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May 1, 2018

Special Counsel Mueller’s List of Questions for President Trump; Actress Ashley Judd Sues Harvey Weinstein for Damaging Her Career; Israeli PM Netanyahu Shows “Evidence” of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Ambitions; Officers Not Charged for Death of Mentally Ill Man Who Was Tased 15 Times; Baby Tiger Found at U.S. Border; Dolphin Checks Paddle-boarder; Oregon Deer Walking with Arrows; Four Guest Deaf Bing

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, May 1. Ready for news?




Special Counsel Mueller’s List of Questions for President Trump


Special Counsel Robert Mueller has given President Trump’s lawyers a list with almost 50 questions he wants to ask Trump the two will ever meet for an interview. The New York Times got a copy of the questions and shared it with us.


Mueller wants to know more about Trump’s ties with Russia, his relationship with advisers and family, and what made Trump tweet certain tweets. The questions can be divided in four categories.


The first is related to Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. The questions ask what did Trump know about Flynn’s phone calls with a Russian ambassador in December 2016, an action that the Washington Post later revealed to be potentially illegal because they discussed Obama sanctions?  


Mueller wants to ask what the White House did in response to warnings that Flynn was lying about his calls, and why they decided to fire Flynn several weeks later. Mueller also wants to know if Trump, after the firing, reached out to Flynn to give him immunity or possible pardon.


The second category is about James Comey, the former FBI director. Mueller wants to know Trump’s opinion of him during the transition, the purpose of two private meetings with him at the White House and other phone calls, and on why he was fired on May.


Mueller wants to know why Trump told Russian officials in a meeting at the Oval Office that firing Comey reduced pressure on him, why he said in a news interview that Comey was fired because of Russia, and on the reasons why Trump publicly criticized Comey in the time after.


The third category is on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, if Trump ever asked him to protect him, and and on Trump’s thoughts and actions after Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation.


Mueller also wants to ask Trump if he ever thought about firing him and shutting down his investigation. So Mueller is asking about himself.  


The fourth category is on if the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia. Mueller wants to know about the meeting last year, June 2016 (I’m mistaken, this is not last year, but two years ago) the Trump Tower meeting, what relationships Trump had with Russian business and government people, if his campaign team tried to arrange a meeting with Mr. Putin, and what he knew about Russian cyberattacks.


So those are the four categories.


President Trump tweeted that it was disgraceful that the questions about the “Russian Witch Hunt” was leaked to the media.


Two weeks ago Trump added a new lawyer to be on his legal team — Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and long-time Trump supporter. He met with Mueller last week to discuss a possible interview. So there is some progress.


President Trump has previously said he would interview Mueller.


Will this interview happen? How much longer will this investigation continue?




Actress Ashley Judd Sues Harvey Weinstein for Damaging Her Career


Actress Ashley Judd has filed a lawsuit against movie producer Harvey Weinstein for defamation, sexual harassment, and for trying to damage her career.


We remember Weinstein from the explosive news reports that described how he would pressure and expect aspiring actresses to have sex with him, and if they refused, he would not give them roles or hurt their careers.


Judd’s lawsuit focuses on what the “Lord of the RIngs” director Peter Jackson said in an interview in December.


Jackson said in 1998, he wanted Judd to have a role in the series of films, but that Weinstein told him that Judd was a “nightmare” to work with and should be avoided.


Judd said she rejected sexual advances by Weinstein, and after that, saw her career diminish. She blames Weinstein for “blacklisting” her.


A spokesperson for Weinstein said this was not true and that he had worked with Judd in two films afterwards.


Judd said if she wins the lawsuit, she will donate the award to a charity that supports women and fights against sexual harassment. The law firm representing her will also donate any recovery of legal fees.




Israeli PM Netanyahu Shows “Evidence” of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Ambitions


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech saying they had evidence that the Iranian government lied when they said they were not trying to develop nuclear weapons, and showed files, CDs, and photos that he said was proof that there was an “atomic archive” at a secret place.


Because of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal between the U.S. and other countries, Iran is supposed to have abandoned all pursuits of developing nuclear weapons.


Netanyahu said Iran government officials have planned to continue to work on nuclear weapons, wanting to develop five powerful nuclear warheads.  


