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May 22, 2018

 Victims of Texas High School Shooting Identified; Trump Demands DOJ To Investigate Obama Administration on Campaign Spying; Gina Haspel Confirmed as Director of CIA; Barack and Michelle Obama Sign Deal with Netflix to Produce Shows; Deaf Pregnant Woman and Service Dog Punched on Frontier Plane; Donna Davila, Wife of Former Gallaudet President Davila, Passes Away at 83










Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, May 21. Ready for news?




Victims of Texas High School Shooting Identified


The 10 people who died in the school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday has been identified.


The first news reports last weekend said nine students and a teacher died, but now it’s updated to 8 students and 2 teachers — both substitutes.


They are:


Cynthia T. She was a sub teacher. She was teaching an art class when the shooting began.


Sabika S. She was an exchange student from Pakistan


Glenda Ann P. She was another sub teacher.


Shana F. She was a student. Her mother said she rejected the shooter’s advances for months and last week stood up during class to proclaim she wouldn’t go out to him. Her mother said she thinks she was targeted.


Christian R. He was a student, 15 years old.


Angelique R. She was a student, shot in the leg.


Chris S. He was a student, a junior and 17 years old.


Kim V. She was a student — in art class during the first period when the shooting started.


Kyle M. He was a student and just got his learner’s permit to drive.


Jared B. He was a student, just turned 17 years old.


Very sad, rest in peace.


All of them died in the school’s art complex. Four minutes after the shooting started, police officers responded to the art classrooms and fired back. There was a shootout that lasted for about 25 minutes until the shooter surrendered.


Thirteen people were injured. One of them was the school resource officer, John Barnes, who is a retired Houston police officer. He was shot in his upper arm from a shotgun. He is still in the hospital in critical condition and had surgeries.


NFL player for the Houston Texans JJ Watt has offered to pay for their funerals.


The suspected gunman, 17-year old student Dimitrios Pagourtzis, appeared in court on Friday, charged as an adult with capital murder and aggravated assault on a peace officer.


He used a sawed-off shotgun and a .38 caliber revolver. News reports say his father owned the guns. Reports also say he wrote plans for the shooting in his journals and wanted to commit suicide afterwards, but gave himself up to police.


He is a juvenile, so if he is convicted, he cannot be executed. If he is sentenced with life in prison, he will be eligible for parole after 40 years.




Trump Demands DOJ To Investigate Obama Administration on Campaign Spying


President Trump has demanded the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate if the Obama administration asked the FBI or the DOJ to spy on his presidential campaign.


There were reports that the FBI worked with informants who had contact with the Trump campaign after getting evidence that some Trump aides had suspicious contacts with Russia.


Trump said this was improper spying for political purposes.


The DOJ’s Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, said their Inspector General would look into this to check if there was any inappropriate activity.


President Trump has shown frustration at the Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, saying they have found nothing.


It has been over a year since Mueller was appointed by Rosenstein to lead this investigation.


Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said Mueller would be finished by September 1 on his investigation on if Trump obstructed justice.


In separate news, there was a report by the New York Times that Mueller is looking to see if other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, helped the Trump campaign.


Trump said this was ridiculous, that Mueller is now looking at the rest of the world because of a lack of evidence on Russia, and that he wanted to hurt Republicans during the mid-term elections.




Gina Haspel Confirmed as Director of CIA


Gina Haspel has been sworn in as the seventh and first female director of the CIA today. She was confirmed in a 54-45 Senate vote on Thursday.


Haspel had controversy during her nomination process because of her history with overseeing a CIA program that used torture. Haspel said she didn’t believe torture works, but didn’t say it was immoral. That was the controversy, but she was confirmed.


President Trump and Vice President Pence attended her swearing-in ceremony.


Haspel said she was truly honored to have this opportunity to lead the best workforce in government.




Barack and Michelle Obama Sign Deal with Netflix to Produce Shows


Former President Obama and his wife Michelle has signed a multiyear deal with Netflix.


The Obamas will produce variety of films and series for Netflix to stream to subscribers.


