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April 27, 2018

Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Felony Sexual Assault; Ronny Jackson Withdraws from Consideration for VA Secretary; California Law Enforcement Announce Arrest of “Golden State Killer” Suspect; Kanye West Tweets Support for Trump; Snapchat’s Second Generation Spectacles; Marlee Matlin On “Quantico” Season 3 Premiere; Will Be Series Regular

Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Felony Sexual Assault


Bill Cosby was found guilty by a jury in his retrial for three counts of felony sexual assault.


He faces a maximum prison sentence of 30 years for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman, Andrea Constand, 14 years ago at his home in Pennsylvania. Cosby is 80 years old.


The trial lasted for more than two weeks and had 25 different witnesses. Prosecutors said Cosby had a pattern of sexual assault, while the defense team said Constand was a con woman who wanted money.


The jury had seven men and five women and after 14 hours of deliberations, they decided Cosby was guilty.


Prosecutors asked the judge to take Cosby in custody now, because he had a private plane and could fly anywhere in the world.


Cosby shouted, “He doesn’t have a private plane, you a——.”


The judge denied the request to detain him, and Cosby is now out on bail until his sentencing hearing, which has not been scheduled. He is ordered to stay in his home and must have a GPS tracking device on him.


Outside of the courthouse, the lawyer for the defendant, Gloria Allred, stood with other women who also accused Cosby of sexual misconduct and said this means women are worthy of being believed. It was clearly an emotional time.


Cosby had a trial for sexual assault charges last June, but it went to a mistrial because the jury couldn’t reach an unanimous verdict after 52 hours of deliberation. But now Cosby is guilty.




Ronny Jackson Withdraws from Consideration for VA Secretary


President Trump’s nominee to lead the Veterans Affairs Department, and the current White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, announced he was withdrawing from the process.


This week there were concerns swirling that he had an unethical past, which included accusations that he gave out medications to friends (which gave him the nickname, “Candyman,”) of him driving drunk and crashing a government vehicle, and for causing a hostile work environment.


Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana) was the one who released most of the information. His aides got concerns from others and his office did interviews with those who worked with Jackson, and the information led to his withdrawal.


Jackson released a statement saying the allegations were false and made-up, that if they had any merit, he would not have been a physician to three presidents for the past 12 years.


President Trump agreed and supported him, saying those were false accusations without proof.


Trump announced him as the VA Secretary nominee on March 28 after he fired the previous VA Secretary, David Shulkin.


Now that Jackson has withdrawn, he will remain as the White House doctor. Previous President Obama had very positive words about him when he was his doctor.


And the process now starts to see who will be the next nominee for VA Secretary. That position has had a lot of turnover, the next person will be the 8th Secretary since 2001.


In separate news, Mike Pompeo, the current CIA Director and Trump’s pick to be the next Secretary of State to replace fired Rex Tillerson, was confirmed by Senate vote today. This means he will be the next Secretary of State.




California Law Enforcement Announce Arrest of “Golden State Killer” Suspect


Yesterday afternoon in Sacramento, California law enforcement authorities announced they have finally arrested the “Golden State Killer,” who is accused of killing at least 12 people and raping at least 50 women all over California during the 1970’s to the 1980’s.


The suspect is Joseph James DeAngelo, 71. His DNA, which police retrieved from something he threw away, matched with evidence from the investigation. Investigators said they found the needle in the haystack.


He was a former police officer, but was fired for shoplifting, then worked as a mechanic for 27 years. He lived in Sacramento. He was charged with six counts of murder.


The crimes are brutal. In the 70’s, the killer was described as a six-feet tall white male with blond hair who often targeted women alone at their homes by themselves or with their children, but he also raped and murdered couples.


He used a mask and gloves, which left no fingerprints and made it very hard for police to track him. When the crimes stopped in the 80’s, his case became cold and was unsolved until now.


