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April 13, 2018

Nurse Arrested For Murdering Patients By Injecting Them With Air; Missouri Governor Greitens in More Controversy After Report of Sexual Abuse; Dead Sperm Whale Had 64 Pounds of Trash in Digestive System; Tesla Blames Driver for Autopilot Death; Updates on International Tensions in Syria; Deaf Indiana Man Killed in Car Crash; Recap of “A Quiet Place”

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, April 12. Ready for news?




In Tyler, Texas — a nurse was arrested and charged with murder. He is accused of purposefully putting air in the arteries of his patients.


It is very dangerous if air gets in your arteries, as air bubbles can move to your brain, heart, or lungs and block it, causing a heart attack, a stroke, or respiratory failure.


The nurse’s name is William Davis (34). Police said he inserted air in seven patients. Two of them died, while the other five were seriously injured, with two of them in a vegetative state.


William worked at two different hospitals in Tyler. He has been fired and his nursing license is suspended.


How did investigators point to the nurse?


A radiologist said when looking at the brains of the patients, there was air where there should be none. The patients’ arterial line waveforms had disturbances at the same times the nurse was with them. All of the patients were recovering from surgery.


One of the hospitals contacted the police, who started an investigation. William was arrested on Tuesday night.


The police chief said their thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.




The Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (R) is in even more controversy after a committee in the state House of Representatives released a 24-page report after interviewing a woman who accused him of sexual abuse.


Gov. Greitens was indicted with felony invasion of privacy in February for allegedly taking a nude photo of the woman, who was his hairstylist, without her consent and with threats he would release it if she talked about the relationship. This was in 2015.


The governor has admitted he had an affair, but said the accusations are not true. His trial is next month in St. Louis.


Now there’s this new report from the House, which has the woman describing what Gov. Greitens did to her, and it repeats the same accusation of taking a photo of her, but adds that she felt like she was forced to do oral sex. She said the two continued to have relations, but that it was abusive.


The governor said the investigation was a political witch hunt, that the charges were fake, and the accusations were lies.


Many have called for him to resign. The Missouri legislature could move to impeach him.




In Spain, there was a dead sperm whale that washed ashore on a beach. It was a male, 33 feet long, and looked very thin and underweight.


When its stomach was opened up, there was 64 pounds of garbage in its digestive system. It had trash bags, polypropylene sacks, ropes, pieces of nets, and a drum in its stomach and intestines.


Experts said it died because of the trash — its stomach was inflamed and couldn’t normally release the trash through its digestive system.


It weighed about 14,300 pounds. Normal male sperm whales can weigh up to 90,000 pounds. They have teeth and live in the deep, eating large squid, sharks, and fish.


Because of the trash in the whale, local government officials are now trying to spread awareness of how much plastic we use and the dangers of disposing it in rivers or the ocean.


This has happened before with other whales and marine animals which includes fish, turtles, and birds with increasing numbers of them dying with their stomachs full of trash.


Environmental activists say this shows we need to take action to stop the pollution.


Last month, one person was killed by a Tesla vehicle that was set on “autopilot” when it crashed.

The Model X SUV crashed into a concrete road barrier and was hit by two other cars then caught on fire. The driver was killed.

Tesla said the computer logs inside the vehicle show that the driver had turned on the automated driving mode and that the driver’s hands did not touch the wheel for six seconds before the crash. He didn’t touch it prior to the crash.

The man’s name was Walter Huang. Huang’s family hired a law firm to explore more legal options.

Yesterday, Tesla made a statement that clearly blamed the driver. They said that the crash happened during clear weather and that there was several hundred feet between him and the first wall, suggesting the driver was at fault.

They said the only way the accident could have happened was if he wasn’t paying attention – even though the computer alerted him multiple times.

The lawyers representing the family said that they plan to file a wrongful-death lawsuit. The family appeared on local television Tuesday night defending Huang’s driving. They pointed the blame to Tesla.  

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the crash. This is the second fatal crash by a Tesla car that was set on automated driving mode. The first one was in 2016 in Florida.