The Obamas said they met so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and they want to share their stories and experiences to a wider audience.


Netflix said in a tweet that the content might include scripted series, unscripted series, docs-series, documentaries, and features.


So this means we’ll see more of the Obamas and their perspectives, via Netflix.




Deaf Pregnant Woman and Service Dog Punched on Frontier Plane


On Thursday early morning at the Orlando airport, a Deaf couple, Mathew Silvay and Hazel Ramirez, had a confrontation with a man in a Frontier airplane.


They accused him of punching their service dog, a Great Dane, after the plane landed from Colorado, then of punching Hazel, who is pregnant, in the stomach at a second confrontation in the terminal just past the jetway.


The man’s name is Timothy Manley and he was traveling with his wife and adult son.


This incident was all over the news last weekend. There is a video on YouTube of parts of the confrontation recorded by Timothy’s son, Joshua. The link to it is in the transcript.


I will show you an interview with Mathew and Hazel.



Hazel: I’m Hazel.


Matt: I’m Matt.


Hazel: On May 16, we were flying from Colorado Springs to here in Orlando, Florida for our gender reveal party, to see if it is a girl or a boy. I’m 20 weeks pregnant. So we left Colorado Springs about 7 pm. It was a four-hour flight, about that. Matt was sitting with Leezah, our daughter, and next to her was Zahira, our other daughter. Behind them was Timothy. his wife, and son. Behind his row.


Matt: They were behind us three.


Hazel: I was sitting across from Matt. The two seats by me were empty. My dog, a Great Dane, who is 8 months old, a big dog, sat down under my legs and the seats. My dog slept all the way. My two girls were naturally restless since they are toddlers. They wanted to run, eat, and play. They eventually went to sleep. The flight was quiet and fine. When we landed, the lights came on and people got up to get their belongings. My dog looked past me and all of a sudden — I was sitting down — both of my girls said they heard crying. I was like, what? And when I looked at him, I saw that he was already upset. I said what happened?


Matt: She missed it, because the man was in my face, clenching his fist. When I started screaming, the man sat down. That’s when the filming started. I was getting mad because he was in my face over the dog. I was confused. The man was kicking at my foot when I was speaking to him, so I kicked back. What was he kicking me for? My anger increased, I felt I was oppressed.


Hazel: I was confused and tried to understand. Both of my girls said the dog was crying. When I looked at my dog, it was shaking its head and ran to sit down under another row, in front of us. The dog was scared. We were confused, so I asked the man on why he punched my dog. Tim was hesitant. Matt was yelling at him to not punch my dog, to never punch dogs in general. The man was squirming in his seat. Matt was really pissed off. I tried to keep it cool. The flight attendant said she would call the police. So we left the plane. In the tunnel to the terminal, we let the other people go, until Tim’s family came close to us, we told them to stop. We were determined to keep them there until police came so we could talk on what happened and what would happen. As people walked past us, all of a sudden Tim just ran and punched me in the stomach, ran through me and punched me in my stomach.


Matt: Everybody fell backwards. The children, her, Timothy’s wife, he just pushed all of us backwards.


Hazel: After I was punched, I couldn’t just stand there. I was hurt and stepped backwards. He then ran through everybody and pushed both my girls, causing them to fall and make them cry. I then focused on my girls and they were okay. That’s when he saw everything and it made him even more pissed off. He pushed the man.

Matt: I just pushed him hard and tripped at the same time. They said I tackled him, but that is a misunderstanding. Oh well.


Hazel: They both went down. Then the man got up again, then his son — I was just overwhelmed with the mess and many people around me — the son pushed his phone, filming close to my face. I swatted him away and told him to cut it out. The man turned it off and Matt chased him. It was a mess. Both groups eventually split up, the police arrived, and we explained our side.


Matt: The man, when the three of them walked away, three officers walked past them. I told the officers that it was the three. The officers realized it and held them.


Hazel: We explained what happened using notes on our phones. The officers told us to wait.


Matt: We waited fifteen minutes.