There was a book written about him that was released this year — “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” by Michelle McNamara, who died last year. That book helped to bring attention back to the case. McNamara’s husband is comedian Patton Oswalt, who said in an Instagram video that he thinks she “got him.”


We’ll know more about his case as he appears in court tomorrow (Friday). Will he plead guilty or not guilty? There is also a lot of information yet to be revealed on how law enforcement locked on DeAngelo as the “Golden State Killer.”




Kanye West Tweets Support for Trump


Musician Kanye West posted several statements on Twitter yesterday that showed his support for President Trump. He said the two had “dragon energy” and that you don’t have to agree with Trump, but the mob can’t make Kanye not love him.


He said he loves Hillary too and he doesn’t tell a Hillary supporter to not support her.


Not surprisingly, this brought a lot of controversy. Kanye later tweeted that his wife, reality star Kim Kardashian, called him to make sure he would clarify that he doesn’t agree with everything that Trump does. Kanye said he doesn’t agree 100% with anybody but himself.


He posted himself with a “MAGA” red hat and said it was signed by Trump.


President Trump responded on Twitter thanking him and saying it was very cool.


Kanye later criticized previous President Obama, saying he was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed.


He then shared a screenshot of a text message conversation in which a friend, John Legend, warned him about his fans and them feeling betrayed for his support of Trump. Kanye responded that this was a tactic to manipulate his free thought.


It is not the first time Kanye has shown his support for Trump — he gave speeches during a concert saying he supported him and visited him at Trump Tower after he was elected.


Another famous musician, Chance the Rapper, seemed to engage himself in the discussion — he tweeted, “Black people don’t have to be democrats.”


Both tweets has caused a lot of debate and started a new wave of opinion articles.




Snapchat’s Second Generation Spectacles


Today Snapchat started selling the second generation of their video-recording glasses, Spectacles. The price is $150. Here are some of the new features:


– The glasses are a little smaller and thinner design and it’s water-resistant. The yellow ring around the camera is gone, but when it records, a light circle will turn on and blink.


– There are three colors: black, red, and blue. Two lens options for each color. The company intends to offer prescription lens as well.


– You can now take pictures and record video in HD. Before you could only record video.


– The process of sending video from the glasses to your phone is 3-4 times faster than before. This was a big complaint for the first glasses.


–The first Spectacles were sold in special yellow vending machines. This time they will only be sold online.


You can see more information in the links below.


Back in 2016 Snapchat heavily marketed the first generation of Spectacles but they overestimated how many people would buy it.


They won’t disclose how much of the first version of glasses were manufactured -- they only sold 220,000. Snapchat admitted their mistake, and paid $40 million to cover the loss.


Snapchat became a public stock last year, Snap, Inc. They struggled at first, but recently saw positive growth. They will report earnings on May 1st. Snap Inc. is worth about $24 billion.


What do you think? Are you willing to give Spectacles a second chance? Maybe it’s nice for deaf people, hands free for us to record people. Might be good for Daily Moth interviews… Hmm…




Marlee Matlin On “Quantico” Season 3 Premiere; Will Be Series Regular


Marlee Matlin will be on tonight’s Season 3 premiere of “Quantico,” a TV drama on ABC about a secret team of CIA/FBI agents who fight against crime.  


The show’s star is “Alex,” cast by Priyanka Chopra, and Marlee’s role is “Jocelyn Turner,” a former FBI agent who became deaf from an explosion. She will be a series regular for this season, her character will appear on all shows.


I watched a brief teaser clip where the team “meets” Marlee’s character, realizes she is deaf and will be joining them. All of them use a mix of voice and ASL. Nice.


I did an interview with Marlee about three months ago in which she said on the 6th episode of this season, it will focus on her character. Cool.


If you want to catch up on the first two seasons to understand the third, you can watch it on Netflix.


But for tonight and shows going forward, you’ll have to watch it on ABC. You can also watch it on, but you will need to verify that you have cable. If you don’t have cable, you can wait a week before it’ll be available to everybody.



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