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May 17, 2018

North Korea Threatens to Cancel Summit with President Trump; Turkey and International Community Criticize Israel for Gaza Deaths; Israel and U.S. Defends Actions; Michigan State Settles $500 Million With Survivors of Nassar Abuse; Canadian Woman Arrested in Georgia for Driving with “Invalid” License; Trump Reveals Over $100k Payment to Reimburse Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels; Five People Killed By Falling Trees During Powerful Storms in Northeast; Deaf Man Hopes To Become “Chubbies 2018 Man Model”

North Korea Threatens to Cancel Summit with President Trump


North Korea leader Kim Jong-un surprised the U.S. last night when he said he might cancel the upcoming summit with President Trump.


There are two reasons why. North Korea isn’t not happy about the joint military drills between South Korea and the U.S., and they don’t want to give up their nuclear weapons.


The military drills are routine for the U.S., but North Korea has long looked at them as a threat of invasion.


There were military drills last month, and North Korea didn’t say anything about it, but they are objecting to the current air force drills.


A North Korean official also said they will not give up their nuclear weapons for economic benefits, that they don’t want to be like Libya and Iraq.


U.S. officials have expressed confusion on why North Korea felt this way, and emphasized that the drills are for defensive reasons — not to plan an invasion.


The summit is supposed to be on June 12 in Singapore.


Today the White House said they hope that the meeting will still happen, but that Trump would be fine if there is no meeting, that the U.S. would continue their maximum pressure on them.


North Korea has previously said they would dismantle their nuclear weapons program in exchange for a security guarantee. This might mean “no war.”


It’s less than a month before the meeting. We’ll see how the Trump administration and South Korea respond to this, and North Korea’s actions.




Turkey and International Community Criticize Israel for Gaza Deaths; Israel and U.S. Defends Actions


Turkey and the international community has taken a strong stance against Israel for the deaths of at least 60 Palestinians who were killed by military gunfire as they protested near the border fence on Monday.


Turkish President Erdogan said Israel was a terrorist entity that carried out a genocide, and put blame on the United States as well.

Erdogan said in a recent speech that the U.S. has lost its role as mediator in the Middle East when they moved their embassy to occupied territories (Jerusalem). He has asked Islamic countries to look at their ties with Israel.


South Africa, Ireland, Belgium has summoned their Israeli ambassador.


The United Nations and European Union has criticized Israel.


France has called on Israel to exercise restraint. Germany said they were shocked and deeply concerned. The U.K. asked for an independent and transparent investigation in the deaths.


Amid the criticism, the United States and Australia has supported Israel, saying the Hamas organization (which is considered a terrorist group by several countries) was responsible.


Other countries supporting the U.S. embassy move are Romania, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic.


Guatemala and Paraguay will move their embassy to Jerusalem.


The U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Hamas is the one who is violent, that Israel acted with restraint. She walked out of a UN meeting as a Palestinian representative started to speak.


Israel has continued to defend their use of force, saying there were people who fired on their troops or tried to blow up the fences.


Their Prime Minister Netanyahu has blamed Hamas for pushing and ordering people to approach the fence.


The protests in Gaza has reduced in the past two days, but could increase in intensity in the future.


The Muslim holy month of Ramadan will start this week.


The Gaza strip has about two million people living there, unable to go across the border with Israel and Egypt. They live in poverty.




Michigan State Settles $500 Million With Survivors of Nassar Abuse


Michigan State University will pay a $500 million settlement to 332 women and students who were assaulted by Larry Nassar, who will be in prison for the rest of his life for various sex crimes.


$425 million will be distributed to those who were a part of a lawsuit (claimants), with $75 million set aside for two years to protect potential future claimants.


A lawyer for the survivors said this was possible because of the women and girls’ their bravery, for having the courage to stand up and refused to be silenced.


Each woman and girl will get an average of $1.28 million.


This will end any litigation against the university. But there are still claims against USA Gymnastics, the US Olympic Committee, and other entities.




Canadian Woman Arrested in Georgia for Driving with “Invalid” License


A woman from Ontario, Canada — Emily Nield — was arrested by a police officer in Cook County, Georgia because she was driving with a Canadian drivers license that was considered invalid.


Canadian news outlet CBC did a report about this.


This was last month, on her 27th birthday. Emily admitted she was driving over the speed limit on I-75 and when she was pulled over, she showed her Ontario drivers license.


