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May 10, 2018

Israel and Iran Engages in Airstrikes Against Each Other; Trump Meets with 3 Americans Freed by North Korea; Announces Meeting with Kim Jong Un; Tank Truck Spills 12 Tons of Liquid Chocolate; Man Charged for Hiring Hit Man to Kill Black Neighbor; Woman Has Ear Transplant Surgery from Ear Grown in Forearm; U.S. Senators To Decide on Gina Haspel for CIA Director

Israel and Iran Engages in Airstrikes Against Each Other


Israel and Iran has engaged in airstrikes against each other overnight.


It started when a series of Iranian rockets hit Israeli military positions at their occupied Golan Heights area, which is right “next” to Syria. Air raid sirens sounded off.


In response, the Israel military sent jets and fired missiles towards Iranian and Syrian military positions in Syria. It is reported that at least 23 fighters in Syria were killed.


The Russian military said 28 Israeli jets fired 70 missiles, but that half of the missiles were shot down.


People in Damascus, the capital of Syria, described the area shaking with the sounds of explosions from incoming missiles and Syrian air defenses firing back.


Israel’s Defense Minister Liberman said they wouldn’t let Iran use Syria as a forward base against Israel. He said they struck almost all of the Iranian infrastructure in Syria and warned that if they got rain, they’d get a flood.


The conflict between Israel and Iran has been increasing in its intensity.


Syria and Iran have reported several Israeli airstrikes against positions in Syria in the past few weeks, as Israel seeks to push back Iranians who they feel are getting too close.


We also have the tensions from President Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. The White House issued a statement condemning Iran and supporting Israel’s right to defend itself.


Israel said they are on high alert. Iran and Syria is probably on high alert as well.




Trump Meets with 3 Americans Freed by North Korea; Announces Meeting with Kim Jong Un  


President Trump and First Lady Melania met with the three Americans freed by North Korea this morning about 2:40 a.m.


The Trumps first went inside their plane, then all of them went outside together. There was a giant U.S. flag held up by two fire trucks.


President Trump said he wanted to thank Kim Jong Un, that he was honored to have helped the three folks.


One of the three men said it was like a dream and that they are very happy.


Trump did mention Otto Warmbier, the American student who died after being released from imprisonment in North Korea. Trump said he was a great man who really suffered and that he has spoken with his family.


Later this morning, President Trump tweeted that he would meet with Kim Jong Un on June 12 in Singapore. He said they both will try to make it a very special moment for world peace.


The topics they are likely to discuss is for North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons and for the U.S. to remove sanctions and reduce their large military presence in South Korea.


Singapore historically has been a place where Asian leaders meet for diplomatic talks. It also has relations with North Korea, with an embassy and ambassador there.




Tank Truck Spills 12 Tons of Liquid Chocolate


In Poland, a tank truck carrying 12 tons of liquid chocolate on a highway overturned, spilling chocolate all over both sides of the road, all six lanes.


The driver was taken to the hospital with a broken arm, and nobody else was injured.


The highway was closed with crews coming in to clean up the mess.


Crews said it was very difficult because the chocolate started to harden, requiring them to use warm-pressure water to remove it layer by layer. There was a bulldozer trying to scoop it up.


Local news said the crews were smiling as they cleaned it up. They probably can’t eat it, though because it’s past the “five-second rule.”




Man Charged for Hiring Hit Man to Kill Black Neighbor


A man from South Carolina, Brandon Lecroy, was charged with trying to pay someone to kill his neighbor, then hang him and put a flaming cross in his yard.


It looks like a hate crime because Lecroy is white, his neighbor is black, and the use of a flaming cross, which the KKK often uses.


Lecroy reached out to a person he thought was a “hit man” through a white supremacist group — but the person was an undercover FBI agent.


Lecroy offered to pay $500, sent him pictures of his neighbor, and gave instructions on hanging him from a tree with a flaming cross in the front yard.


He wanted to take over his property after he was killed and had plans to kill more people. He gave the undercover agent a $100 down payment and was arrested the next day on April 9.


A federal judge ordered him to get a psychiatric evaluation in a federal prison. If he is convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


Terrible to see this, and it’s a relief that a FBI agent was there to stop this.




Woman Has Ear Transplant Surgery from Ear Grown in Forearm  


A woman who lost her left ear from a serious car accident two years ago now has a new ear transplant — and it is from an ear that was grown in her own arm.


Her name is Shamika Burrage and she is an Army soldier. The operation was in Texas at an Army medical center.


Burrage chose this method over another option — an artificial ear.


It is the Army’s first ever ear reconstruction and transplant. How the process works — surgeons removed cartilage from her rib then carved a new ear.


They then placed it in her forearm so it could grow new blood vessels to give it the ability to feel. When it was developed, it was removed from the forearm and attached to her head.


She can hear from it. It will still take more time and more surgeries for the ear to become “normal” again, but doctors believe in five years, people wouldn’t even notice it.




U.S. Senators To Decide on Gina Haspel for CIA Director


U.S. Senators are now considering if they will support President Trump’s nominee to be CIA Director, Gina Haspel.


She went through testimony yesterday and was sharply questioned about her position on torture.


Haspel used to, during the Bush (43) presidency, oversee a CIA “black site” in Thailand, where suspected criminals and terrorists were interrogated and tortured, some by waterboarding. There were tapes of the interrogations, but they were destroyed.


Senators asked Haspel if she would bring back torture. She said she would not bring it back and doesn’t believe torture works. She was asked if she thought it was immoral, and Haspel didn’t answer, only saying she wouldn’t bring it back again.


She is the first woman nominated to lead the CIA. President Trump has been very supportive of her, saying there is nobody even close (to her) to run the CIA. Several Senators agreed, saying she was very qualified.


But Sen. John McCain (R, Ariz), who is in Arizona getting medical treatment for brain cancer, spoke out against her. He said her role in overseeing the use of torture by Americans is disturbing, and that because she refused to state that torture was immoral, she should be disqualified.


Now Senators are trying to make up their mind on if they support Haspel and Trump, or to side with McCain and other Democrats who are opposed.


The vote will be next week. Haspel needs at least 50 votes.




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