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April 23, 2018

0:11 - Four Killed in Mass Shooting at Waffle House in Tennessee; 4:47 - Actor Verne Troyer Passes Away at 49; 7:21 - Former Presidents Attend Barbara Bush Funeral; 8:50 - Prince William and Duchess Kate Give Birth to Baby Boy; 10:54 - Police Officers Violently Arrest Black Customer at Waffle House; 13:45 - Deaf and Partially Blind Dog Rescues Lost 3-Year Old Girl; 15:17 - Guest #DeafBing

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, April 23. Ready for news?




Yesterday morning at a Waffle House near Nashville, Tennessee, a man with a AR-15 type rifle shot and killed four people.


The suspected gunman is Travis Reinking, 29. He had pulled up in his pickup truck, looked at people inside for about four minutes before shooting at them, first at people outside then inside.


He was stopped by a “hero” — James Shaw Jr, 29. When the gunfire started, he hid in a restroom, but peeked and listened for the right opportunity to ambush him.


Shaw said when the shots stopped and he saw the gunman looking at his rifle, he ran at him, grabbed the rifle, and threw it over the counter. A bullet grazed his elbow and his hand was burnt grabbing the hot barrel.


The gunman had a jacket on but during the struggle, it came off. He was completely naked underneath and ran away from the scene. In his jacket, there was two more magazines of ammo.


Police think Reinking ran to his apartment, grabbed a pair of pants, and is hiding somewhere in the woods. There is now a manhunt with over 80 police officers and federal agencies.


Police are concerned he has two firearms on him. He has a history — he was arrested by the Secret Service for trespassing near the White House in July of last year.


Because of that, the FBI did an interview with him when he lived in Illinois and revoked his permit to own firearms. The FBI seized a handgun, an AR-15 (the same gun used in the shooting), and two rifles.


Police later gave the guns to his father with the understanding he was to not give them to his son. But the father did give them back.


Reinking then moved to Nashville and worked in construction. It appears he has some mental health issues.


After the shooting, police found one gun at his apartment, so two are accounted for with the AR-15 at the Waffle House, but two more are missing and police are concerned he has them while in hiding.


Now people and schools in the are on alert. The community is also mourning the four victims. See who they are.


Taurean Sanderlin, 29, Joe Perez, Akilah Dasilva, 23, and DeEbony Groves, 21.


The “hero” Shaw set up a GoFundMe for them. It’s raised over $18,000 in less a day. The link is in the transcript.


UPDATE: I just saw a breaking news notification on my phone that the gunman has been arrested and is alive. I will give more information tomorrow.




Actor Verne Troyer passed away on Saturday at 49 years old. He was most famous for his role in Austin Powers films.


It is not known how he died. His family released a statement saying he had his own battles and struggles, and that this time it was “too much.” The family mentioned that “depression and suicide are very serious issues.” So it appears the family is giving us a hint that it was suicide.


He was born with “achondroplasia dwarfism,” which had him stopping growing at 2 feet and 8 inches. He was successful in his career, being in films, TV, commercials, appearing at events around the world, and had his own YouTube channel.


The family encouraged us to be kind to one another because we never know what kind of battle someone is going through inside.


They asked people to donate to two of his favorite charities: Starkey Hearing Foundation and Best Buddies.


See tweets from Starkey and Marlee Matlin honoring him.


Tweet from Starkey: Verne Troyer touched the hearts of many and it is with extreme sadness that we offer our condolences to his family and friends. We were so lucky to have known Verne and are unbelievably touched by his generosity. He will truly be missed and forever remembered.


Tweet from Marlee: So sad to read of the passing of Verne Troyer. A lovely smile with a caring and big heart, he helped raise money on behalf of @starkeycares for free hearing aids for deaf and hard of hearing people.  RIP




On Saturday, four former U.S. Presidents and three former First Ladies, along with current First Lady Melania Trump, attended the funeral for former First Lady Barbara Bush.


She died on Tuesday at 92. Her funeral was in Houston.


President Trump did not attend. The White House said it was so he could respect the Bush family by avoiding potential distractions caused by his security detail.


Trump did tweet that he was watching the funeral on TV at his vacation home Mar-a-Lago golf club in Florida.


