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India Dust Storms Kill Over 100 People; President Trump Says He Reimbursed Lawyer for $130,000 Payment to Stormy Daniels; Military Plane Crash Kills 9 Puerto Rico National Guard Members; Brinks Truck Spills Cash on Highway; FBI Arrests ISIS-Inspired Teenager Plotting to Shoot Up Mall; Redskins Cheerleaders Felt Forced to Pose Topless, Act as Escorts for Sponsors

India Dust Storms Kill Over 100 People


In India, a powerful dust storm with strong winds and lighting strikes killed over 100 people and injured many.


Pictures and video show thick clouds of dust whipping against trees, vehicles, and buildings as people struggle to move and cover themselves.


Over 8,000 electricity poles were toppled and hundreds of trees fell.


An Indian government official said most of the deaths were from walls and roofs of homes collapsing in the middle of the night. He said there are widespread electricity cuts and water shortages.


Indian Prime Minister Modi tweeted that he was saddened by the deaths and that he has asked officials to work with state governments to assist those affected.


Sadly, there was another disaster in India that the PM tweeted about — a bus accident in the northeast part.


News reports say at least 27 people died when a bus plunged into a gorge and burst into flames.




President Trump Says He Reimbursed Lawyer for $130,000 Payment to Stormy Daniels


President Trump said he did reimburse his personal lawyer Michael Cohen for a $130,000 payment he made to Stormy Daniels in 2016.


Last month Trump said on Air Force One that he didn’t know about the payment and didn’t know where Cohen got the money.


Cohen has said several times he paid Stormy with his own money, obtained from a home loan.


But the story changed last night after Trump’s new lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, told Fox News that Cohen paid Stormy and then was reimbursed by Trump over several months.


This morning Trump confirmed the payment on Twitter, but said there was no affair.


He said it was for a non-disclosure (NDA) agreement to stop Stormy from making false and extortionist accusations. Trump said the money did not come from the campaign or campaign contributions.


Trump said Stormy broke the NDA agreement and she is liable for damages during arbitration.


Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said Trump had defamed her and lied to the American people.


Now there is a question on if this should have been disclosed in federal election campaign laws. Was this related to the election in any way?


The payment was 11 days before Election Day 2016.




Military Plane Crash Kills 9 Puerto Rico National Guard Members


Yesterday in Georgia, a terrible plane crash killed 9 people who were members of the Puerto Rico National Guard.  


The crash happened on SH-21 in Port Wentworth right after the plane took off. Here’s a clip from one security camera that caught the explosion.


I will also show you a video from local news that shows the damage from the wreck.




[Tweet: @WJCLNews: JUST IN: An aerial view of the horrific plane crash that happened here in Savannah today.]


Witnesses reported that the plane narrowly missed people on the ground. Others said it was upside down before crashing.


Of the nine people who died, five were crew members for the plane and four were military maintenance and operations personnel.


Their names will not be released until all of the families have been contacted.


All 9 members were part of the 198th Fighter Squadron, nicknamed the Bucaneros.


The Governor of Puerto Rico and President Donald Trump both tweeted their sorrow and sent thoughts and prayers to the families.


The aircraft, a WC-130 military plane, was used for transporting cargo. A spokesperson for the Puerto Rico National Guard said that the plane was old, more than 60 years old, but it was in good mechanical condition with all of the modern updates.


The plane was on its final flight - it was going to be retired after it landed in Arizona.


A Puerto Rico National Guard official said the plane was used to rescue U.S. citizens stranded in the British Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma and brought supplies to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria last year.


He said that it is already known, that it is “old news” that the planes they have in Puerto Rico are the oldest planes.


Puerto Rico’s National Guard still has three other similar planes currently in service.


Additional Footage:




Brinks Truck Spills Cash on Highway


In Indianapolis, a Brinks truck had it’s back door come open, sending bags of money and cash flying all over I-70.


This was yesterday morning. It was about $600,000 in cash.


The Brinks truck driver said he realized the door was open when another driver alerted him. It is not known if it was human error or a door problem.


Vehicles stopped and people jumped fences to grab dollars. Police came on the scene to help collect money. It caused a traffic backup.


Police said taking money is considered theft and can be charged for it. They are asking people to return it and help identify other grabbers.


They said a school bus driver stopped to take cash and drove away. They also say four people in a truck pulling a trailer took a bag of money.


Police said they got calls from people who wants to turn in the money, and if they do, there won’t be questions asked.




FBI Arrests ISIS-Inspired Teenager Plotting to Shoot Up Mall


The FBI announced they have arrested a 17-year old high school student from Texas, Matin Azizi-Yarand, for plotting to shoot up a shopping mall. The investigation started in December.


Matin was in communication with an undercover FBI agent and a confidential human source (unidentified) in making plans to shoot Stonebriar Centre mall in Frisco (near Dallas) this month.


He pledged allegiance to ISIS and had written a manifesto. He told the source he wanted to be like other ISIS attackers and was learning how to make pipe bombs.


Matin said he previously wanted to shoot up a Hindu temple and thought of shooting up a school, but decided on the mall. He said he wanted to kill police officers and set some stores on fire.


His motive was to force the U.S. to spend more money on security, with more soldiers on the streets like in Europe. He also wanted to inspire others to do attacks.


Matin sent more than $1,400 to other people to buy weapons and tactical gear.


He was arrested at his high school — Plano West Senior High School. He is charged with criminal solicitation and terroristic threats. He is held on a $3 million bail.


His father said he had no idea, that he was a good kid and a good student.


If convicted, he faces life in prison for criminal solicitation and 10 years for the terroristic threat.




Redskins Cheerleaders Felt Forced to Pose Topless, Act as Escorts for Sponsors


The New York Times released a report describing negative experiences by Washington Redskins cheerleaders on a team-sponsored trip to Costa Rica in 2013. They said their passports were taken upon arrival at a hotel resort.


There was a photography session for a team calendar. Some cheerleaders said they were required to be topless and that there was a group of men who were Redskins sponsors or had suites at FedExField watching them.


Some said they were told to be personal escorts to the men as they went to a nightclub.


Cheerleaders said there was no sex involved, but they felt like they were pimped out and that this shouldn’t be a part of their jobs. They were not paid for the trip, they just had their airline, transportation, lodging, and meals covered.


The Redskins cheerleading director and choreographer, Stephanie Jojokian, said it was not true that cheerleaders were forced to be escorts. She said they were a big family and that there is a supportive environment, that she would never put a woman in a situation like that.


In the past two months, two former NFL cheerleaders for the Miami Dolphins and the New Orleans Saints filed complaints saying they were treated differently compared with other team employees or NFL players and often experienced discrimination, harassment, or oppression.


Some people on the internet recommended the NFL to remove cheerleaders altogether. Some said they should unionize. Others say the women should expect this as a part of their jobs.




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