Hazel: They took us to their office. They asked us to write down a statement. They then told us that the FBI office was closed, to wait until the morning and they would email us. i was taken aback — they didn’t ask me if I needed medicine, an ambulance, if I was hurt, an interpreter — nothing.


Matt: They wanted to hurry it up since it was 1:30 in the morning. I wanted to discuss it more, to ask more questions, but they told us to wait until tomorrow and shooed us away.


Hazel: Then, the news articles, everything blew up. I’m fine, I’m okay. Everything is okay.


Matt: We are a little afraid to fly, will this happen again? We’ll see.


Hazel: We are members of Frontier Airlines. We’ve flown a lot, and this is the first time it’s happened. I’ve had no problems with my dog. People said it’s cute and interact with it just fine. But not this time.


Matt: I want to clarify one thing: it is not a “full” service dog. It is in training for several things, but does two specific tasks: hear — for everyday things such as door knocking or to protect us — the dog understand this but is still training, and the second thing is our daughter needs to be with the dog to calm her anxiety — sensory and physical. That’s why she’s with the dog all the time. It’s not a “full” service dog. Many said I shouldn’t — the dog is used for specific needs, that’s all. I’ve flown to California, to Florida several times, to give it time to grow up and get used to it. All of the times were fine, until this one. It’s because of allergies. I understand this, they should have communicated this, why wait until the plane has landed? I want to understand that.


Hazel: That is the woman and Tim’s responsibility to let them know that they are allergic, and they will deal with it, to move us around. But Tim kept quiet until the plane landed, and blew up. You can’t do that. And if they felt nervous with the dog, simply let us know. We would have gladly moved the dog. It’s not necessary to punch the dog. I do want to press charges.


Matt: I will accept (criticism) for my anger. I was protecting my family. Some people said this was wrong, and I understand. Only when someone gets in my face, that’s when I get more mad. That’s the reason. I’m protecting my family, that’s all.


Hazel: I support this, he did the right thing. Especially when there’s an unborn baby and he punched it, and hurt my two children, he lost his temper. I understand that.



Thank you for sharing, Mathew and Hazel.


On the video posted by Joshua (Timothy’s son), he comments that the couple is lying and that Hazel was never punched in the stomach, and would hold them and Frontier accountable in a court of law.


Timothy posted a statement saying his wife was allergic to the dog and that he pushed away the dog because it was into his face after he reached into his backpack.


He also said when he walked into the jetway, he saw the couple blocking the door and forced his way through. He told police that they assaulted him.


Several news stations quoted a police report that says Timothy punched the dog with a closed fist, causing it to yelp, then later punched Hazel in the stomach.


Police said they have turned over the case to the FBI, because it happened on an airplane.


I asked the Deaf couple for updates on if police or the FBI reached out to them, and they said they’ve heard nothing.


When looking at various articles and discussions on the internet, some brought up Mathew’s previous run-ins with police. I checked online, and he does have several arrests.


Mathew said he has moved on from his old past with a new life, new family, and a new future with a kid on the way. He said he was protecting his dog and standing up for it.


Hazel said everybody makes mistakes and it is a part of a life journey.


So that’s all I have to share for now. If I get more updates on the case, I will share.




Donna Davila, Wife of Former Gallaudet President Davila, Passes Away at 83


Gallaudet President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano announced on Thursday that the wife of former Gallaudet President Robert Davila, Donna Davila, passed away on May 14 after a long illness. She was 83 years old.


Cordano wrote that Donna was born in North Dakota and attended the North Dakota School for the Deaf, then graduated from the Washington State School for the Deaf in 1952.


She married Robert in 1953 in a double wedding with her sister, Betty. They had two sons.


Donna was the first Deaf person to work at “Reader’s Digest” in New York, then worked as an ASL instructor and sign proficiency evaluator at MSSD, then was the First Lady of Kendall Green when Robert became the 9th president of Gallaudet.


Cordano asked the community to join her to express condolences to Dr. Davila and his family, and that they can make memorial donations to three different funds — more information is in the link below.


Rest in peace, Donna.


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