CNN showed a picture of former President and widowed husband of Barbara, George H.W. Bush’s socks that had drawings of books stacked on top of another. It was to honor Barbara’s activism on literacy.




Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate of Cambridge, has given birth to their third child, a baby boy. The name has not been announced.


The boy is Queen Elizabeth II’s sixth great-grandchild and will be the fifth in line to the throne.


BBC did a nice graphic that shows the line of succession.


The first person in the line is Prince Charles, the queen’s eldest son. The second person is Prince William, with his eldest son and daughter in third and fourth places. The fifth is the baby boy.


The sixth person in line is “Uncle” Prince Harry and any of his potential future children.


The Buckingham Palace had a very formal and traditional way of announcing it — two people put up an easel with the announcement, there were bells and a gun-salute.


People celebrated with popping champagne bottles as multiple members of the media swarmed the exterior of the hospital and described every mundane detail.

We’ll know later what the boy’s name. He has no idea that the world is watching. Born a celebrity, just like his family.




At a Waffle House in Alabama, a 25-year old woman was arrested by three police officers and it was caught on tape — and it’s raised complaints of racism and police brutality.


The woman is Chikesia Clemons, 25. The police officers are from the Saraland Police Department. The person filming it was Clemons’ friend.


During the arrest, Clemons’ top came off, exposing her chest. When she asked what she did wrong and what they were doing, one of the officers said he would break her arm. She was briefly choked.


Clemons’ mother told local news that this happened after she ordered food and when she asked for plastic utensils, she was told by an employee that it would be 50 cents extra.


Clemons appeared to object to this, saying she didn’t have to pay for the utensils the night before.


The employee then cancelled the order. Clemons asked for the restaurant district manager’s contact information. Police officers then showed up and confronted Clemons. It’s not known who called the police.


After she was arrested, she was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and released on $1,000 bond.


After the video went viral and criticism poured in, the police department posted on their Facebook page that they are aware of this and investigating the situation and would make a response.


This has made many compare this woman’s treatment with two black men who were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia two weeks ago, with concerns of racism.


This is also the second big national spotlight on Waffle House, with the other incident the shooting that killed four people.




A deaf and partly blind dog in Australia, who is named Max and is 17 years old, is hailed as a hero for saving a 3-year old girl who got lost into the bush near her home.


On Friday afternoon, the girl wandered alone more than one mile away from her family home. The dog Max (which seems to be the family dog) followed her and stayed with her overnight with rain falling and temperatures in the 50’s.


The girl’s family reported her missing and there was a search that evening, but they didn’t find her. In the morning, more than 100 volunteers and police looked for her. They finally heard the girl from the top of a mountain, and when they went up, they saw the dog Max, who led them to the girl.


The girl was okay, had no serious injuries other than cuts. She had gone through very rough terrain. What a relief. Max was honored as a “police dog.”




Alex: Ready for more Guest #DeafBing?




Stephanie A. and partner dining at table:


Partner: One big drawback with eating crabs is that my hands are occupied. I can’t speak, while hearing people can speak and crack crabs at the same time. While Deaf people have to crack them to eat.


Stephanie: That Deaf Bing.




Renca sitting on plane:


Renca: Deaf Bing: When I have Deaf friends sitting in the row front of me and I’m having difficulties with communicating, what I do is this.


(Renca puts her hand through the space in between seats)


Renca, fingerspelling: HOW LONG IS THIS FLIGHT?


Friends 1 and 2: Two hours.


Friend 3: Patience!


Friend 1, signing over her head: Two hours.


Renca: That Deaf Bing!




Jeff: Deaf Bing what? From 2002 to 2018, I’ve seen vlogs change. In the old days, vlogs were signed cleanly, edited, and posted.


Today, as people sign, they approach the screen to touch it because of notifications or because of battery alerts. Or to turn off an email notification and say the person didn’t care. That.




Jet: You know, when you stop your car… because you feel hot, or because of gas… if you open the door with the key still in the ignition, there will be a sound alert. But Deaf people don’t hear this. They leave the door open as they chat, so the alerts keep on blaring. Hearing people who notice this would think, “what’s wrong with you?”


Alex: Thank you all for sending me videos!




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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