The Daily Moth 5-30-2018

May 30, 2018

Missouri Governor Resigns Amid Scandals; Russian Journalist Who Was Thought Murdered Shows Up Alive; Texas Boy Bitten by Shark in Florida; Updates on Roseanne Controversy; Deaf Idaho Couple Killed in Domestic Murder-Suicide; Deaf People and Interpreters in Puerto Rico Object to FEMA Decision to Use VRI

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, May 30. Ready for news?


Missouri Governor Resigns Amid Scandals


Missouri Governor Eric Greitens announced yesterday he would resign effective this Friday because of the impact of his scandals.


He was accused several months ago of sexual misconduct and taking a nude photo of a mistress to use as blackmail, and had several other legal issues.


Greitens has denied all of it, saying he was not perfect, but that he did not break any laws or done anything to deserve how he was treated.


He said he was resigning because of the millions of dollars of mounting legal bills and the strain on his family and friends.




Russian Journalist Who Was Thought Murdered Shows Up Alive


A Russian journalist who was thought to be murdered yesterday showed up alive today at a press conference in Ukraine.


His name is Arkady Babchenko. His work often criticizes Russian President Putin and his administration.


Yesterday Ukraine police said he was shot dead in his apartment building with his wife finding him in a pool of blood.


The announcement caused many to blame the Russian government of this with the Ukrainian and Russian governments pointing the finger at each other.


Then today, Arkady appeared alive to the surprise and shock of many. He said, “I’m still alive.”


Ukrainian police said this was a part of a two-month plan to fake his death to catch people who were actually trying to kill him.


They said they have arrested two people and that the assassination was ordered by Russian security services with a $40,000 payment.


Arkady apologized to his wife, saying there were no other options. It appears she didn’t know about the plan, she thought he was dead.


He is controversial person in Russia because of his past comments criticizing Russia’s involvement in the Syria war.


So this is shocking, and this international attention will only cause more controversy between Ukraine and Russia.




Texas Boy Bitten by Shark in Florida


A 15-year old boy from Texas was bitten by a six-foot bull shark on Saturday.


His name is Cody High and he was playing in the water with his niece and nephews in Cocoa Beach, Florida.


The shark bit his left calf. He was rushed to a hospital, then to a children’s hospital for surgery.


Pictures on a GoFundMe for his medical expenses show the back of his left calf with a large curved wound with stitches. He will need rehab after recovery.


Cody’s family was in Florida for a vacation and wanted to visit Disney World, and was on “day one” of the vacation when he was bitten. He wants to continue his vacation in a wheelchair.




Updates on Roseanne Controversy


Updates on the Roseanne show being cancelled and the controversy about her racist comment on Valerie Jarrett:


Roseanne has apologized several times to Valerie and said she was not a racist but made a terrible mistake and gave them a weapon to kill her. She said she thought Valerie was white.


Valerie said yesterday she was “fine,” but that she was worried about people out there who didn’t have a circle of friends and followers – who would defend them?


Roseanne said she was on Ambien, a sleeping pill, when she was tweeting late at night, but blames herself.


The company that makes Ambien — Sanofi — tweeted that while all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, none of their medicine causes racism.


President Trump got involved — he tweeted a criticism of ABC/Disney’s head Iger to say they never contacted him to apologize for horrible comments about him that were made on ABC.


Trump is asking, “what about me?”


Roseanne is a big supporter of Donald Trump, and many of her fans have blamed her “firing” on liberals, saying there were other instances of TV hosts or celebrities using offensive language, but without consequences.


But many have supported ABC with their decision to cancel the show, saying what Roseanne did clearly crossed a line.




Deaf Idaho Couple Killed in Domestic Murder-Suicide


In Idaho, a deaf couple died from gunshot wounds in what police say was a murder-suicide in a severe domestic violence incident.


The couple’s names are Jacy Zabel, 29, and Ian Stone, 37.


Police said Ian shot Jacy on Monday morning, then turned the gun on himself. This was at a home.


First responders went to the home on Monday morning and removed children from the home.  


The two were transported to the hospital. Jacy passed away Tuesday morning, then Ian died that evening.


I checked to see if they had Facebook profiles — and found two accounts that matched the two names.


There are many pictures of the two together and traveling to various mixed martial arts events. Ian is an accomplished fighter who has medaled in events.


On Ian’s profile, his last status update was on May 28 — two days ago. He said he found out that my lady cheated on him, and that he is broken inside. He said he remind (himself) to keep smiling and be strong, and that he loved all of his friends and family.


On Jacy’s Facebook, there are pictures of her and her home and the countryside. There is a photo of a small handgun that was from 2013, it appears to belong to Jacy.


There is no information from the local news articles I’ve read about the weapon that was used, just that there were gunshots.


I was in touch with a person who knew the two — Ken. He said Jacy and Ian were long-time partners and that Jacy had four children.


Ken said Ian had a rifle that he used for hunting. He said wishes the two solved their issues with counseling.


Local news said Ian had a conviction of misdemeanor domestic battery in 2007 and went to a diversion program.


Jacy: /// Ian:




Deaf People and Interpreters in Puerto Rico Object to FEMA Decision to Use VRI


The Deaf community and interpreters in Puerto Rico are objecting to a decision by the FEMA to not renew their service contract for sign language interpreting. They had a contract with local Puerto Rican interpreters but that is no more.


In a press release by RISPRI, an interpreting organization in Puerto Rico, it says the FEMA will use VRI with interpreters outside of the island.


RISPRI explained that the FEMA began hiring professional Puerto Rican interpreters in September 2017 as a part of their Hurricane Maria response, but that will not continue in favor of VRI.


RISPRI said VRI will not be effective because Deaf Puerto Ricans’ sign language is influenced by the Spanish language and Puerto Rican culture. They are also concerned about internet speeds and blurry images causing misunderstandings in communication.


RISPRI said a deaf association, MAS, had the same concerns and objections.


This issue was on a news article by “Noticel,” with it in Spanish. I used Google translate to read the article.


From what I understand, there was a press conference with a large group of deaf people from MAS to demand the FEMA to use local in-person interpreters instead of VRI. They said they use Puerto Rican sign language, not ASL.


Both RISPRI and MAS has pointed to the ADA as protecting their right to have interpreters who are adept in Puerto Rican sign language and culture.


I reached out to NAD about this. The NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum said they are in touch with FEMA and are working with them to resolve the situation.


RISPRI Letter:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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