The Daily Moth 5-24-2018

May 24, 2018

Trump Cancelling North Korea Summit; GA Dem. Primary Winner Stacey Abrams’ Relationship with Deaf Community; NFL Issues Policy on Anthem Protests; NJ Bus Driver Charged for Deaths; Morgan Freeman Accused of Sex Harassment; Louisiana Governor Signs LEAD-K Bill




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, May 24. I’m here in Council Bluffs, Iowa to give a graduation speech tomorrow for the Class of 2018 at the Iowa School for the Deaf. Sorry about missing news yesterday.


Today I will share news, top stories for today and yesterday. Ready?




President Trump announced he was cancelling the upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, because Trump felt North Korea had shown tremendous anger and open hostility.


This was in response to a North Korean official who said U.S. VP Pence was a dummy and that they were ready for a nuclear showdown if dialogue with the U.S. fails.


In a letter written by Trump to cancel the summit, he thanked them for sending the three American prisoners back home.


Trump did say they were still open to doing the summit if Kim Jong Un changes his mind.


He did warn that the U.S.’ nuclear capabilities are so massive and powerful that he prays to God they will never have to be used. He is challenging and threatening North Korea as well.


So, the months of building excitement of potential deal for peace between the U.S. and North Korea has collapsed. Will this change in the future?




Tuesday was the primary elections for several states, and the spotlight is on Stacey Abrams, who won the Democratic nomination to run against the Republican nominee for state governor in November.


Abrams is the first black woman to win a major-party nomination for governor in any state.


She also has connections with the Deaf community in Georgia, as she worked with a Deaf woman, Amy Cohen Efron, and others, to organize a question-and-answer session that was streamed live on Facebook. The link to that is in the transcript. So Abrams has met with the Deaf community.


Abrams posted on Facebook that she was committed to welcoming people who are deaf and hard of hearing, that it has to be in deed not simply in words. She seems really committed.


On Tuesday night, there was a group of deaf people gathered to watch Abrams give her victory speech, with an interpreter by her side.


Congratulations to Abrams and to the Deaf community there for building that strong relationship.


Abrams has a big challenge ahead, as Georgia is a Republican-leaning state and has been led by a Republican governor for the past 20 years.




Yesterday the National Football League (NFL) issued a new policy on players and national anthems as a response to the controversy last year with players kneeling to protest racial injustice.


The new policy — most NFL CEOs voted to fine teams if their players are on the field or sidelines but do not stand during the anthem.


Players will be allowed to stay in the locker room if they choose, without consequences. Previously, players were required to be on the field, but now they have an option.


So this new rule gives players the option to skip the anthem, to not be on the field, but if they are on the field and don’t stand up for the anthem, their team can be fined.


Teams can also fine individual players if they sit or kneel.


This decision was made by NFL CEOs without involvement from the players’ union. The NFL Players Association said they would review the new policy and challenge it if necessary.


Vice President Mike Pence tweeted that the NFL decision was a win for fans, the President, and for America.


Trump said in an interview with Fox & Friends that it was a good thing.


Two NFL CEOs, for the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets, made statement that show they weren’t in full support of the NFL’s decision and would support players’ choices.


Also, there were several NFL players who said the new rule won’t silence them. They aren’t intimidated.


So, this is still a very controversial topic for the NFL and for America.




Here are two news briefs


The bus driver of the terrible bus accident last week in New Jersey that killed two people has been charged with two counts of death-by-auto for causing the deaths of a 10-year old child and a 51-year old teacher.


The driver’s name is Hudy Muldrow Sr., 77. The bus tried to turn into a restricted highway cutaway when it was hit by a dump truck. Terrible.


The second news brief: CNN released an investigate report with several women accusing actor Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment on set.


Freeman, 80, apologized to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected, saying he was not someone who would intentionally offend or make anybody feel uneasy.


So the accustations has surfaced, and he’s apologized. This happened today.




The Louisiana State Governor, John Bel Edwards, has signed a LEAD-K bill into law. This was yesterday. The DGM of Louisiana group showed a picture of the signing ceremony. Nice!


Louisiana is now the 7th state in the U.S. with a LEAD-K bill.


The governor also signed two other Deaf-related bills, one on teachers/interpreters for the Deaf and one on training police officers. The three bills were spearheaded by Representative Patricia Haynes Smith, who has worked closely with the Deaf community there in Louisiana.


Congratulations to everybody involved.




That’s all for today. Stay with the light!



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