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May 15, 2018

Over 50 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Protests As U.S. Opens Embassy; Supreme Court Allows States to Legalize Sports Betting; Facebook Suspends 200 Apps In Scandal Aftermath; Eastern Kentucky University Suspends BA in Deaf Studies; Two More Deaf People Running for Public Office; ABC Cancelling “Quantico,” Show to End After 3rd Season​

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Over 50 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Protests As U.S. Opens Embassy


Over 50 Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire along the Gaza border, with over 1,600 people wounded today (Monday).


This is happening at the same time as the U.S. Embassy’s opening in Jerusalem in a formal ceremony with Ivanka Trump and other U.S. representatives attending. They are about 60 miles away from Gaza.  


Pictures of the streets of Jerusalem show many U.S. and Israel flags displayed side by side. There are posters honoring Trump with new signs pointing to the new American embassy.


The “new” embassy is in a building for the U.S. Consulate, which will now be the interim facility until a new one is built somewhere in Jerusalem.


People in Israel seem very supportive of this. The Democratic Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer applauded Trump. But there were several European and Arab countries who condemned this move, saying it hurt peace in the region.


The protests in Gaza has gone on for several weeks now, but now it’s increased in intensity with the embassy opening and the May 14 date, which is the 70th anniversary of Israel’s formation.


Palestinians look at this date as “Nakba Day,” which means a day of catastrophe, looking back on when about 700,000 of their descendants were driven out.


Media reported Palestinian protesters at the front lines throwing stones and launching kites with flames, trying to ignite fires in Israel. Others in the back were more peaceful.


Israeli military said there were at least 35,000 people protesting in 12 different places along the fence and that some of them tried to plant explosives.


Before today, almost 50 Palestinians died, including a young deaf male.


Deaf Palestinian Killed During Gaza Protests:




Supreme Court Allows States to Legalize Sports Betting


The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a federal law that prohibited almost all states from legalizing sports gambling for football, basketball, baseball, and other sports.


This means many U.S. states might be on their way to legalize sports betting.


This case started when New Jersey’s former governor, Chris Christie, signed a law in 2012 that allowed casinos and racetracks in the state to include sports betting.


But the NCAA and other pro sports leagues sued New Jersey, saying this violated a federal anti-gambling law from 1992, which was designed to “protect the integrity of games.”


That federal law barred states from sports betting but it had an exception for Nevada, which allowed people to bet on a single game. If you’ve been to Las Vegas, you have probably seen a “sports book” in a casino.


The Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey, saying Congress did not have the authority to tell states which laws they could pass.


Justice Alito Jr. said because Congress did not have a law that regulated sports betting, each state is free to act on its own.


It is estimated that Americans illegally bet about $150 billion on sports every year. Now this “industry” will become a legitimate business.  


Some media quoted researchers saying they estimate about 32 states will offer sports betting within five years.




Facebook Suspends 200 Apps In Scandal Aftermath


Here’s an update on Facebook.


Ever since the news broke on the scandal relating to Facebook and Cambridge Analytica misusing 87 million users’ data, Facebook has been trying to stop the damage.  


Back in March, Facebook announced that they were investigating apps that had access to people’s data like Cambridge Analytica did.


This morning Facebook released an update announcing that they are suspending about 200 apps.


We don’t know who the 200 apps are — Facebook will not let us know until they can confirm they misused users’ data.


Facebook’s investigation will include interviews with app developers, requests for information about the app, and there may even be on-site inspections.


If Facebook does, in fact, find an app misused their access to user data, they will ban them immediately and notify everyone through a website.


The website will show people if they or their friends installed an app that misused their data. Facebook did this for Cambridge Analytica. You can see the link to this page in the transcript.


Remember, the apps being investigated are from before 2015. That year Facebook changed their policy which prevented apps from having too much access (such as access to users’ friends).


Facebook said there is a lot more work to be done to find all the apps that might have misused people’s Facebook data and it will take time. They said they are investing heavily to make sure the investigation is as thorough and as timely as possible.


Cambridge Analytica announced they were shutting down this month. They have denied misusing the data.


Check to see if Facebook found that your data was misused here:




Eastern Kentucky University Suspends BA in Deaf Studies


The Eastern Kentucky University will be suspending their Bachelors in Deaf Studies and the upcoming Masters in ASL Studies programs as a part of a $25 million budget reduction.


