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April 6, 2018


Deadly Protests in Gaza; FBI Releases Video of Jared Loughner Signing ASL Before Mass Shooting; Detroit Police Charge 51 Students For Threats to Shoot Schools; “Zombie” Raccoons Frighten People in Ohio; The Learning Center’s Two Finalists for CEO Position; “A Quiet Place” To Premiere Nationwide, TruBiz Interviews Stars

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, April 5. Ready for news? 




There have been serious protests and conflicts in Gaza between Palestinians and Israelis. 


Last weekend, at least 15 Palestinians were killed by gunfire from Israeli soldiers, apparently as they approached the border fence, with over 700 people saying they were shot. 


Some Palestinians threw stones and burning tires while others stayed further from the fence, waving flags. 


Israeli soldiers used both “real” bullets and rubber bullets and military vehicles to shoot tear gas, also using drones to drop tear gas. They were deployed on hills of dirt overlooking the protesters. 


There were videos online of Palestinians being shot and killed, with them carrying the dead in marches and mourning. 


They are protesting what they say is Israeli occupation of lands that belong to theirs, and said they would continue protesting until May 15, which is the 70th anniversary of Israel’s creation, which they look as a very negative day. 


The Israeli military said they were being attacked by terror organizations that use the protests as cover, and said they wouldn’t allow a massive breach of their fence into their lands. They warned if they continued to do violence, they would advance further than the fence. 


The U.N. is watching this conflict, and some on the Security Council wanted to issue a statement condemning Israel, but the U.S. blocked it several times. The UN Secretary General Guterres wants an investigation. 


The Gaza strip is in a “blockade” — where Egypt on the south and Israel on the east doesn’t allow normal border crossings or trade. It is said to cause poor living conditions for those who are “stuck” there. 


The conflicts are likely to continue for the next few weeks.




Today the FBI released videos and images related to Jared Loughner, who in 2011 in Tucson, Arizona, shot and killed six people and injured 13 people, including U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords. 


One of the videos showed Jared in the Safeway store at the checkout lane, in line to purchase a water bottle. As he was waiting for his turn, he signed in ASL. 


You will see him signing, “sorry,” “thank you,” and “I loves” — it’s not clear, but it looks like he was trying to say, “forever.” See this clip. 




It seems like he was talking to himself, as the cashier didn’t appear to respond to him. He paid for his water bottle and put the change in a zip loc bag. 


Three minutes later, he went outside and with a handgun, shot at Giffords in the head then shot at other people, and was tackled and arrested at the scene. He is currently in prison on several life sentences. 


Local news said he learned ASL from taking classes at Pima Community College, also in Tucson. He was suspended from the college for bizarre behavior and disruptions in classes. 


He was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and there were issues with whether he could stand trial or not, and later pled guilty and will be in prison for the rest of his life.





In Detroit, MI there has been an increasing number of students making threats to shoot up schools. 


The police are taking this very seriously. They have charged 51 students with making terrorist threats. 


All 51 students made the threats after the shooting in Florida. That crime is considered a 20-year felony.


The county prosecutor said he doesn’t like charging the students but the the police treat every threat very seriously. These threats are causing schools to shut down and spreading the police’s resources.



He warned that no one is out there saying ‘kids will be kids’. He encouraged parents to be more aware of their children’s social media activity. 



In related news - an NFL player reported a fan who threaten to shoot up a school. 


The player, Julian Edelman, is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots. 


Edelman said that a person on Instagram messaged him warning him of another user. The person said: ‘Dude, there is a kid in your comment section saying he is going to shoot up a school.’


Edelman quickly contacted his assistant who read through hundreds of comments until she found it. The comment said: “I’m going to shoot up my school. Watch the news.”


The information was shared with Boston police, who tracked down the person and arrested them. 


Police said that without Edelman’s help it is likely they would not have known about the comment.



In Youngstown, Ohio -- people have been seeing some bizarre behavior from raccoons in the area. There were numerous reports of raccoons walking around in daylight (they are nocturnal animals) and showing no fear of humans or loud noises.


One man, a photographer, was playing with his dogs outside his house when he saw one of these raccoons approach. He brought the dogs inside but the raccoon came right up to the glass door.


The man tried to shoo the raccoon away from the house, but when he walked outside the raccoon stood up on two legs and bared its teeth at him with saliva dripping from its mouth. 


The raccoon then fell on the group and laid very still as if it was in a coma. Eventually it woke up and started walking around and then stood up on its hind legs again. The man said the raccoon hung around the house, and stood by the door several times.


This behavior was reportedly seen across the town. This strange behavior lead many articles to use the term “Zombie Raccoons” in their headlines.


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said that the raccoons are likely infected with a disease called distemper, which can look similar to rabies. The disease doesn’t affect humans, but can affect dogs that haven’t been vaccinated. 


About 15 raccoons have been euthanized to make sure the disease doesn’t spread.




The Learning Center in Massachusetts has been searching for a CEO to lead their programs, and now has narrowed them down to the final two candidates: Chris Wagner (Deaf) and Sarah Glenn-Smith (hearing/fluent ASL signer). 


The two finalists will visit the TLC campus on Monday, April 9. I got this information from someone who is familiar with the process. 


This was confirmed by Judy Vreeland, TLC President and Executive Director. 


This position is a “CEO” rather than a “Superintendent” because TLC oversees several different programs and outreach services, which includes K-12 school Marie Philip School and the Walden School for those with emotional/behavior needs, as well as an audiology clinic and interpreting services. 


The search process has been going on since last summer. The search committee has seven people on it, four deaf and three hearing. 


After the visit on Monday, the search committee will make their “pick” and recommend it to the TLC Board, but it is possible the search will continue further with more candidates. 


The first candidate I mentioned, Wagner, is already well-known in our community as an current executive with ZVRS/Purple Communications and for being the NAD President prior to the current president. 


The second candidate, Glenn-Smith, is currently an executive at a large healthcare services organization in the Buffalo, New York area. She has deaf people in her immediate family, is a certified interpreter, and has been involved with various deaf-related organizations. 


TLC President Vreeland said the search committee is thrilled to have such highly qualified candidates. 


Feel free to share your thoughts. 


Info About Wagner:


Info About Sarah Glenn-Smith:






The movie, “A Quiet Place,” will start showing in movie theaters tonight. Their official release date is tomorrow, but I’m already seeing Austin-area theaters showing it. 


It features Deaf actress Millicent Simmonds (who acted in Wonderstruck) and famous actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, who is also the director (and the real-life husband of Emily). 


Millicent’s role is a deaf girl, and the family uses sign language, and sound is a very important part, as everybody must stay quiet because there are scary monsters that will come if they hear something. 


“Tru Biz’s” Karla Gutierrez was at the premiere in New York City and released a video of her interviewing the actors and others. 


Millicent said she enjoyed acting in the movie and did all the stunts.


Karla interviewed with Douglas Ridloff (known for ASLSlam) — who worked with the actors as an ASL Master. He said John and Emily were skilled in learning sign language. 


Karla also interviewed Noah Jupe, who played the son/brother. He said he often laughed with Millicent between shots. 


John said he knew he had to bring in a deaf actress, and said Millicent is brilliant and “an angel.” 


Emily said she was inspired by watching Millie’s relationship with her (real-life) mother to approach her role as the mother of Millicent’s character. 


Nice job by TruBiz, you can watch the interview at the link in the transcript. 


Tru Biz Interview:




That is all for today. Tomorrow I’ll release a special video project and a Spotlight from Convo. 


Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light! 


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