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April 26, 2018

0:12 - Third Federal Judge Rules Against Trump’s DACA Decision 1:57 - Truck Drivers Work Together to Prevent Man From Jumping Off Bridge 4:20 - Police Officers Killed in Texas and Maine 8:00 - Amazon Offers Delivery to Customer’s Vehicles 9:55 - New Features in Gmail Update 12:22 - Southwest Executives’ Response to Recent Crisis

Third Federal Judge Rules Against Trump’s DACA Decision


Yesterday a federal judge in D.C. ruled against the Trump administration’s decision to end the DACA/“Dreamers” program, saying it was an “arbitrary and capricious” — sudden and unpredictable.  


So far, two federal judges have ruled against Trump, and this is the third one.


U.S. District Judge Bates said the Trump administration did not provide a good enough reason why the DACA program is unlawful.


He gave the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 90 days to provide a better explanation of why DACA is illegal.


He warned that if they fail to convince them, DHS would be required to process new and renewal DACA applications, which would bring the DACA program in full effect again.




Truck Drivers Work Together to Prevent Man From Jumping Off Bridge


In Michigan yesterday early morning, there was a man who wanted to jump off a bridge on I-696 to commit suicide.


Police responded by working with semi-truck drivers in the area to line up the rigs under the bridge to “save” the man if he decided to let himself go.


In total, 13 semi-trucks were lined up. They stayed there for several hours as police and negotiators talked with the man, who decided to walk off the bridge. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation.


The highway was shut down for several hours.


A police lieutenant said this tactic has been used for over 20 years, but it’s usually not noticed — but now it’s changed because of social media and the ability to take photos with cell phones.


He said truck drivers are always willing to help out.


After the incident, police officers shook hands with all the truck drivers to thank them.


After the incident, Detroit police posted on Twitter applauding the work, but also reminding us that there was a man struggling, with a phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. See this tweet.


[Tweet: This photo does show the work troopers and local officers do to serve the public. But also in that photo is a man struggling with the decision to take his own life. Please remember help is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.]




Police Officers Killed in Texas and Maine


There were two police officers who died today in Texas and Maine.


The first: a police officer from Dallas passed away after he was shot yesterday at a Home Depot store. His name is Rogelio Santander, who was an officer for three years.


Two other people were also shot yesterday — another police officer, Crystal Almedia, and a store security guard. They had surgery and is still in the hospital in critical condition, but are recovering.


Police say the gunman is Armando Luis Juarez, 29.

What happened yesterday afternoon? Juarez was held at the Home Depot store for some reason, and when more officers were called to help to escort him out of the store, he shot at the officers and the guard, then escaped in his white truck.


Yesterday evening there was a massive manhunt for him with helicopters and multiple police officers, and he was caught after a chase that was caught on tape. There was a female passenger in the truck.


Juarez is now in custody and has already been charged with aggravated assault on a public officer, and now that an officer has died, he will likely be charged with murder.


The second: an sheriff’s deputy in Norridgewock, Maine, Eugene Cole, was shot and killed by a suspect, John Williams around 1:45 this morning. He then stole his police vehicle and robbed a gas store.


The police vehicle was left behind and found at 5 a.m. Williams is still at large, there is a manhunt for him. Police are warning the public that he is armed and dangerous.


Eugene Cole was an officer for 13 years.


Fox News reported that in 2018, at least 33 law enforcement officers in the U.S. have died while on duty, with 21 of them caused by gunfire.


Prior to the two today, an officer in New Jersey and an officer in Missouri died after they crashed their police vehicles, this happened within the past week.


On April 19, two police officers in Florida were shot in an ambush while they were eating at a restaurant. The gunman was found dead outside of the restaurant. The officers’ funeral was yesterday.




Amazon Will Offer Delivery to Customer’s Vehicles


Last year Amazon announced a new service called “Amazon Key”. This service allows Amazon’s delivery people to unlock your home and leave packages inside. This is meant to make it even easier for Amazon to make the delivery and reduce the risk of theft, which is especially high during holidays.


Amazon Key costs about $220 and includes a “smart lock” for your home’s front door and a security camera.


Yesterday, Amazon announced that they partnered with two car companies, General Motors and Volvo to start offering deliveries straight to vehicles.


The car service is free for Amazon Prime members who own specific models of GM and Volvo cars from 2015 or newer. If you own one of those cars, you can download the Amazon Key app and connect it to your car’s built-in connection (such as OnStar).


You can still get the service if you don’t have one of those cars, but there is a fee and the car must have a 4G connection.


While the in-home service has the security camera, there doesn’t seem to be a way to monitor or record car deliveries.


Eventually Amazon hopes to include other services such as dog-walking and cleaning services.


Wow, Amazon continues to innovate.


More info about Amazon Key:




New Features in Gmail Update


Google recently released a new update for Gmail which includes new features and a new look. Here’s a few of the main changes:


– Confidential Mode: this allows you to set a time limit on how long someone can see your email. For example, you can set an email to expire after one day, week, or years later.


You can also require the recipient to confirm their identity via text before they can read the email.


After you send a confidential email, you can change the restriction settings. This means you can block someone from reading the email after you send it, effectively “unsending” or canceling it. You have more control.


– Security notifications: If Google suspects an email is a potential threat, they will notify you with a large bold notification banner. This is something they have done before, but the new design makes it more noticeable.  


– Nudging: This feature will remind you to reply to important emails, or to follow up on an email you sent that got no reply.


– High priority notifications: You’ll only get notification prompts for important messages. Also, if you keep getting emails from a specific organization but never read them, Gmail can recommend that you unsubscribe from their email list.


You can read more about other new features like “Snooze,” which allows you to put off reading an email to a future date, or “Tasks,” in the links below.


If you want to use the new features, you have to enable it in your settings.


Over 1 billion people use Gmail.




Southwest Executives’ Response to Recent Crisis


Here’s an update on the tragic incident that occured on the Southwest Airlines flight last week. I reported that a jet engine exploded, causing a woman to be partially pulled outside, leading to her death.


Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an article detailing the steps taken by executives at Southwest Airlines to respond to this.


– The executives were in a meeting when phones started ringing. After they were briefed on the situation, they rushed to their headquarters in Dallas and initiated the emergency-response plan.


– Within hours the CEO of Southwest Airlines held a press conference. He apologized for the the tragic incident and said they would do all they could for the family and survivors.


– Southwest Airlines sent a plane loaded with specially-trained employees to support the people affected. They helped with travel arrangements, hotel arrangements, and trauma counseling.


– 144 passengers were affected. On the day of the incident about 90 people opted for a special flight to Dallas only for survivors.


– The airline covered costs for passengers who flew and for those who chose to stay in hotels that night. Southwest slipped letters under their doors to remind them that support services were available. More than 50 people stayed the night and left the next day. Some flew, others drove or took a train.


– The next day, Southwest followed up with the survivors via phone call and email, offering resources, including counseling services.


– The airline sent out $5,000 to each passenger, plus a $1,000 travel voucher for future Southwest flights. When asked why that amount was given, Southwest said “there’s no formula except compassion”. They said there were no strings attached, and that this is something that they will always do.


Southwest also flew four employees to the family of the woman who died to support them with travel arrangements.


As reported before, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the incident. The investigation is expected to last at least a year.


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