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May 18, 2018

School Officer Prevents Illinois High School Shooting; Man Arrested After Explosion in Orange County Kills Woman; Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Explodes; Fatal School Bus Accident in New Jersey; Portland City Council Candidate Philip Wolfe in 3rd Place After Oregon Elections; Guest #DeafBing: Accurate Lipreading and Video Games​

School Officer Prevents Illinois High School Shooting


At a high school in Dixon, Illinois, a school resource officer, Mark Dallas, stopped a potential school shooting.


Yesterday (Wednesday) morning at 8 a.m. the suspect Matt Milby, who is 19 and a former student, went near the school gym and fired several shots.


Inside of the gym, there were students who were practicing for their graduation — doing a walk-through.


The school officer immediately responded and confronted Matt, who ran away and out of the school with the officer chasing.


Matt fired several shots towards the officer, but didn’t hit him. The officer shot back, wounding Matt in his shoulder.


With the situation contained, Officer Dallas asked for emergency responders to come. Nobody was injured  except for Matt.


He was arrested and taken to the hospital. He was still there last night under police supervision. He is expected to recover then he will be taken to jail.


He has been charged with three counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm, which are very serious charges. There might be more charges during the investigation.


Students at the school said they were scared when they heard the gunshots. Teachers went into lockdown mode, blocking their doors with bookcases and desks.


Later last night, over 100 people gathered for a vigil, to process the incident and to give thanks to the officer.


Matt’s mother, Julie, said his son was bullied and ostracized at school, was very sad for a long time, and was completing his credits outside of class. She said the gun, a 9mm pistol, belongs to her and her grandpa. Somehow Matt got possession of it.


She was thankful the school officer didn’t kill him, and that Matt didn’t kill anybody else.


The high school is closed today.




Man Arrested After Explosion in Orange County Kills Woman


On Tuesday afternoon in Orange County, California — there was an explosion at a medical building that killed a day spa owner, Ildiko Krajnyak, and seriously injured two customers who had surgery but is expected to recover.  A third person had smoke inhalation.


People in the area thought it was an earthquake, but realized it was an explosion when they saw one side of the building destroyed with a small fire burning.


Federal officials said they think this was done on purpose by someone who put an explosive in what appears to be a package. They found a device that wouldn’t normally be at the day spa, making it suspicious.


The U.S. Postal Service said the package didn’t go through their system.


So it appears someone placed it there. It reminds us of the explosions several months ago in Austin.


Law enforcement searched at different locations yesterday — the site of the explosion, Ildiko’s home, and a home in Long Beach.


The person who lived in the Long Beach home, Stephen Beal, was arrested today for possession of an unregistered destructive device.


CBS News said Beal was Ildiko’s ex-boyfriend and made rockets in his home for movie props. Beal’s Facebook page have many photos of him traveling with Ildiko. They were business partners.


Ildiko is from Hungary and has lived in California for over 10 years.


Police said they believe there is no threat of other explosives in the area.




Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Explodes


The Kilauea volcano on Big Island, Hawaii has exploded today from it’s summit, sending ash and smoke about 30,000 feet in the air.


People who lived close by said there was some ash falling from the sky. This volcano is very active with ongoing eruptions since 1983.


This explosion doesn’t seem to be life-threatening, but officials are warning people in the area to be cautious.


Scientists had predicted an eruption-explosion from steam trapped underneath, by heated groundwater from magma.  


There is concern because the eruption is a part of extensive volcanic activity in the area that has caused fissures to open with lava spewing into neighborhoods and roads, with over 30 buildings destroyed.


The Deaf man I was in touch with, Ronald McBride, who lives about 25 miles away from the volcano, is doing okay, and is still in the Leilani Estates neighborhood.


There are a total of 21 fissures now.


He is using a gas mask because of toxic fumes coming from the fissures. He is still in the area because he doesn’t want to miss any events.


See some of the pictures and videos he sent me.


[Images of smoke rising from fissures in the distance, dried lava rocks resting on top of a road, a helicopter overhead, and of McBride wearing a gas mask]


Thank you for sharing Ronald, and I’ve shared with him that I hope he will stay safe.


Astronaut’s tweet from space:


Other Images:




Fatal School Bus Accident in New Jersey


There was a serious school bus accident on a New Jersey highway that has killed a middle school student and an adult chaperone, and injured many more, with at least 10 in the hospital.


The bus had about 50 middle schools students in it from the East Brook Middle School in Paramus. It appears they were on a field trip when it collided with a dump truck.


Pictures of the scene show the bus severely damaged on the median, with it’s cabin torn away from its metal chassis. A large number of emergency responders were at the scene.


The dump truck had the front part smashed in, but it’s body was intact. It’s not known what happened, how the two collided.


Terrible to see this.




Portland City Council Candidate Philip Wolfe in 3rd Place After Oregon Elections


The deaf candidate for Portland City Council Position #2, Philip Wolfe, came in third place after the Oregon primary elections on Tuesday.


He got 3,401 votes, or 2.93% — according to the Oregon Sec. of State website.


The winner is the incumbent Nick Fish, with over 71 thousand votes and 61%.


Although the results was not close, it is still a formidable effort by Wolfe, who had far less resources than Nick Fish and had to fight through accessibility barriers.


I reached out to him for comment.


Wolfe said he never dreamed he would see his name on a ballot and cried when he saw it. He said he has always voted since 18, and that it was a big deal and felt his work was recognized with his name there.


But Wolfe is not satisfied with the election process. He said he would file a compliant against Multnomah County Elections because although they “listened” to Wolfe’s concerns about accessibility and equity, they didn’t act to make changes and went ahead with the elections.


He said he feels he has made an impact in increasing visibility for him and Deaf people. He said he will take a break now after nine months of campaigning, but would be back next year to try and take a seat on the city council.




Guest #DeafBing: Accurate Lipreading and Video Games


Alex: Are you ready for guest Deaf Bing videos? Here they are!




Richard J.: Deaf Bing -- I was talking with my Deaf friend outside. We saw a woman drive her car to us. She looked like she needed our help. She mouthed this word.


As I looked at her, my friend said she was trying to say, “zoo.” He said he was sure of it and pointed in the direction, saying it was not far.


I said it was better to have her write it down. She wrote, “school.” I pointed in the opposite direction.




Crow_Se7en: Some video games don’t have subtitles. For example, Garry’s Mod -- as my friend and I play together, we will hear voices and I’ll ask my friend what it is saying. My friend said he didn’t understand it. This is frustrating, no captions!

(Video of the two playing the game, with both in split-screen corners)


C7: It’s locked. Kenny: I hear someone’s talking.

C7: We’re deaf -- Look, man!


C7: We’re going down

Kenny: It said come to us or something

C7: I dunno

Kenny: We’re deaf.

C7: I hear the voice. Where is close caption? I don’t understand.


Crow_Se7en: That Deaf Bing!


Alex: Thank you for sending!




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