There are people who are disappointed with this decision. I reached out to two faculty members in the Department of ASL & Interpreter Education (ASLIE) program for comment — Michael Ballard and Bryan Bowen.


They said the Deaf Studies program is the only one in Kentucky and one of a few in the the southeast region.


The suspension doesn’t mean the program is cut, it gives them five years to try and re-open the program before it is cut.


Students who have declared Deaf Studies as their major will be able to finish their degrees.


The Master’s degree program has not started, so the university saved “future money.”


Ballard and Bowen were concerned that deaf high school graduates wouldn’t have the opportunity to study about their own culture, and that students in other fields will be less informed about deaf and hard of hearing people.  


EKU will still keep their Interpreter Education Program and their outreach program.


One student, Haven Bradshaw, wrote an opinion paper in the student newspaper saying that the suspension felt like oppression. She said it didn’t make sense from a budget standpoint, as the interpreting program’s required courses mostly lined up with the Deaf Studies program courses. She cautioned that EKU would lose prospective students.


Bowen said this was oppressive because it affects how many people can work as ASL teachers, Deaf educators, or social workers who work with deaf individuals.


Ballard said they are the only cultural studies degree that was suspended or cut, and said it doesn’t save the university money because the faculty who teach interpreting also teach Deaf Studies.


Bowen said the program was still new — only a few years old — and had their enrollment triple in 2018, but the new numbers wasn’t included in the university decision-making.


The ASL, Deaf Culture, and history courses are still offered, but the degree option is gone. The team is now working on offering a general degree with two concentrations/emphasis: one in Deaf/ASL Studies and one in Interpreting.


Bowen said he is grateful for the Dean’s office’s support for the program to restructure, and acknowledged that they were not the only ones who had budget cuts.


From looking at the ASLIE program website, there are over 20 faculty and staff in the program. I was told that there was one faculty member who was recently let go.




Two More Deaf People Running for Public Office


Several days ago I talked about four deaf people who were running for public office in the U.S.


The first is Darrin Ryan Smith. He is running to get a seat in Maryland’s House of Delegates, which is the “same” thing as House of Representatives in other states. He wants to get a seat for Frederick County, District 4.


He is a Maryland native and is currently working on his Masters in Public Administration at the University of Baltimore.


I asked him on why he wanted to run, and what changes he wanted to see.


[Video by Darrin]


The primary election is on June 26, with early voting prior.


Darrin said he doesn’t have Democratic opponents for his seat, so he is likely to move on to the general election in November, where he will go up against Republican candidates.


Good luck to him.



The second person is Kim Mettache, who is running for the Dyer City Council. This is in Indiana, right at the border with Illinois.


She ran unopposed in the primary and won, and is moving on to run against a Republican for her seat on City Council for Ward 4 in the upcoming election in November.


She also won to become delegate for the Indiana Democratic convention in June. And she also won for her precinct.


I asked her what motivated her to run.


[Video by Kim]


Nice. The main changes she wants to see in Dyer are safer bike paths, better roads, and to establish a community center.


Her strategy is to knock on doors, introduce herself, and meet her voters. She said she is excited about the future, and that she wants more deaf people to run for public office.


So, those are the two other deaf people running for public office. There might be more out there, and maybe you’re considering running yourself sometime in the future?


Darrin Ryan Smith:

(Campaign Page Coming Soon)


Kim Mettache:




ABC Cancelling “Quantico,” Show to End After 3rd Season


ABC announced they would cancel the fourth season of the TV show “Quantico,” which has Marlee Matlin in the current third season.


The third season will continue with 10 more episodes until its finale, which will be the last show.


Marlee tweeted about this, saying it was sad news, but thanking the showrunner for believing in her. See this.


Matlin: “Sad news @QuanticoTV is cancelled. THANK YOU @michaelseitzman for believing in me & creating the most kick ass character I've ever played. THANK YOU too @priyankachopra @BlairUnderwood @JohannaEBraddy @russelltovey @jjakemclaughlin @alanpowell10.You rock & I'll miss you all. (Crying emoji)”




That’s all for today! See you tomorrow and stay with the light!



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