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April 5, 2018


Updates with YouTube Shooting; Huge Crack In Kenya; China Signals They Will Hit U.S. With $50 Billion in Tariffs in Retaliation; Parents Reunite With Lost Daughter After 24 Years; Updates with “Caravan” of Migrants in Mexico; Deaf Traveler Calvin Young Resolves Discrimination Incident With Key West Tour Company; #Deaf Bing: VP/FT Cut Off

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, April 4. Ready for news?




Here are updates on the shooting at the YouTube HQ building yesterday:


The shooter is identified as Nasim Aghdam (38). She was born in Iran and her family moved to California in 1996, living in Southern California.


She shot at three people and then shot and killed herself.


Yesterday there were reports that four people were shot — but now it’s updated to just three, with the fourth person injured when the person was running away.


A possible motive for the shooting was her being against the YouTube company. She had posted on social media in the past saying YouTube was discriminating against her videos, causing her to lose money and views. She posted on YouTube, Instagram, and her own website.


Her YouTube channel, “Nasim Wonder1,” is now deleted.


On what looks like her website, you can see she posts a lot of different things and views, including criticism of YouTube for getting very little revenue for high video views. She also complained that YouTube restricted her videos for “inappropriate content” — she said she did nothing wrong and that there were “worse” videos out there.


Her family said she often complained about YouTube.


Her father said she was missing for two days prior to the shooting. Her family reported her missing to the San Diego county police.


In Bay Area, California — the Mountain View police found her sleeping in her car in a parking lot, close to the Google headquarters and 30 minutes from the YouTube headquarters.


Police called her family at 2 a.m. yesterday (Tuesday) morning saying that she was okay.


Some news reported that her brother said when he found out she was in Mountain View he told police that she might have gone to YouTube because she hated the company. But police did not comment on this.


The father said he didn’t know she had a gun.


Police said Nasim didn’t say anything about YouTube to them, was calm and cooperative and said she was looking for a job.


People saw her at a shooting range later that morning.


Then the shooting happened in the afternoon. Nasim used a 9mm semiautomatic handgun to fire at people at an outdoor courtyard where people at lunch.


Police said they don’t think she targeted a specific person during the shooting, and said the motive was her being upset with YouTube.


The Google CEO Sundar Pichai (who oversees YouTube), emailed employees saying he knew a lot of them are in shock, and the company would provide support to help everybody in the Google family to heal.


Nasim Website:




In Kenya, there was a large crack on the ground that was several miles long, more than 50 feet deep, and 65 feet wide.


The crack was in the East African Rift Valley and happened after heavy rains. The crack is still expanding and has caused a highway to collapse.


Geologists say it is possible that in tens of millions of years, the rift valley will continue to split with the African continent splitting into two parts, with the Easternmost “horn” part separating with ocean dividing them.


They say this process is the same as what split what was once the African and South American continents joined together a long, long time ago.


Some think it is from superheated plume, which is heat from the core going through the mantle towards the ground.


That’s a big crack. A little scary to see, but very interesting to see how the Earth changes.


Videos showed construction crews working to fill the crack where a road collapsed.




Today President Trump announced his plan to tax (tariff) $50 billion on Chinese products. Just a few hours later China responded with their own plan also listing $50 billion worth of tariffs on American products.


The US tariffs against China lists 1,300 types of products. China’s tariffs are laser-focused on 106, meaning that those industries will get hit harder even though the grand total on both sides is $50 billion.


The U.S. tariffs focused on technology-related products, focusing on China’s future, but the tariffs from China had a more immediate impact on the U.S. economy.


The two biggest products impacting the U.S. are small commercial passenger planes and soybeans. Recently one researcher predicted China would target states that were big supporters Trump. China has done exactly that. Some of the products that affect these states are sport cars, beef, and a grain called sorghum.


Many people have been concerned about the tariffs leading to a full-blown trade war, but President Trump tweeted today that these tariffs are a response to unfair deals made by politicians long ago. Here’s the tweet.



We are not in a trade war with China, that war was lost many years ago by the foolish, or incompetent, people who represented the U.S. Now we have a Trade Deficit of $500 Billion a year, with Intellectual Property Theft of another $300 Billion. We cannot let this continue!


China’s approach to this has been defensive - saying it is just reacting to President Trump’s tariffs. One government official said, “both sides have put their lists on the table… now it’s time for negotiations.”


Remember, neither of these tariffs will go into effect yet. It all depends on how the negotiations go.


Stocks in both the U.S. and China showed volatility.




Twenty-four years ago, a three-year-old girl named Qifeng in China went missing. Her parents were devastated and searched for her desperately.


The parents later had a another daughter and a son.


Earlier this year, Qifeng saw a post online about her and reconnected with her parents. The story is viral in China.


What happened: in 1994, the parents sold fruit on the side of the road. During one busy day Mr. Wang had to get change from the next vendor. When he returned after a few minutes, his daughter was gone.


The parents spent years searching for her, posting online and placing ads in newspapers.


The father even became a taxi driver hoping he might pick up his daughter one day. He put a large sign on his rear window and gave cards with information about the daughter to every customer.


Over the years several women could have been their daughter, but DNA testing showed they were not.


Last year, a police sketch artist read a story about the father and offered to help. He drew a picture of what the daughter might look like 24 years later.


His daughter saw the photo and realized how much it resembled her. She called her father, and later DNA testing proved she was indeed his daughter.


Qifeng had been raised in a town 12 miles away. She always knew she was adopted and had been told her she was found on the side of a road.


There was a lot of media coverage when Qifeng and her family visited with her parents and siblings.


Mr. Wang posted on social media saying, ‘My efforts of 24 years were not wasted! My daughter has been found - thank you everyone.’






