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May 16, 2018


Chinese Plane Lands Safely After Broken Windshield Partially Sucks Out Co-Pilot; Melania Trump Has Surgery for Kidney Condition; U.S. Senate To Vote on Net Neutrality; Court Battles Pending; Protests at Marlton School in Los Angeles; CJ Jones in “Avatar” Sequel

Chinese Plane Lands Safely After Broken Windshield Partially Sucks Out Co-Pilot


In China, a passenger plane (Sichuan Airlines) with 128 people on it had its cockpit window break at 32,000 feet, sucking a co-pilot partially outside.


The pilot, Liu Chuanjian, said the windshield suddenly burst with a loud noise. When he looked to his side, he saw the co-pilot already halfway out of the window, fortunately held back by his seatbelt.


The pilot said everything was flying around in the cockpit, there was intense cold, and the plane vibrated.


The pilot slowed down the plane and made an emergency landing in 20 minutes.


The co-pilot had facial and wrist injuries, but will survive. A flight attendant had minor injuries during the landing.


Pictures of the plane show the right cockpit window completely missing. It was later covered with a white tarp. The cause is unknown and is under investigation.


It doesn’t seem like any passengers were injured. They had oxygen masks deployed after the cockpit window broke. It happened when food was being served, and it caused flight attendants to be thrown into the air.


People are hailing the pilot and crew as heroes for guiding the plane to safety.




Melania Trump Has Surgery for Kidney Condition


First lady Melania Trump had surgery yesterday to treat a benign (non-cancerous) kidney condition at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


The surgery was an “embolization procedure.” Fox News described it as cutting off blood supply to a mass or a growth to shrink it.


The White House said the surgery was successful without any complications.


Melania will stay in the hospital for the week. President Trump visited her yesterday afternoon and said she was in good spirits.



U.S. Senate To Vote on Net Neutrality; Court Battles Pending


Tomorrow the Senate will vote on whether to reverse the FCC’s decision to repeal the net neutrality rules.


The rules prevented internet service providers (ISPs), like AT&T, Charter, and Verizon from throttling websites (making them run slower) unless you pay more.


The net neutrality rules prohibited it, but the FCC voted to remove them.


Last week, FCC Chairperson, Ajit Pai, announced his repeal of the net neutrality rules will officially start June 11.


For the Senate vote, Republicans didn’t want the vote to happen, but Democrats were able to use a political process called a Congressional Review Act (CRA) to force the Senate to vote on it.


The Democrats have better odds of passing it, they have better support in the the Senate since Senator John McCain (R) is out due to his health issues with cancer. There is also one Republican that supports net neutrality: Senator Collins from Maine.


Even if the Democrats pass the CRA in the Senate, it is unlikely it will pass in the House of Representatives with their Republican majority. President Trump also has the ability to veto it.


The FCC is also facing lawsuits filed by over 30 entities, including state governments and major tech companies who favor the net neutrality rules.


Some state governments have already set up their own net neutrality rules. If the net neutrality rules are removed in June, these states will likely be sued by ISPs who point at the FCC’s decision.


So this issue is not simple and we’ll see a lot of political and legal action with net neutrality.


List of plaintiffs in FCC lawsuit:




Protests at Marlton School in Los Angeles


People from the Marlton School in Los Angeles, California, which is a deaf program, plan to have protests today and Thursday.


The protests are demand:


— The removal of the current principal of Marlton School, Lisa DeRoss.

— For the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which oversees the Marlton School, to make changes on how they recruit future administrators.

— Form a new oversight committee that will represent stakeholders with at least 51% Deaf Persons of Color and Deaf people.

— For LAUSD to change their policy on Deaf Education.


The protests are led by parents, community members, alumni, students, with the support of some teachers and administrators.


Here is an important update — the principal DeRoss announced this morning that she would resign after the end of the school year to move to a different school. But the protests will continue.


Marlton is a K-12 day school program with about 135 Deaf students. There are hearing students, who are relatives of the Deaf students, who also attend Marlton, but only for K-6.


The California Association of the Deaf (CAD)’s Vice President, Flavia Fleischer, made a vlog about the protest. I reached out to her on VP and I will share some of what she said about the protest.


She said Marlton was suffering from high turnover with the principal — they had seven different principals in seven years.


She said the current principal, DeRoss, was oppressive in her statements and attitudes towards Deaf teachers and staff, about approaches on Deaf Education, and towards Deaf community members.


Fleischer said the problem goes back to the LAUSD’ system of appointing principals over schools — if there is an availability, they will select a person from a pool of candidates.


She said this doesn’t work with Marlton, as it is an unique school with Deaf, cultural, and linguistic needs.


I reached out to two people from within Marlton program for comment. They asked for me to not share their names.


One person said the process of recruiting the principal was very short and did not give enough time for people to see the job opening and apply, which caused the school to miss out on potential leaders who had experience in Deaf education.


One said the school atmosphere with DeRoss is “hell,” but said it was stressful with previous administrators as well. The person said there is blatant discrimination, racism, and audism within Marlton, caused by the principal.


They said they tried to alert LAUSD about the issues, but that their responses were not sufficient. So they are protesting.  


I watched several vlogs under the hashtag #WeAreMarlton and saw vlogs with similar concerns by parents, alumni, and former students.


The protest today is at the LAUSD headquarters building during their board meeting. The protest Thursday is at the Marlton school.


You can follow them on their Facebook page and the #WeAreMarlton hashtag to stay updated on the latest.




CJ Jones in “Avatar” Sequel


Deaf actor and comedian CJ Jones announced on his Facebook page that he has a role in the upcoming Avatar sequel that is scheduled for release in 2020.

This is a big deal because -- of course it’s another Deaf person in a Hollywood film -- but also because Avatar is the top-grossing film with $2.7 billion in box office when it was released in 2009. It’s a big movie.

CJ said he started with his role last year and has one more year to go. He said he couldn’t share what his role is, that the whole production is confidential.

He posted pictures of him posing with filmmaker James Cameron, actors Kate Winslet, Sigourney Weaver, and Cliff Curtis.

Nice! I am looking forward to the movie.

CJ will also be on CNN on Sunday night (May 20) as a part of the “United Shades of America” show at 10 pm EST. You can check your local time listings to see the exact time it will air.





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