She said the police officer wouldn’t accept a Canadian license and asked her to prove she was Canadian.


Emily showed her phone with copies of her passport and birth certificate on it, but the officer wouldn’t accept them, wanting to see the originals, which she didn’t have with her.


She was arrested for driving without a license, handcuffed, and put in the back of a police car.


Emily filmed herself on Snapchat from inside, crying, saying she didn’t want to go to jail.


But Emily did go to the police station, was charged with driving without a license and speeding, got her mugshot taken, and was fingerprinted.


Emily paid her bail of $880 with her debit card to get out.


She then reached out to a lawyer who is a family friend in the U.S. to dismiss the charges and have her arrest expunged.


Three days after her arrest, a Cook County court official moved to have the charges dismissed and said that her record would be clean in several weeks.


The official recommended Canadian drivers to have their passport and other documents with their drivers license.


Emily is now back in Ontario with her family, but will go back to Georgia to pick her car up. She also will have her bail money refunded.


On a U.S. government website, it states clearly that Canadian drivers licenses are valid in the U.S., but if you are staying past a certain time (extended stay or on a visa), you should check if you need to get a driver's license from the state you are in.


Canada also allows American drivers with U.S. driver's licenses.


But after seeing this case, it might be a good idea to bring your passport while driving in another country.






Trump Reveals Over $100k Payment to Reimburse Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels


President Trump, in his financial disclosure form that is required for top federal officials, revealed he paid his personal lawyer Michael Cohen over $100,000 for reimbursement.


Many say this was to pay back Cohen for the $130,000 non-disclosure agreement to Stormy Daniels.


This is another admission from President Trump that he was involved with the payment. He previously said he didn’t know where Cohen got the money from in an interview on Air Force One.


But that story changed after his new lawyer Rudy Giuliani revealed that Trump did reimburse Cohen.


Trump tweeted a few weeks ago that he paid Cohen back through a monthly retainer. Now this appears to be confirmed in the disclosure form.


The form shows other income Trump made last year. His Mar-a-Lago resort in south Florida brought in more than $25 million last year. His Trump International Hotel in Washington earned over $40 million. His Doral golf club in Miami brought over $75 million.

He has debts of at least $250 million.


He still owns his companies and properties, but the day-to-day operations is done by his sons.


Direct link to disclosure form:



Five People Killed By Falling Trees During Powerful Storms in Northeast


At least five people died in northeast U.S. from powerful, dangerous spring storms that brought heavy rains, thunderstorms, 80-mph winds, hail, and one tornado.


Two people in Connecticut, a male and a female, died in separate accidents when trees fell on their vehicles.


In Newburgh, New York, a 11-year old girl died as she was sitting in her mother’s SUV -- a tree fell on it.


Another woman from the same town died after a tree fell on her vehicle.


A Pennsylvania man in the Poconos area died from a tree that fell on the roof of his car as he was driving.


Over 350,000 homes and businesses are without electricity in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


The risk of severe weather is over, but flooding may happen in various areas.






Deaf Man Hopes To Become “Chubbies 2018 Man Model”


There is a Deaf man from Austin, Julian Moiwai, who is in an online voting competition to become the Chubbies 2018 Man Model.


He made it into the final 20, and is hoping to be in the top 10.


Chubbies is a clothing company that specializes in men’s shorts that are above the knee. Julian said he loves Chubbies shorts and hopes to represent the company as a Deaf model.


He made two videos to get people’s attention and drum up votes. See the clips.


Julian: Life is short. Show your thighs. I aim to be the first Deaf Chubbies Man Model and my thighs want your vote! I made it into the FINAL round! Let me tell you how much I love Chubbies. Support my journey and vote!


Alex: Great videos. I asked him why we should support him by voting for him. See his response.


Julian: Chubbies is all about being radical, creative, and breaking barriers. I want to open doors to many potential things in the future. I love editing, filming, and drones. I will bring my culture to Chubbies world. Please vote. Remember, my thighs want your vote!  


Alex: You can support him and his thighs by voting for him at the link above or in the transcript —


Julian currently has just over 2,600 votes, and he is just outside of the top 10 now. So there’s still time for the Deaf community to roll up his numbers.


You can vote once per day per email address. Voting ends on May 19 at 11:59 pm PT.


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