Here is an update with the caravan of around 1,000, mostly Central American migrants who are in Mexico (the group that caused President Trump to become frustrated with immigration issues this week).


The group’s leaders said they will not go to the U.S. border, instead stopping in Mexico City. They said if people wanted to go to the border, they would have to go on their own, but they had support teams there ready.


President Trump said he would send the U.S. military to protect the border, and has signed a proclamation directing agencies to send the National Guard to the southwest border.


The caravan plans to do a series of demonstrations in Mexico City and apparently stay there. Many of them said they are fleeing violence in their home countries.


Leaders of the caravan said Mexico’s immigration officials are working with the group to get them papers to stay there, and praised them for their cooperation.


They said Trump wanted the world to crush them, to erase them, but that they are thanking the Mexican government for how they approached the caravan.


Some of them said they never planned to go to the U.S., only to go to Mexico.


The U.S. Homeland Security Sec. Nielsen said the Mexican government has sent some of them back to their home countries and given others refugee status. She thanked them for their partnership.


For some historical reference, both previous two presidents Obama and Bush sent national guard troops to the Southern border, in 2006 to 2008 and in 2010 to 2012.




Alex: Deaf Traveler Calvin Young, who is well-known for his “Seek the World” Facebook page, said this morning he and his girlfriend was discriminated by a water adventure company in Key West — “Fury.”


He posted on his Facebook page a photo of a pen and paper communication that showed a staffer writing that because he couldn’t lip-read, they couldn’t book him with any trip except for glass bottom or sunset sailing.




Alex: Here is a video from Calvin that describes what happened.


[Video of Calvin with his girlfriend Sabrina.]

Calvin: Hello, my name is Calvin. This is my sign name [signs his sign name]. This is my girlfriend.


Sabrina: Hello, my name is Sabrina.


I want to share what we experienced today when we faced discrimination. We went to the office and said hello and told them we are deaf. I work with Key West Tourism and they told me to contact this place, so we showed up.


We have VIP passes, meaning we have more opportunities to gain access for filming purposes. The person at the front desk called the main office and wrote on paper that they would not be able to give us the full ultimate experience. We asked them why and they said it’s because we can’t read lips. I informed them that my family owns a jet ski, I’ve been kiteboarding before, and I have done advanced scuba diving with a Deaf guy named Thomas Koch who is a Padi Ambassador.


The woman just shrugged and said it’s a liability/safety issue. She said if we were in the water they wouldn’t be able to alert us to a shark swimming nearby.


I told her that they could wave or splash water to get our attention. Deaf people have good peripheral vision and we will pay attention. I tried to explain it in a nice way because she had obviously was not aware or had any experience engaging with deaf people before. That was okay with us, it was an opportunity to teach her.


Her response was to write on the paper again that no, they wouldn’t move forward with the experience because we cannot hear. She gave a demonstration by waving her arms at the water. She acted rudely towards us, making a face like “duh!”.


That’s when I started to get a little irritated. I did not like her approach. We looked at each other in disbelief, like, “Wow.” I told her that that would violate our rights under the ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act]. I told her it’s not fair and that they should change their perspective. It’s 2018. I tried to be patient and explain this and educate her. Her response was to roll her eyes, shrug, and walk off. I tried to get her attention by waving at her but she ignored us. We couldn’t believe it. I was being nice, it’s not like I was insulting her or demeaning her for being ignorant. Right?


Sabrina: Right.


Calvin: I was being a nice guy. We looked at other again and couldn’t believe it. I was really upset and we weren’t sure what to do in that situation. I didn’t want to sue them and make a big mess with a lawsuit that would project a negative image. I wanted this to end in a positive way and wanted them to learn from us and build a bridge between Deaf and hearing instead of being divided. But that’s the story. We were baffled by the whole thing.


Alex: After his posting, there was an immediate barrage of negative, 1-star reviews on their Facebook page. Fury later took down all reviews.


I reached out to Fury for comment, who told me they were trying to reach Calvin, and they were able to connect.


Calvin later updated in a new video post that Fury reached out to him and apologized, saying they didn’t mean to do anything discriminatory — that the company they contracted with for jet-ski services had several issues in the past with foreigners who spoke in a different language.


Calvin said it was okay, gave them tips on how to interact with deaf people, and also on how they interact with other groups of people, and that he wanted to work towards a solution.


Calvin said they agreed on a tour tomorrow and he will film it, and use this to show deaf people can communicate if they just opened their minds.


I got an email from Fury, in which they said it was never their intention to prevent Calvin from the tour.


They said their number one priority is safety, and it is their policy to enable those challenged by disability. They said Calvin had a free VIP pass for a tour with contact information for arrangements, but that he went to one of their check in locations without reservations.


Calvin said he called them three times and didn’t get a response, so he showed up to plan out the trip for the next day, and that’s when he was denied by an employee.


Fury said Florida law requires that their guides are able to communicate with guests for safety reasons, and doesn’t want to risk Calvin or their employees/other guests’ safety. They said they are working on improving their accessibility program.


They confirmed they will have Calvin go on their “Ultimate Adventure” tomorrow.


So it’s a happy ending, but it shows that even if you’re an experienced world traveler and a certified scuba diver, you could still get denied on a tour if you’re deaf.


Props to Calvin and to Fury for working towards a solution.




When I talk with someone using an iPhone on a VP or FT conversation, I’ll place the phone on a table or a surface. When I’m talking, if someone texts me or notifications come up that causes the phone to vibrate, it’ll make the phone move and fall backwards, cutting off our conversation.


Or it’s when the phone has a low battery. There will be a notification that will show up, blocking our conversation. I’ll then click on it to close it, and it might appear to the other person that I’m poking at their face.


That Deaf Bing.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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