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said they knows about this and believes the evidence presented by Netanyahu is authentic, and that they are still going through it and would work with other countries on how to respond.


An Iranian government official said this was childish, laughable, and ridiculous.


Several media sources said the information was not new and appeared to be aimed to help the White House and President Trump with political support for pulling out of the nuclear deal.


It is time sensitive. May 12 is the next deadline on if the U.S. would continue to waive sanctions on Iran as a part of the nuclear deal. Trump said we’ll see what happens.




Officers Not Charged for Death of Mentally Ill Man Who Was Tased 15 Times  


Two police officers in Wisconsin will not be charged in relation to the death of a young man with a mental illness who passed out after he was tased at least 15 times.


His name was Adam Trammell, and according to local news, he had schizophrenia.


In May 2017, a neighbor of Trammell called the police, saying he was acting strange, talking about the devil, standing naked in a hallway, and was concerned that he might hurt himself.


Two police officers wearing body cameras went into his apartment and forced themselves in. Footage shows them confronting Trammell, who was naked in the shower. He appeared to be confused and splashed water at the officers.


One officer warns he will tase him, and after Trammell avoids the officers’ attempts to subdue him, they tase him, causing him to fall into the tub. The footage shows police continuing to struggle and tase him, with multiple offices swarming on his body.


Trammell was tased 15 to 18 times in 30 minutes, passed out, and died after arriving in the hospital.


The medical examiner said the cause of death was “excited delirium,” a condition with very high heart rates and body temperatures. The examiner said the tases were a contributing factor, but did not say they caused him to die. He had a black eye, a broken rib, and bruises and cuts.


The District Attorney said the two officers were lawful in their attempts to restrain Trammell and were trying to help him in a medical emergency in complex conditions. The DA said Trammell was a large and strong man and difficult to control, so this justified the officers’ actions.


Trammell’s family said they weep every time they see the video and that this shouldn’t happen to the mentally ill in our community. They plan to sue.




Baby Tiger Found at U.S. Border; Dolphin Checks Paddleboarder; Oregon Deer Walking with Arrows


Here are three news that involves animals:


The first: Three men illegally crossed across the U.S. border in Texas carrying a black duffel bag with a 3-4 month old baby tiger inside of it. When they saw border agents nearby, they dropped the bag and ran back to Mexico.


Agents brought the tiger, who was unconscious, to a vet in a zoo and it made a full recovery. It is not clear what will happen to the tiger. The Washington Post said this is not the first time a tiger was brought across the border.


The second news: A paddleboarder in Australia was filmed paddling across waves with a pod of dolphins swimming in the area. One dolphin jumped straight at him and knocked him off his board. He was okay, and the video went viral. If you want to see the full video, go to the link in the transcript.


The third news: Police in Oregon are concerned about at least three deer who were spotted walking around with arrows sticking through their bodies. It is not currently hunting season and the arrows are not hunting arrows, but target arrows, so police are asking for the public’s help to find who did this, saying it was “poaching.” There is a reward of over $2,000 for information leading to an arrest.


Police said they tried to tranquilize them to remove them, but were not successful. The deer can still walk around normally, but the arrows are concerning.




Four Guest Deaf Bing


Deaf Bing


Table Quakes: Leila H.


What’s this Deaf Bing? Your drink will move with your ASL.


Ignore National Anthem: Jason C.


I’m now at a track meet and I just thought, ‘Yes! That’s a Deaf Bing”. Deaf people tend to stand around chit-chatting during the national anthem – until we notice everyone else standing in solemn silence. “Oh, the national anthem is playing now?” That’s Deaf Bing.


Unknown Music: Joseph J.


This Deaf Bing happened when I borrowed a car - not my car. I picked up several friends that were deaf and we were driving around for bit. One friend who can a hear a little bit asked me if I liked music. I was like what are you talking about? They said the music is blasting right now. I didn’t realize it was on and started hitting buttons til it turned off. I’d been driving the whole time and no idea the music was blaring. That’s a Deaf experience.


Deaf Driver Talk: Idongesit M.


You ever notice when two hearing people sit in a car, compared to two deaf people sitting in a car, the hearing people can talk while the driver watches the road. With Deaf people though, the passenger has to get the drivers attention and then the driver has to alternate between watching the road and glancing at the passenger. That’s Deaf Bing.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!



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