryland shared some pictures and a video of the devastation from the recent floods. Here they are:



Alex: I worked today on a street in Ellicott City in the downtown area. I want to share that there was a lot of damage with many roads and sidewalks destroyed. Water flowed through or under homes. It is because Ellicott City is very low in elevation and there are many creeks that all lead to it. So a downpour brings a lot of water to the old city area.


(Video clip of damaged streets and sidewalks with water carving out areas)


Alex: The badly damaged areas are blocked off by police. Whoever lives there or have authorization can go. In nearby areas, where I was at, you can deliver mail, residents can come,  also volunteer cleaning crews with a wristband to identify them. But for outsiders, they can’t come.



Thank you, Alex, for sharing the pictures and video.


I previously reported there was one person missing — a national guardsman who was trying to save a woman and her cat.


His body was recently found in the Patapsco River — his name is Sgt. Eddison Hermond. He was honored by other members of the National Guard as his body passed by in a vehicle. He leaves behind a 13-year old son.



Deaf Bing: Painful Water Splash


Deaf Bing: Painful Water Splash. It’s almost the summer season. Many of you are ready to jump in pools or swimming holes. Nice!


Here’s a Deaf Bing. It’s when a group of Deaf people are wading in water, but have not yet submerged because it’s cold. When I try to get a Deaf person’s attention by waving but if I can’t, I will splash water. When the water touches the person, it is painful and they say why did I do that?!


I wanted to get your attention. That Deaf Bing.


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