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May 28, 2018



Honoring Memorial Day; Back From Iowa; Ellicott City Flooding; Storm Alberto; Malian Spiderman Saves French Boy; Teacher Stops Middle School Shooting

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, May 28, which is Memorial Day. It is a day America remembers those who died when they served in the military. 



An image that appears in my mind when I think of today is this photo from 1984 of a woman at her husband’s gravesite on Memorial Day. 


It’s a powerful image, it shows the cost of war. 


The photographer is Anthony Suau — it won a Pulitzer Prize. Interesting fact: Suau graduated from RIT in 1978.




I’m back from my trip to Council Bluffs, Iowa and I enjoyed giving the graduation speech for the Class of 2018 for the Iowa School for the Deaf. 


14 seniors graduated, and my speech was on the four “L’s of Life” — reminding them to keep on laughing, learning, laboring, and loving.




Here are some top stories:




Ellicott City, Maryland is going through another terrible flooding, just like what they experienced two years ago. 


Flash floods from heavy rains converged down the downtown area, causing a frightening rush of brown water that devastated everything in its path, carrying floating vehicles. 


There is one man missing, an Army National Guard Member who was helping a woman find her cat. 


Some people in the community had just finished rebuilding from the flood in 2016 that killed two people, and now they will have to start all over again. 


There will be questions on what could have been done to prevent this… Maybe there will be changes in the near future.




There is another storm — Subtropical Storm Alberto, the first named storm of 2018. 


It has been in the Gulf of Mexico and will go up into the western Florida panhandle and most of Alabama staring tonight, bringing strong winds and heavy rains. 


Those of you in the path, be sure to keep a lookout for severe weather and flooding alerts.




There is international admiration and applause for a real-life “Spiderman,” a man in France, Mamoudou Gassama, who leapt up several balconies in an apartment building to rescue a dangling 4-year old boy. 


He is from Mali and because he was a hero, the French President Macron invited him for a meeting and said he would be given French citizenship and have a job as a fireman. 


The father of that boy left him home alone to go grocery shopping and was playing games on his phone. He was arrested and is under investigation for “failure to meet parental obligations,” a charge that can bring a 2-year prison sentence.




On Friday morning, there was a shooting at a middle school in Indiana. 


A teacher, Jason Seaman, tackled and stopped the student shooter, who had two guns. He has not been identified. He was arrested and did not have any injuries. 


Jason was shot but not seriously injured. 


A 13-year old girl, Ella Whistler was shot and is in critical but stable condition after being shot in the chest.




That’s all for today. More news tomorrow. Stay with the light! 


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