Some people are calling on Tesla to add more features to make sure drivers are paying attention. Tesla said they are considering eye-tracking tools to alert drivers.  

This crash last month was one week after an Uber self-driving vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian.

Those incidents are causing concern for the future of self-driving vehicles.


Here are updates on international tensions related to the chemical attacks in Syria last weekend.

Russian President Putin called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday and warned him to not do any more military strikes in Syria.

This is Putin’s response to what appears to be a Israeli military airstrike against a Syrian airbase that killed at least 14 people, including Iranian soldiers.

French President Macron said they have proof that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical attack and would decide if they will do airstrikes after getting more information. He said the chemical was chlorine.

President Trump tweeted that an attack on Syria could happen soon or not soon at all.

The U.K. said they would meet with the U.S. today to discuss military action. British submarines are moving within range of Syria.

Germany Chancellor Merkel said they would not be a part of military action, but condemned the use of chemical weapons as unacceptable.

In Syria, their government military has moved their aircraft to a Russian base and is mobilizing to protect their weapons systems.

Russia and Iran is said to be prepared for U.S. military action.

The world is watching what is going on in Syria and on what the countries will do.


On Monday, a Deaf man from Indiana died in a car crash — his name was Roscoe “Rocky” Murray (49).

Local news reported about this with images of the wreck.

Police said he was driving his Honda CR-V down a ramp into I-69 in Anderson and crashed into the back of an empty tanker truck, which was stopped because of a construction zone.

Apparently Roscoe did not see the truck. Witnesses said the SUV didn’t brake and that there was a huge cloud of dust or smoke from the impact.

People immediately tried to help Roscoe, who was pinned inside. After prying open the doors, a nurse did CPR on him. He was transported to a hospital, but died from his injuries.

Officials said he was wearing his seat belt, but died from multiple blunt force trauma.

The truck driver was also transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Roscoe was an ASL teacher at Anderson High School and at IUPUI (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis). Prior to that, he taught high school at the Indiana School for the Deaf. He leaves behind a wife and four children.

News of Roscoe’s death had a big impact on the Deaf community, with many mourning and giving tributes to him, saying he was a wonderful teacher, man, teacher, and athlete.

I saw on social media postings that his funeral will be tomorrow (Friday). Rest in peace, Rocky.


The movie “A Quiet Place,” with Deaf actress Millicent Simmonds, has been out for a week now and is very successful, grossing over $50 million in box office last weekend. It’s currently the top-earning movie.

I watched it last weekend and I enjoyed it. It is a scary movie with scary monsters that look like aliens who can hear very, very well.

I had a captioning device and it’s necessary to fully understand the movie. There were some people who said it is subtitled throughout, this isn’t correct.

Most of the dialogue in it is in ASL and has subtitles, but there are parts where the characters speak with their voices and the captions will describe the sound, which is a very important part of the movie.

The hearing characters’ ASL is done very well, and credit should go to Douglas Ridloff, the ASL master. They were very clear with their signing.

Millicent has almost a central role in the movie, and she delivers a powerful performance, signing throughout. Her character has a cochlear implant, and the device also has its own role. You will see what I mean.

I read reviews saying the audience was very quiet during the movie, because the movie makes you feel as if you have to be, otherwise monsters will kill you.

But for me and for another Deaf person I talked with, it felt like a normal movie experience, because all movies are “quiet” since we are deaf, but it is different for hearing viewers.  

I would recommend you to go and watch it, because the story is good, there’s plenty of ASL in it, and to support Millicent as she continues to rise in Hollywood.


That is all for today! I will be going to Gallaudet University tomorrow for the 2018 National Academic Bowl tournament. Follow me on Facebook to see updates and coverage from there.

Tomorrow evening at 6 pm EST I will be doing an “Academic Bowl” match on Facebook LIVE on Gallaudet University Youth Programs’ page where you can try to be the first to comment an answer. It will be fun. See me there!

Have a wonderful weekend and… stay with the light!


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