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May 18, 2018



10 Killed In Texas High School Shooting; Two Deaf Kids Attending Royal Wedding; Apple CEO Tim Cook & Nyle DiMarco Visits CSD Fremont; Mozzeria Announces Upcoming Franchise in Austin; Obama Meets With Melissa Malzkuhn; ASL App Recognized by iTunes




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, May 18. Ready for news? 




At least 10 people died at a school shooting this morning at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas (between Houston and Galveston). 


9 of those killed were students, with one teacher. 


A 17-year old male student was arrested, with another male student detained as a person of interest. 


There were explosive devices, pipe bombs and pressure cookers, placed in the school and surrounding areas. Police are now searching for them and warning people to stay clear.  


Several were injured, including two law enforcement officers — one of them a school resource officer.


One student said the gunman entered an art class with a shotgun, shooting at students. 


An official said the gunman had an AR-15 type rifle, a pistol, a shotgun, and pipe bombs. 


The first 911 calls were about 7:30 a.m. 


Another student said there was a fire alarm at 7:45 and students heard gunshots right after. 


There was a massive police and emergency response, with several helicopters bringing victims to hospitals. 


Hospitals reported several adults and teenagers who were injured with gunshot wounds, with some in surgery. 


President Trump said in a speech that he was grieving, this has been going on for too long in our country, that his administration would do everything in their power to keep guns away from those who shouldn’t have them and to protect our schools. 


This shooting is the worst one since a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida killed 17 people. 


We will know more over the weekend about exactly what happened and who the gunman is as more information comes out. Very sad and terrible to see this. 


[Update: The shooting suspect is Dimitrios Pagourtzis.]




There will be two deaf kids attending the royal wedding tomorrow (Saturday) between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Local news in England said a 11-year old girl, Shahayna Begum, was invited by Windsor Castle and will go with two teachers. She was nominated as a “worthy guest” by a school administrator and has won several sports awards. 


I watched a video with her interacting with her teachers and other students, signing with them in British Sign Language. Nice.  


The second is a 14-year old boy, Reuben Litherland. An article from the UK based Catholic Universe said Reuben was invited in recognition of him teaching his hearing classmates how to sign during lunchtime. 


Reuben was on a BBC show last year and helped to spread awareness of Deaf children and the issues they face in school, and he is looked at as a young activist. 


Nice to see two deaf children going to the wedding! 


Prince Harry has done work with deaf children before — in 2013, news took pictures of him visiting a deaf school in South Africa 


Article about Shahayna:


Video of Shahayna:


Tweet with Picture of Reuben:

Catholic Universe:


British Deaf News:




The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, and Nyle DiMarco visited the California School for the Deaf, Fremont to talk about Apple’s new initiative on teaching deaf and blind children on how to code. 


Yesterday was “Global Accessibility Awareness Day.” So the two went to mark the day. 


Apple announced that they will partner with eight different school programs across the nation including CSD Fremont (both deaf and blind schools), Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, Texas School for the Deaf and the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and blind school programs in New York City, Illinois, and Massachusetts.  


The coding program is called Swift and Apple has designed a curriculum, “Everybody Can Code,” that makes it easy for children to learn, and Apple says it is accessible to both deaf and blind people. 


Nyle tweeted several pictures of him interacting with students and staff. 


I watched a video by CSD Fremont’s student news “Talon News,” where they interviewed Nyle and Tim Cook. The link is below in the transcript. 


Nyle gave a presentation outside with what looks like about 300 students, teachers, staff, and parents. 


He said on Instagram that he also gave a presentation to thousands of Apple employees about the importance of accessibility and embracing being Deaf and different, and that Tim Cook cancelled the rest of his afternoon to watch it. 


Very nice. It is not the first time Tim Cook interacted with Deaf people — he visited the CSD Fremont campus a few months ago to do volunteer work, and he sat down for a chat with deaf vlogger Rikki Poynter last year. 


Great to see that deaf and blind students will have access to coding with Apple’s program. Hopefully more deaf/blind schools across the nation can join in with the new curriculum. 


Apple Press Release:




Tim Cook & Rikki Poynter:




Yesterday Mozzeria, the deaf-owned pizza restaurant based in San Francisco, announced they would start a franchise restaurant right here in Austin, Texas. 


This announcement was posted on CSD Communication Service for the Deaf’s Facebook page. CSD employee and host Kriston Pumphrey did an interview with Mozzeria founders Melody and Russ Stein. 


Russ said it felt good to finally have this news out and that he was excited to have the successes in San Francisco be emulated in Austin, and that he felt the city had a great community and a lot of similarities with San Francisco. 


Melody said they would make another announcement of the exact location, and said the restaurant would open next year. She said she was happy to finally expand, because during their pizza trolley tour, many said they wanted Mozzeria in their home cities. Now they have expanded. 


CSD and Mozzeria are partners in CSD’s Social Venture Fund (SVF) and had announced plans for franchises across the nation, and now we know Austin is the first city. The ultimate goal of the SVF is to give more employment opportunities to deaf people.




On Wednesday in Chicago, former President Obama sat down with 20 of his Obama Foundation fellows — one of them Deaf woman Melissa Malzkuhn. 


Pictures and video of the meeting show a circle of people sitting down, with an ASL interpreter seated close to Obama and Melissa on the opposite side. 


One news reporter said Obama used sign language to greet Melissa. See this tweet. 


Tweet: When @BarackObama arrived to meet the Foundation fellows oday, he greeted them with handshakes. But he greeted Melissa Malzkuhn @mezmalz in sign language. She wants to give deaf children digital tools.


Nice. Melissa tweeted that it was an important moment. 


I did an interview with her several weeks ago where she talks more about the Obama Foundation and her goals of providing bilingual tools for deaf children. The link to it is below in transcript. 


It is not the only recognition Melissa got this week. She and her team at Ink & Salt, a deaf-owned creative productions business, was recognized as the “App of the Day” by Apple’s iTunes. 


An article described how third-generation deaf siblings Melissa, Megan, and Matt Malzkuhn and a Deaf coder Tim Kettering came together during a 2013 competition to pitch a business idea to develop an app that would teach ASL. They won $300. 


From that seed, they worked for 18 months to launch The ASL App, and it now has 1.5 million downloads with over 1,500 short videos. Wow, very successful. 


You can read the article only on iTunes on iPhone or iPad. If you have an Android device, ask someone with an iPhone to read it.


Interview (starts at 16:33):




That is all for today. Have a wonderful weekend and… Stay with the light! 








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